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Why do dogs bark when i meditate?

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 02:51 PM
I've been meditating for a few months now and almost everytime i meditate about 20 minutes in or so, my litty puppy schnauzer will growl at something and so will the nieghbors dog downstairs. They never growl at any other time, never. I've never heard a peep from my neighbors except when i meditate the dog will growl and bark, its part wolf and something else, its very big. I experienced this before i got my puppy with the neighbors dog, and now when my puppy is laying there next to me he will wake up from a dead sleep and start growling. Does anyone know why?? Is there a reason? any ideas or answers would be great because i cant figure out why?!?!

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by ziggyproductions05

Hi ziggyproductions & all.

I always had doubts about if animals can see our "aura" or not. . .?
How do our pet "know" we are angry, when it did something
that makes us angry. . .?

Try your medit sessions when your pet CAN NOT **see** you. . .

Blue skies.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:11 PM
maybe he sees your spirit guide or your higher self.
Since he doesn't know that form of you he sees it as a stranger?

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Young dogs and small children crave your attention and I know parents and dog owners who have enormous trouble carrying on long telephone conversations without being interrupted by either their children or their pets seeking their attention.

Doubtless the same thing going on in your case. And once your puppy barks, that will doubtless get the dog downstairs going as well.

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by C-JEAN

That could not be more true. It does seem domesticated cats and dogs in particular can almost sense what type of mood you are in. Upon first encounters with animals I have witnessed one cat acting hysterically with one person (who AFTER admitted to hating cats) and then acting very affectionate to another.

In wild animals may be the "sense" or aural perception is even greater as they are, well, wild. As in the previous example, how one person would be dismissed by say a bear, and in the next instance attacked, is beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps the OP gives off some sort of strong emission that disturbs the dog, makes the dog believe the OP is in danger ???

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:28 PM
When I meditate, my cats suddenly want to be petted and my dogs want to sit in my lap and lick me.


Good question. It could be because I'm sitting for a solid stretch of time or it's possible that they sense something.

I don't have the answer.

If I take a nap on the couch, the animals don't react the same. They may come and sleep near me but they don't seek attention from me.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:36 PM
Well, I don't meditate, but I pray. And, they (my dogs) are all (3) so quiet when I pray...and usually they bother me - whenever I speak on the phone, they bark, whenever I don't want them to bark, they bark on purpose...but not when I pray.

Maybe you should try that?

Kent Hovind would be proud of me

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 04:23 PM
hey thanks everyone for the replies! well the odd thing is the dog downstairs obviously cant see me when im meditating, and my puppy just gets ears up and growls, but doesnt bark, they only growl. Im really starting to think it may be my spirit guide. my puppy only growls for about 10 - 15 seconds, then he lays right back down. I made a point to open my eyes and look last night when it happened. thanks again everyone for the quick replies!

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by gottago

well this happened with my neighbors dog way before i got my puppy, and sometimes the other dog will growl,a nd my pup will be quiet, and vice versa. Believe me, i've searched every angle.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by gottago

**double post sorry

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