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Letter says rampage killer felt persecuted

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 10:33 AM

Text The man who gunned down 13 people in an immigrant center thought police had harassed him for years, even spreading rumors about him and touching him in his sleep, and apparently was intent on killing people before returning "to the dust of the earth," according to a rambling letter mailed to a TV station the day of the massacre. Authorities did not immediately say Monday if they had verified the letter's authenticity, but the city of Binghamton said it was reviewing it as "evidence in the investigation." The letter was mailed to News 10 Now, in Syracuse, and postmarked Friday, the day Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong stormed into the American Civic Association and went on a rampage before killing himself.

This sounds all too familiar to me and to the targeted community that I belong to. This man writes in his letter to the press that he is being harassed and states that he hears music in his head. He sounds like a target of electronic harassment, perhaps getting V2K (or "music" in his head, as he describes it). For those who are not familiar with V2K (voice to skull) it is a weapon used on us targets that was invented by Joesph Sharpe in the 70's and has since become a declassified weapon.

When a target of this crime does not know what is happening to them, when they do not know technology exists that can mess with the body and the mind, the target can become mentally unstable and act in ways that are not considered killing other people or mutilating them like the Oriental man on the greyhound bus in Canada last year. Or like the Asian man who shot up a US university and left a Manifesto.

We in the targeted community pay attention to the killers in these bizarre crimes as we think they are unaware targets. We are also wondering why all of these killers are of Asian decent.

Many targets experience voice to skull (V2K), but do not go on killing sprees because they are aware that their voices are artificially induced and they are not going crazy. But the unaware and certain personality types can be pushed to a place in their mind where there appears to be no escape except for a violent end that may or may not mean the taking of their own familie's lives or the murder of total strangers.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 10:35 AM
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