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Does this ring any bells? GW1 "incident"

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:17 AM
Apologies if this is the wrong forum, it appeared to offer the best "match".

Back in the early 90's, I was on a popular UK based conferencing system, called CIX. My membership lapsed, crikey, at least 10 years ago, probably nearer 15. CIX had threads on everything, just about. It was possible - and advisable back then - to use an off-line reader to pull down unread threads, comment, then bulk upload replies. Like Agent and usenet. It was also possible to download and archive all threads, which once I did. But many many PCs (and house moves, and drive crashes, and upgrades) later, I've lost my archives.

(Apologies, I'm waffling, I know). Anyway, one thread back in the day really got people going.

The poster was called *STARFIRE* (as I recall). Claimed to be forces, or ex-forces, and posted an unbelievable account of an incident that he alleges happened to him and his section during GW1. The basic gist - he was RCT (Royal Corps of Transport), tasked with taking some stores(?) to a location in the middle of nowhere. En route, they were "buzzed" by something. When they got there, whatever buzzed them was 'known', or at least "not news". I can't add much more, its been 10+ years, and I'm not sure if what I can "recall" is real or my imagination 'filling in the blanks', but it generated *huge* interest at the time.

edit: What might have been claimed: 3 or 4 vehicle convoy tasked with taking stores to a location away from coalition forces, ie in the middle of nowhere. Nearing the location, the convoy is "buzzed" by 1 or more low flying objects. Objects make no noise, or no noise that resembles a jet or motor engine (hence not jets or helos). When they arrive at destination, they try to report what has happened, only no one is really interested; the unit has already been overflown by unknown craft. And one has been shot down/crashed/recovered (? might be my false memory there).

I think starfire - and stress think - posted the nicknames/names of some of his section, asking if people knew them they could corroborate the story. I'm sure some military (servign and ex, I did) asked questions regarding call signs, locstats, and other job-related questions that satisfied us he was ex-forces.

I'm not sure of the date; I joined Cix - in anger - probably around 1993, but I dont think it was until 1994/5 that I was using Ameol. At that same time, Feb 1994, I moved house. I'm trying to recal the environment of where I was reading (downstairs, in the den, which would have made it

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Guess thats a "no" then

Hoping it that the story, although originally posted to Cix, might have spread a bit further, or maybe some older Cixen might have found there way here. Oh well...

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