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The Appearent Illogic of the "NWO"

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 11:56 PM
There seems to be a flaw with the purported plan of the NWO to commit mass genocide of the American people and then possibly other people around the world. This is that killing hundreds of millions of people by force, poison or starvation is simply inefficient. If this incredibly well organized group of intelligent people are planning something like this, then they would have surely came up with a multitude of more efficient ways. If they do indeed succeed in their plan to create a global government, they could peacefully reduce the population with much less risk. For in example, if in two weeks from now they just started killing millions of people in America, it would ruin their plan--many other countries would try to help, it would alert everyone else in the whole world that something is going on...which would be incredibly stupid of them, and anyone who lived would refuse to go a long with it after many of their friends and families were killed. Now why would the NWO put themselves at such risk, when they could do it peacefully and with no one to point the finger at them. I'm sure they've learned by now (especially after Hitler) that Incrementalism is the only way to success...if you go in guns ablaze (like Hitler) it is destined to fail. Image, if Hitler didn't kill the Jews but instead he didn't permit them to have children and instead of going to war formed slow alliances and created a EU type thing were Germany had it's fingers in it all--by now all the Jews in Germany would be gone and the Third Reich would still stand. The NWO is smart, they have the technology, they have the intelligence and they have a plan. I'm sure by now they have the toxins to destroy your reproductive capabilities...that would be a more sensible plan, if they wish to achieve success. An simpler plan would be to take over the globe slowly and silently (like they're doing) and get all their media monkeys to push the population crisis issue, fake disasters that, make it look like our large population is destroying us (which most of us already think) and in 20 to 50 years population reduction and regulation would be a staple of human society. As for taking over the countries in the world--that doesn't need to be done by force...look at the world right now--the United Nations, the Eu it's already started and they didn't have to kill millions...they just had to make phone calls, fill out paper work, and bribe people. It is simpler than it seems. I will be surprised if the NWO does things the way people have speculated--for that way of taking over the world is unreasonable and just has a lower probable success rate. I'm sure their are even more efficient ways to take over the world or reduce population that a lot of you can think of.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 11:58 PM

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by TheHelplessnessOfRebirth

The book is called "limits to growth" put out by some so called
scientists with ties to the Club of Rome.

Limits to Growth

Some of the adherents believe this "humans are evil" mantra so much
they decided to carve it in stone and stick it on a hill in Georgia.

The Georgia Guidestones

Ppl like Ted Turner talk about how there are far too many ppl, and
prince philip says he wishes he could come back after death as
a virus and help solve world over population.

You do not really have to look REAL hard for their opinions on these matters.

Rule #1 of the Guidestones put it "in stone" 28 years ago.

Now we are just waiting for implementation at this point.

We do not fight to save the dying in Darfur, Tibet, and Burma
unless there was a LOT of oil there.

Then we'd need to export some democracy.

Kissinger - quotes to remember

Same game, new faces.

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 02:25 AM
link kind of wonder
you think other countrys would come to fight with americans case be all hell breaks lose?
Im not to up to date on our foreign relations but last time I checked we arent everyones buddy...
And I dont think the NWO is gonna kill everyone...its like in the Sims game...after you killed all your sims there really wasnt a point anymore
So they want us around...they enjoy the power and there being above and whatnot
There gunna make examples....probably alot
But they wanna keep society intact,...well thats not the best word to use but.If they wanted to kill us all...they would have already

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 03:12 AM
Well dude,i can't prove they exist,but the point of killing people is for population control,strange post this one is because you state their flaws then compensate by giving suggestions of what they are exactly doing towards the end of your thread!

From what i've read about the "suspected" NWO,what you should be asking is what goal or objective they are hoping to achieve by implementing these complicated tactics.

Until proven we can only suspect.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by Okiminletsdoit!

The reason they are crowing over population is due to scarcity of certain
materials and their desire for no reduction in their way of life.

They also do not want to explore alternatives to the few raw materials
that are running low, and I am not even talking oil.

You have to read limits to growth to see their mindset, but do not get
sucked into their way of thinking.

They can be quite convincing, but it really boils down to just doing
things differently is the solution in the future.

They think the world population needs to be down under 1 billion
or closer to 500 million.

They do not even consider the fact that we do not fully understand
the planet, science, or a myriad of other things.

This alone could could totally nullify their claims:

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions verified by US Navy SPAWAR scientists

With what was called cold fusion possibly coming into reality we could
usher in a new age for the whole planet.

This discovery could power the first starship, moonbase, electric cars,
and the entire planet.

This could be colossal.


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