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My dead Grandfather saved my Mother's life

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 04:25 AM
This is a story I have been told by my mother ever since I had been old enough to understand the ramifications.

I can provide no proof, only what I was told. I am simply relaying it to you all here as a talking piece. I hope it provokes thought and contemplation about many things.

Let me first say, I'm an atheist and don't believe in a divine power. This story is one of the only elements in my life that hints at the existence of an afterlife. It gives me a bit of hope that my loved ones may still be out there somewhere.


My mother married my father in 1984. They both wanted children desperately and had no success for around 6 months.

One day my mother began to have horrible pain in her abdomen, bad enough to restrict her to bed for the rest of the day. Being the resilient woman she was, she decided not to go to a doctor and to 'sleep on it' and act on whatever situation the morning brought.

Somehow she managed to fall asleep and had a dream. In this dream, the most vivid has had to this day, her father appeared to her. He had died some years earlier when he was only 55.

He appeared to her at the foot of the bed and pointed to his abdomen, then at the empty space to his right. He was expecting her to join him soon because of the pain.

When she awoke, the pain had intensified and she remembered the dream straight away. She rushed to the hospital and was admitted at once and operated on.

She had had an ectopic pregnancy. (A baby in the tube). It had lodged there and began to grow. The tube had ruptured through the night and she was hemorrhaging internally.

She had arrived later than the doctors would have liked, but she was able to be saved. She then went on 2 years later to give birth to me.

She, and I, believe to this day that her Father came back to warn her about her condition. He knew that she was just like her Mother, stubborn and would be on her death bed before she willingly went to a doctor. She was closer to that situation than she knew.

Her father had saved both her life, and concurrently, mine.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 07:08 AM
I would not doubt your mothers story at all. I am not an atheist more of an agnostic but I had an experience that makes me question the existence of god and or angels.

I was driving over to my brother's house on the highway and it started to rain. It had only rained for about 10 min but the roads were wet and slick from oil. I was traveling at about 65Mph when I came around a bend to see traffic at a standstill only about 50 yards in front of me.

There were cars all around me so I was thinking to myself that I was screwed. With no time to react I tried to steer clear of the cars in front of me and on the sides. At that moment it felt like something took over navigating the car and I somehow avoided not only the cars in front of me with zero traction but also the cars that were to my left.

In shock and relieved I pulled off at my destinations exit and made my way to my brothers house.

I told my brother about it and the first thing I said was that something was looking out for me and kept me from being harmed.

To this day that is the only experience that has made me think about a loved one or an angel looking over me and it's something I will never forget.

I'm a firm believer that we know little to nothing about what is truly out there making an impact on our lives, there are just so many possibilities but I'd like to think there is a force watching over us.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 07:29 AM
I find stories like this fascinating. Thank you for sharing. It wouldn't surprise me if this page filled up very soon with similar stories.

I was in a car accident once and, by all accounts, should have been seriously injured or died. I wasn't even scared. While the accident was in progress, the voice of my dead Aunt came over the car radio and let me know I would be okay. I immediately relaxed. I didn't even have a scratch when it was all over. Had I panicked and tried to control the situation it could have turned out very bad.

I'm sure some very smart ATSer will come along and give a perfectly rational scientific explanation for these types of things...

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 07:30 AM
I believe your story OP, I've had experiences like this and my mother has also had experiences. I don't know if my father has, he doesn't like to talk about anything of the sort.

With the second poster though, I had an experience in my first car like that. It wasn't raining but this car took a left turn right in front of me while I was going down the road at 50mph or so, I hit the brakes (no abs) and came to an almost complete stop right there. I was so close I could see the stupid girl talking on the phone and she didn't even notice. Sometimes I think back and wonder if maybe in an alternate reality I hit her....

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 07:51 AM
I used to go swimming in a creek that ran to the river. Me and a friend went there the next day after a big thunderstorm and the creek water was moving fast. We were about half a mile from were it entered the river. I was only nine at the time and stupid. I figured I would jump in, touch the bottom and make my way across to the other side. Nope! The creek grabbed me and started taking down to the river and there was nothing I could do but hang on. All of a sudden I see this medium size tree on the right side fall into the end of the creek in front of me. I'm talking right where the creek meets the river and I grab the only branch that I was able to grab. I worked my way over to the bank and my friend helps me out of the water. As soon as he pulled me out the tree took off into the river and disappeared. I'll never forget that day and how that tree fell at a time when I needed it. I would of been a drowning statistic that day if it wasn't for that perfect timing. I stay away from rushing creeks and rivers and I think about how lucky I was and if there was something wanting me to live longer and to see that my children today have a Daddy. Angels?, maybe. Family member looking out for me?, maybe. The only thing I know is that I'm here and I use better judgment these days.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:19 AM
I'm sure it may have been a positive entity but not your dead grandfather. Perhaps it was an angel? The dead are simply sleeping until Judgement.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 12:26 PM
excellent story OP. thanks for sharing.

i'll post this here. this event changed my life so i typed it down to save forever for posts just like this.

in 2000 right after i moved to san francisco from denver, colorado, a very dear and good friend of mine was involved in an altercation in denver, colorado over a parking dispute in his quiet neighborhood.

all of the parking in that neighborhood was public street-side parking. (as most common suburban neighborhoods)
my friend thad, had told me about his neighbors (a group of latino gang members) that were giving him a hard time about him parking in front of his own home. (they wanted to park in his space and were being bully-ish about the whole thing)
please note: there is no parking issues in this neighborhood like there are in san francisco per se.

he received multiple threats, and at one point had exchanged heated words with the threatening party. NO fists were ever raised, only words were exchanged.

one evening at 6:30p.m. on january 25th 2000, someone came to thad's door and knocked. when he answered, he was shot 11 times. multiple times to the face and head and chest...

that was a thursday night.

friday morning that next day, i had a late morning dream before i woke up. this was the dream:

i was at a casual party, similar to a dinner party (nice atmosphere and people). i came across a good friend that i just got to know at the small corporation that i worked at at the time named marcus schultz. (he was a very nice german fellow)

marcus told me "i'm going to kill your friend tonight"...

at that moment, i tried not to show any urgency and parted way with marcus in the crowd and went to find my good friend thad.
when i found him, i told him: "watch out for marcus tonight"

thad didn't say anything, but nodded as he understood what i was saying.

right after that, my dream ended. i woke up very disturbed and with a disturbed look on my face. my wife whom was doing yoga asked
"what's wrong", and i told her about the dream.

i left for work, and when i got to my office, my phone message light was blinking. i picked up the phone and retrieved the message and it was my very good friend marc skinner telling me to call him.

i called marc and he told me about the night before and that thad was shot multiple times and killed in his doorway that thursday evening.

ever since that day, i have a VERY different view on things. i am not a religious person, but from that day on, i KNOW that there is
"something" else out there and it's not coincidence. my gut feeling is that there are multiple dimensions and thad reached through to tell me what happened.

there is no way to me that this was a coincidence. him getting killed the night i had my dream was too much to swallow as coincidence.
and i believe there's something to this.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 01:05 PM
Its these little coincidences like your story that make me think the same that there may be something more to this world.

I have a story of course which is by far the most interesting I have been through. My grandfather was dieing of cancer last year and he was on his death bed. Most immediate family was there. I was there to comfort my mom. One of our family members is a priest and he was there to provide comfort and to perform the ceremonies after it happened. I wasn't there when my grandfather died, but heres what happened, the priest left to go to his hotel, and during this time my grandfather started having trouble, the family knew this was probably it. Out of nowhere the priest comes through the door and finds out whats going on and runs out to the car to get his bible. The family gathers around him and the priest reads some prayers and when he finished, my grandfather died.

That was the most intriguing and coincidental experience I have ever been in close proximity too. There have been other things as well such as avoiding accidents and what have you but nothing compared to that.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 01:24 PM
What a great story, thanks for sharing it with us. Who knows if it was divine or not, but it doesn't matter! It's just great that it occurred.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 01:36 PM
I think this is called the Universal Mind. Energy and consciousness. I believe a lot of Buddhist philosophy corresponds with this.

Personally I've never had 'visions' when this affected me, more like a strong gut instinct with exact thoughts.

TV_Nation, that might have been a hell of an adrenaline rush
I just kinda have a feeling that there's an universal law which forbids 'possessing' other beings.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 01:49 PM
My grandfather died a couple of weeks before Christmas last year. The night before, I had this dream of flying, you know with the weird feeling in the stomach when you're not used to being at such a height. I could see clouds, and war raging all around me. I thought I was dreaming of some WWII documentary I watched, as the dream finished when I touched the ground, with all the machinegun noises all around me.

The next day, I learned about my grandfather. And the thing struck me a couple of days later, as I was watching TV.

My grandfather was one of the 50 guys out of 3000 who made it out of the
Dien-Bien-Phu cauldron, signifying the independence of Vietnam ( and the rest belongs to US history books right? ) . And his battalion was parachuted there.
Maybe I guess he "sent" me this dream so i could feel what he felt on that day.
Just a thought, but there are a lot of things we ignore about afterlife.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 01:59 PM
I’m Glad you posted this thread OP, I’m sure it will have a lot of good reads (of a personal nature)

I actually have two story’s

Up entail I was 4, one of our neighbors, had a family similar to ours. A friendship between our parents started and grew, we all became close friends, my Dad and there father Ricky, were very close, best friends one would say. One night Ricky and his wife were having a cocktail party, which my parents were attending, when suddenly Ricky clenched his chest and collapsed. My Dad, being a medic in the Vietnam war, immediately began the procedures to revive him, unfortunately Ricky died in my fathers arms before an ambulance could arrive.

Ricky’s wife and kids moved back to the state they originated from after the incident. Some 5-6 years later my dad was away for work (an oilfield hand working on Alaska’s north slope) when my mom suddenly fell I’ll, she was practically bed ridden. But my mother being the old school tough gal she is decided it would be better to simply wait.

That Night while sleeping she was awoken by a sound (we had dogs, and cats, it was very typical to be woke up my a sound) she looked down the hallway from her room (her door was always open) and saw the figure of a man standing outside the door to our bathroom, she sat up and blinked to clear the sleep out of her vision but after doing so the figure was gone. She assumed it was merely a dream she hadn’t woken all the way up from.

The next night, the same scenario played out except this time, the figure of a man was at her door instead of the bathroom door, she again sat up and tried to focus her eyes, just to see nothing was there, thinking the same she had the night before she went back to sleep.

Things were worse for her the next day, yet she still refused to go see a doctor. That night it was another repeat, except this time when she woke up and opened her eyes, the figure was standing right over her, she even screamed a little (it woke me up), I came into her room and she told me it was just a bad dream.

The next morning she agreed to go to a doctor, who immediately sent her to the ER at the hospital, there they found out she had a cist on her tail bone and if they didn’t operate immediately it would burst and release enough poison into her body to kill her.

The operation went threw without a hitch, the doctor said if she would have waited one more day, she definitely would have died.

To this day, she swears it was Ricky standing in the hallway, doorway, then over her, warning her that it was getting closer and she had to take action.

The 2nd event was a few years after my father passed away, I was living in Alaska and an abide kayaker, one day me and my friend decided we were good enough to take on the nap-town holes, a series of rapids with swales over 6 feet high.

I was the first (and only) one to go threw and was stupidly not warring a dry suit ( the water is fed from a glacier and around 46F). I made it threw the larger of the swales and from my confidence decided to look behind me to see how my friend was doing, that’s when I tipped and was sucked out of my kayak.

I’m now in 46 degree water with a low quality life vest, rapids, swales and rocks all around me. I tried to swim on top of my kayak at first just kicking my legs but was getting no where (you have about 2mins to get out of the water before hypothermia stops you from moving). I then pushed off from the kayak and was being pounded by the waves, swimming my hardest I tried to get to shore, never have I experienced a more intense moment.

All of a sudden I could feel the hypothermia sucking my energy, I couldn’t move my arms anymore at all (your body and mind is screaming MOVE I WANT TO LIVE but they wont move) I had to turn on my back and just kick, now I cant see what rocks, or anything I’m heading for, then my legs began to give out, I could barley kick them anymore. Never in my life had I thought “this is it, I’m about to die and *cont...

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by dkman222

“this is it, I’m about to die and there is nothing I can do“, the waves where drowning me, I couldn’t get a clean breathe, and I was still far from shore.

I wasn’t even moving anymore when I felt this shift in my direction, I could tell my feet were hitting ground (you cant really feel threw the numbness). I don’t know where it came from but all of a sudden I had a rush of strength (not like super powers, more like hey I can move my legs again) and I manage to start to get a footing, I then stood up and walked to shore.

To this day, I have no idea how I made it the 50 feet I had to swim to get to shore, I couldn’t swim anymore, and the current was so strong, there was no way to move sideways threw it being that weakened by the cold.

I would like to think it was my dad who pulled me threw the rapids, around the rocks, and safely to the shallow shore line.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by TV_Nation

These are some great stories. For those of you who are atheists, agnostic or whatever, I hope eventually you will see that there is a god and an afterlife. I wont try to persuade you though. My grandparents, great grandparents, friends, etc who have passed visit me often in my dreams, and there have been two times when I should have been dead to rights and survived. One was like the above story. I nearly hit a car that pulled right out in front of me, on a wet road to boot at 60 mph on a country road here in Indiana. Somehow I managed to hit the breaks, swerve around the truck (and the physics of when he pulled out in front of me, and the manuever I pulled off were near impossible i promise you) keep it on the highway till the car slowed down to about 35 mph, and then did a 360 off the road and into a corn field. I sware to you, how the car did not roll end over end many times is beyond me, and to boot, when I got out of the car, there was not one dent or scratch on it, and that is nuts.

The other time was when I was around 19 yrs old. I was deer hunting, and had seen a deer while walking to my deer stand. I loaded my gun, and stopped and waited to see if I could get a shot. It was a big buck. After 15 minutes he didnt come out of the brush, so I snuck down to my stand which was about 30 yards from where I had stopped. When I got to the tree I tied my gun to the rope that i use to tow my gun up from the ground. Well, I forgot to unload the gun in my excitement of seeing this big deer. When I got to the height I wanted to stop at, I started pulling my gun up with the rope. The barrell was pointing down of course, and half way up the rope broke loose of the gun, and sent it spinning to the ground. It landed on the butt of the ground with the barrell straight up and fired. I kid you not, it shot the camo ball cap I had on off of my head. It missed my face and head by about 2 inches. Scariest thing I have ever had happen to me, and I am a much safer hunter because of it. I still believe someone was watching over me in both those events.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:15 PM
Great Stories~! I have a few to post myself, but being at work, it would take too log to post right now. I'll try and post it tonight.


posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by fooffstarr

Ok i don't doubt your mothers story in any way. I would argue about the afterlife part though. It's perfectly possible, as she was already in pain that her subconscious took over and gave her this warning from a familiar figure. It's not proof or even a hint to an afterlife as it seems pretty explainable.

Still it's an interesting story

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by Solarskye

I have a story similar. To the OP good information. I think for the most part logical explanations can be given to most situations but are rationalized as something mystical. Still there are the few stories that with current knowledge, cannot be explained. I have had many situations that could have turned out horrific and completely fatal from being dismembered to breaking my back. I'm a big guy and can take a lot but with some things I really wonder......

My story similar to yours Solarskye is:

I use to live next to a canal approximately 3 to 4 feet in width in some places. I was about 8 or 9 and me and my friends use to walk through it and collect snails when it was empty. We also use to jump across it for fun as kids will be kids.

The canal runs about the length of 1 small city block from the entrance until it drops into the lower depths of the city and disappears for miles under the pavement and roads.

At the time there was a total of 6 children that have drowned in the canal. I did not know of that but found out afterward and due to my rebellious attitude I didn't listen to my parents.
Suffice it to say me and my friend tried to jump the river one day when it was hauling and about 4 feet full of water. He made it and I slipped and got caught in the current. I remember every detail, especially sucking in large amounts of water and trying to yell but not being able to. About 100 feet from where it drops off into the depths of under the city I reached out and (no joke or exaggeration) grabbed a small weed growing on the side. I pulled myself out drenched, went home and cried to mom who somehow thought I was just blowing it out of proportion until she also found out about other children that have drowned there.

I went back the next day and did not jump to the other side. I walked around and pulled up the same weed with ease. How it held my weight and the next day came out, I'm not sure.

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:51 PM
Very nice story, even if your mother did saw his father or not, or if he was real or not in her dream, i'm glad that she managed to go to the hospital in time.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 03:00 PM
Something else of interest when it comes to the afterlife is this:

My grandpa had a stroke about 5 months ago. He has been a electrician his whole life and worked like a horse regardless of his withering body and old age. He now resides in a care center and we go to visit him. With the constant fear tactics that are abundant in life I can understand his situation of being afraid of death. He told us he saw all kinds of things and was very sure he saw what he described as being his mother and deceased family members.
It is possible to hallucinate after having a stroke as your mind is not functioning correctly. I wonder if what he saw is real or a hallucination.

On the last visit he was crying about dying and was afraid to die because he did not think God would accept him because of his sins.

Throughout his entire life he has been a exceptionally good man and I think if any sins were present in his life the worst would be indulging in chocolate or drinking coffee because he is Mormon. Because of the constant fear in life and the fear tactics used, on his deathbed he was terrified of dying. I told him that there is nothing that cannot be forgiven and that seemed to help aide him in feeling better. He said his mother came to him and told him he will get better.

The right side of his body is paralyzed from the stroke. He is now healing and showing significant success and walking again. The only problem I have is that due to the fear tactics and illusion of religion he had to endure his entire life, he was afraid of death and what might be the afterlife. I don't know what happens after we die or if anything does at all but for a good old man to be so terrified because of religion enrages me. Yes it was his choice to be a part of it but mostly due to fear. I'm not trying to derail this thread into a religious debate, just wanted to contribute something more.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 03:28 PM
"You are in constant communication with your Higher Self by means of your cerebral canal. Acting as a transmitting and receiving post, it conducts special vibrations directly between your Astral body and your Higher Self. Have you ever questioned why, that of the billions of individuals on a planet like yours, there are no two fingerprints the same, not even any set of 'twins': and why, what we call the crystalline of the blood, is just as unique among individuals as the fingerprint? Your Higherself monitors you continually, by day and by night and can intervene to save you from an accident.

Someone, for example, who is to catch a plane, finds that the taxi breaks downon the way to the airport; a second taxi called also breaks down - just likethat...just like that? Could you really believe in such a coincidence? The plane inquestion crashes thirty minutes later, leaving no survivors.

Another person, an oldand rheumatic woman and barely able to walk, starts to cross a street. There is aloud horn blast and a screeching of tyres, but this person is miraculously able toleap to safetyThe plane in question crashes thirty minutes later, leaving no survivors. Another person, an old and rheumatic woman and barely able to walk, starts to cross a street. There is a loud horn blast and a screeching of tires, but this person is miraculously able to leap to safety.

How is this explained? It was not yet her time to die and so her Higher Self intervened. In one hundredth of a second the Higher Self triggered a reaction in her adrenaline glands which, for a few seconds, provided enough strength to her muscles to enable her to execute the leap which saved her life. Adrenaline released into the blood can make it possible to flee from imminent danger, or to defeat the unbeatable through anger or fear. In too strong a dose, however, adrenaline becomes a lethal poison.

It isnt only the cerebral canal which is able to conduct messages between the Higher Self and the Astral body. Another channel exists sometimes in dreams - or, I should even say, in sleep. At certain times during sleep, your Higher Self is able to call your Astral body to itself and, either communicate instructions or ideas, or to regenerate it in some way, replenishing its spiritual strength or enlightening it in regard to solutions to important problems. For this reason, it is essential your sleep is undisturbed by intrusive noise or by nightmares resulting from harmful impressions received during the day. Perhaps you will better understand the importance of your old French saying: Night brings counsel.

The physical body in which you exist at the moment is already very complex, but still, it is nothing compared with the complexity of the process of evolvement which occurs with Astral bodies and Higher-selves. In order to allow ordinary people on your planet to understand as easily " -Thoa from the Book The Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet

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