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Societal Collapse 2012

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:49 AM
A collapse in society is something I am sure most of you reading this are aware of. Some readers fear a global societal collapse, an event that will harbour a New World Order.
I hadn’t intended to open the floor on this matter, but when you consider Globalization and Americanization, the world is becoming evermore homogeneous.
I live in Scotland, McDonalds is up the street and I bet there’s one near you. Culture is becoming one.
Is it only a matter of time before the entire world has been amalgamated into one large sphere of McDonald consuming, Disney deifying, mobile ringtone, beboers?

…And if so, wouldn’t knocking over that single culture, that metaphorical domino be all the easier.

Lets look at some history…

The Olmecs (1400BC – 400BC) and the Maya (2000BC – 250AD) both share something in common, a mysterious societal collapse.
Another ancient civilisation, the Mycenaean (1600BC – 1100BC) shared a similar mysterious end.

Some unknown ended these civilisations. Was it Ecological, non-ecological or something else?

I remember being told about an ancient society, (I fail to recall the name or place, an island I believe) so advanced that they could have invented televisions thousands of years ago only to be completely #ed by the most cataclysmic volcanic event, audible twice the world over.
These ancient societies share common ‘advancement’.

Who knows what really ended them?

Perhaps the conditions were ample for an event. Perhaps the societies became ripe for something. Maybe their cultures become a little too homogeneous.

Perhaps the date, 12/21/2012, will be the date where the conditions are once again met, only this time, on a global scale… complete societal collapse.


I'm a quite tired and just been surfing round for some interesting material that you guys might wanna investigate further or spit-ball around.

My mind became polluted by random thoughts half way through writing as other dooms day scenarios regarding 2012 jumped to mind.

I star watch, rarely, but I do, and I have taken an interest. While researching the aurora borealis I saw that the sun goes through cycles, where it gets super-horny and spurts its plasma radiation flares all over the solar system, the next one is due around 2012/2013… December 2012 sounds about right…

Anyways, what are your thoughts on such related matters?


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