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US Navy Physicist warns of possibly several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by son of PC

Originally posted by big gee
I just had a curious thought. What if the alledged Chemtrails are supposed to protect us from solar radiation or whatever. Perhaps they could act like some sort of insulation or screen ?

I have pretty much convinced myself that the chemtrails are a polymer to bring a toxic substance to the ground so we don.t have to breathe it.

The idea that it is for weather manipulation is govt. disinfo.

For example, airborne contaminants could include lead and mercury from coal fired electric plants, barium, and even DU.

Since this all will get into the water supply eventually, what we are not breathing now, we will eventually be drinking.

So you're saying that you think the government, because of its deep concern for our future, is cleaning the atmosphere for us so that we won't have to drink the airborne contaminants in the future?

I'd say that either you're completely unaware of the world around you and that there's no hope for you (unless you start learning real fast), or you yourself are a disinfo agent. What you're proposing is the most asinine idea I've ever seen written on ATS.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by adrenochrome

Nice find. I remember Dr. Bill Deagle mentioned that he was thinking we're headed to an ice age (mini or otherwise). I've also watched George Green state that severe weather change will occur in the next year or 2, stating that there would be storms generating winds of 200+mph.

I guess time will tell.

scary things coming our way.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 12:54 AM

Originally posted by laiguana
Sounds like fun. I believe we are approaching our solar max around 2011, if I'm not mistaken. The chart is less than impressive however...

The last image I saw was indicating that we are at or near the solar minimum. They speculate that the solar minimum could last a while. Either way, we're in for some challenging weather patterns.

not sure if this will show, but here's the image from NASA:

And here's the link to the article:

Deep Solar Minimum - NASA

And here's a snippet from the NASA article:

April 1, 2009: The sunspot cycle is behaving a little like the stock market. Just when you think it has hit bottom, it goes even lower.

2008 was a bear. There were no sunspots observed on 266 of the year's 366 days (73%). To find a year with more blank suns, you have to go all the way back to 1913, which had 311 spotless days: plot. Prompted by these numbers, some observers suggested that the solar cycle had hit bottom in 2008.

Maybe not. Sunspot counts for 2009 have dropped even lower. As of March 31st, there were no sunspots on 78 of the year's 90 days (87%).

It adds up to one inescapable conclusion: "We're experiencing a very deep solar minimum," says solar physicist Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 12:34 PM
First, let’s call-out and reject some of the MIS-information that has been written on this string.

The earth has indeed undergone a pro-longed period of global warming, most pronounced since the end of WWII. This statement is borne out by the FACTS of higher global temperature records, the worldwide recession of glaciers, the gradual drying up of previously huge bodies of water (the Aral Sea, Lake Chad), the pronounced lower water levels of many lakes and reservoirs (the Great Lakes for example), the opening of an ice-free ship route through the Arctic Circle, and the vast numbers of ice shelf break-offs in Greenland and Antarctica. There’s lots more, but if that won’t convince someone then nothing will.

Additionally, the fact that the Carbon content of our atmosphere shows an increase, which tends to trap warmth in the atmosphere, would lead one to reasonably assume that there may be some sort of connection.

Having established this, even so, the CAUSE of this past century (or so) record of gradual global warming may not be entirelyman-made. The role of Solar and Cosmic radiation, as mentioned by others in exhaustive detail is indeed immense, and not well understood yet. So you see, it is possible to concede the facts of Global Warming, and yet believe that due to the Sun’s ‘minimal’ sunspot activity that we may indeed be heading into a new Ice Age. In fact, judging by the temperature patterns of ice core samples, we should have already started to enter one.

So this leads me to consider that we currently may be cognizant witnesses to one of evolutions basic tenets – the element of chance. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if our planet avoided (or diminished the severity of) a coming Ice Age, because of all the green-house gases we have put into the atmosphere? And here’s the supreme twist of irony – that due to all the attention focused on the presence of these gases by the Global Warming debate, that humanity is in a much better position to notice and comprehend this event, than if we hadn’t been alarmed for the opposite reason?

Unlike many here, I do not suspect every government and institution of plots and conspiracies. Instead, based on my 28 years of experience being on the inside, I am much more apt to believe that institutions and governments blunder through the ages, with very few truly understanding the forces of humanity or nature at work. Success is most often an accident except in the most simple of tasks, and history itself is much more often decided on the stroke of luck than the well orchestrated plans of the few.

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