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Possible Rail Network attack

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 04:25 PM
For the past 2 nights now ive had dreams where theres been a terrorist attack on a Rail network.

The dreams have been luckily clear and rememberable so im able to remember most points. The first dream looked like a medium sized station, there was terrorists onboard a train but there was also agents onboard the train aswell (or some sort of SWAT team.) When the train pulled near to the station they all rushed what looked like was a stand-off onboard one of the carriages, but something had gone wrong and they abandoned the plan and the SWAT rushed off the train and were left out in the open on the railway track having to rush towards the stations platform whilst being fired upon by the gunmen on the train.

My second dream last night was a attack in a major city, it looked like London. There was talks of Bombs at stations and mass panic as people were onboard the train and were unable to get home and yet didnt want to be caught up in the city with bombs going off left right and centre.
Looking out the window there was smoke trails rising and someone was on the phone saying they didnt have a hope in hell of making it home alive.
It looked to be a major attack, the train was pulling in at what looked to be Euston station possibly.

Ive had a history of some dreams coming true yet have never mentioned them previously to anyone, so this time I want to get it down on the net that ive had these predictions.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 05:50 PM
I had a predicitve dream that was eerily close to the WTC attacks of 2001.

I dreampt that I was an "agent", and that I was running along a street to get to a sky scraper, and help people get out.

I watched an explosion hit one of the buildings, and then a second. I recall running into the building, and trying to help people get out.

Later in the dream I dreamed of an aircraft that was being attacked, and it crashed in the country. The ground wasn't level, like that of an open field, but it was a grassy area with bushes and the odd tree. The crash took place at night, and there were aircraft parts all over.

I experienced this dream back in 1997. It was terrifying whilst I was dreaming it, but when I woke up it made me feel strangely and disturbingly relaxed.

I'm not overly convinced of foresight, but it is something that makes me wonder.

Recently I have had a dream of crossing the ocean in a small craft to rescue my son, because the world as we know it has come to an end. That I have to steal this craft in order to cross the ocean, and get to my son.
I have this feeling in the dream of running from and escaping the 'authorities' in order to get out of the country. I get the impression that international travel is restricted after this calamity befalls the planet.... although I woke up before the dream could really be concluded, but I did reach my boy, and get him back to the boat.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:18 AM
About an hour ago I had a vision, in some Metropolitan area in the US. There was a squad of 6 members, in Riot Control Gear wielding M-16's, I had a feeling I was one of them.
We were on a sidewalk outside this huge cubed building. Levelling our weapons on unarmed civilians. We got the order to fire at will. I stopped horrified at the order, but the others who were with me opened fire.
I tried to get them to stop but they wouldn't.

Before I knew it everyone had vanished and I was in a ghost town, the bodies of the dead lay to waste on the street.
When I came to from the vison my head hurt and now Im scared. I believe that it meant there will be Martial law instated. which would go about and prove your point ROB. That there will be NEO-Police, with absolute authority. I believe our freedom is almost up. Im fighting for something that wont be around much longer. Im scared, my head hurts and I cant stop shaking.


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