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Whats the chance aliens DONT exist?

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:39 AM
Great chance. You just cant prove it.
But you just used the religious argument of prove God doesnt exist, you cant, so you win the argument? Stupid. But you have to acknowledge the fact that theres always the possibility they dont exist. Probability in their favour, sure, but doesnt mean definite.

They could easily be disinfo, good word, just saw it on the poll on the right lol. What do the governments have to gain from intelligent people believing in a made up phenomenon? No one pays attention to real events that matter. Or like the bank crisises early on where bankers made up panic so they can buy stock at low prices.

Or maybe they are real but are demons like salt of the earth said, maybe people misinterpreted what they are.

A better question is, can you prove what you see in the sky is an alien craft? Can you prove that you saw it? Can you prove the witnesses exist? If so can you prove they are not just government workers spreading more disinfo?
See, it goes down as far as you take it.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:53 AM

Originally posted by undo
here's a video on the hubble deep field. it's a big video so you may have to reload the page more than once and click the play button more than one, to get it to play.

In my opinion, one may as well look at an ink blot as look at Hubble's phony pictures. The stuff that comes out of that contraption is the result of the computer data fed INTO it. It is telling us what we WOULD see if we COULD see based on what people tell it it SHOULD see.

And it can't even take a decent picture of the moon.

It is a fraud, just like the trips to the moon were all a fraud.

The Luciferians are very good at scamming, at lies, at magick, at make believe. It is all a big staged show to get us to go along with their evil plans to create a Fourth Reich, to bring their demon friends out front and center, to display the chimeras they have been breeding in their Nazi Frankenstein labs in the underground military bases.

And after they have killed off most of the world's population, they will chip the remainder, and continue to feed lies and illusions and hypnosis and hocus pocus to deceive and control.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

wowzers. while i agree that some of the fallen angels are what we call or think of as extra-terrestrials, i can't in good conscience agree that God only created man and that it all started when the catholic church says it did. (you realize alot of dogma is passed down from the big c, yes? )

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:06 AM
I cannot prove that alien life doesn't exist. Food for thought though. What consitutes proof? How much proof would you need?

Prove to me that things outside my range of eyesight, and outside of my conscious interaction with it, exist.

If I am not currently perceiving the reality of an object, place, person, thing, then is it real?

By this arguement: nothing is real unless we have personal, intimate experience with it. Therefore, as I am currently not seeing or interacting with an alien they do not exist.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:23 AM
well i always believe, truth is within you, actually prove it right now

not in a physical sense but can refer to some history that may point you in the right direction

I have read some books about Egypt, the begining of civilised man.
They believed in god and gods, gods from the stars.
Sun god comes to mind ra-amun.

who was these gods they was talking about and recorded, well mmm gods of the stars is a clue.
Maybe these gods was some civilisation in our galaxy or universe that visited the egyptians, may even gave them a helping hand.
It doesnt mean it was god the creator.

but that in itself interests me god, creator of the universe, maybe god ejaculated into this universe or universes to create the whole lot, then in turn, lifeforms was born throughout the universe.

prove that one though but its all good theory. i believe someday we may be able to prove some gods or aliens exist. god wow thats a whole new level though.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

wowzers. while i agree that some of the fallen angels are what we call or think of as extra-terrestrials, i can't in good conscience agree that God only created man and that it all started when the catholic church says it did. (you realize alot of dogma is passed down from the big c, yes? )

Catholic dogma has little to nothing to do with what we're discussing, which is Bible. The Catholics have their own dogma and when it comes to spiritual things they accept almost everything as "from God" and a "miracle." This includes potergeisting statues, weeping statues, stigmatas, apparitions, anything short of an exorcism which they would acknowledge to be demonic.

The Catholic church also endorses evolution and probably space aliens as well.

The Bible itself has nothing to do with the Catholic church and no we did not get the Bible from the Catholics. The Old Testament came long before the Catholics did, and so did the early Christians and their manuscripts, the Textus Receptus, received text, consisting of thousands of hand-copied manuscripts, all of which match. The Catholics have two manuscripts they base their own bibles on, and neither one matches, and both are mangled with crossovers of crossovers by Origen the gnostic.

The King James Bible incorporated the six other Bibles that came before it, all good bibles, and the translators were in awe of them. William Tyndale's translation was incorporated almost intact into the Bible. Tyndale himself was martyred for his work.

The Bible is The Book, and as it says about itself, Psalm 6:12, it is purified seven times as in a furnace of earth, and it is "very pure" and that God will preserve it forever. Jesus said not one jot or tittle would pass away from it, and that Heaven and earth would pass away before it ever did. And "holy men of old wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."

I trust it and measure everything by it.

From my read of the Bible, before the flood angels were mating with humans, and producing "fierce giants" (Nephilim) -- hybrid creatures. The remains of some of these are in existence to be seen today. This is why God destroyed the entire earth in a flood, to try to cleanse the earth of these hybrid abominations. The Bible says Noah and his family were "pure in their generations."

Greek mythology describing chimeras I believe were not based entirely on myth, but genetic tampering was going on in those days, as it is now in the underground labs of the Black Ops Military. The MSM reports on cloning, genetic manipulation of plants and vegetables containing genetic material from bugs and fish, and the MSM has also reported putting human genes into the DNA of pigs and other animals to produce supposedly hearts that can be used for transplants into humans. When you hear abouat things in the MSM you can be sure this stuff has already been going on for years and it's way past what the media is telling us is new and current.

We've also heard reports from witnesses of caged children and women used for breeding in these underground Frankenstein labs. We also know that many people are abducted and their sperm, eggs and developing babies are taken from them.

The "Grays" are hybrid creatures, product of genetic manipulation in the lab to be slaves of the minions of Satan, per Brave New World, and to be passed off as aliens to convince the world we have been visted by "aliens." They are humanoid creatures, a mixture of human, reptile, bug and animal.

We know from the Bible there is no life on any other planet for these reasons:

1. The earth was the first thign to be created. The sun, moon, stars and planets were not created until the fourth day and was created for the earth, to give light and for times and seasons and also "to declare the glory of God." The earth is the center of the universe and God created the stars for us. We are not just one out of many, no better or worse. We are not an accident.

2. Life does not exist separate and apart from God. Matter is not self-existant or able to produce life from itself. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing and dead matter will remain dead forever. Life comes from God.

3. Everything was created at the same time and in an instant. God is not limited by time and space. The earth, sun and moon are all the exact right size and distance apart to sustain life. God doesn't need more planets to put more people on. There's plenty of room on this planet for many more people. Further, we know that mankind needs a savior, and Jesus came here to save us, not Mars or Venus or any other planet in the universe. And we also know his sacrifice was sufficient, and he said on the cross "It is finished."

4. We know spirits exist. Some people call them "ghosts." Almost everybody has seen one or more. People in more primitive countries see them all the time. Here, the spirits like to take the appearance of UFOs, "aliens" -- not wanting people to believe in the existence of spiritual creatures, but to be atheistic and only believing in "science so-called" as the Bible puts it. This way they can pass themselves off as beings from another planet, and will not be written off automatically as evil creatures who are in rebellion to God and whose intentions toward mankind are purely malevolent.

5. Revelation talks about demonic spirits who are confined underground and will be released in the last days. It also says the earth will be ruled by a "Man of Sin" -- the antichrist, indwelt by Satan himself.

The laws of physics do not permit the travel through time and space that would be required for "aliens" to come here, even if there were such creatures and they had some reason to want to make the trip. Spirits are not limited by time and/or space and are free to travel the entire universe in a split second. These creatures do dwell in the air, as the Bible says, and warns us that we "Wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of the air."

We also know that angelic and demonic spirits are able to manifest themselves. Angels visited Sodom and Gomorrah, spent the night with Lot and his family, and then led them from the city before its destruction. Angels also visited Abraham and Sara, sat down and ate with them, and gave them the message from God that Sara would have a son. The Bible is replete with accounts of manifested angelic spirits.

As to demonic spirits, we read that Satan himself manifested to Jesus and tried to tempt him. This is the only account of demonic manifestation I know of, other than the demonic possession of humans and animals that are described in the New Testament, which is different than a physical manifestation.

The Bible speaks of the angels who fell from their first estate and are in bondage in the earth. So some of them are in the earth and some in the air. The ones in the air are not confined to the air, but are able to come down and lurk around. Reports from scientists and researchers of the paranormal reveal that these creatures cause poltergeists and are able to manifest.

The Bible says they can take any shape they choose, including as an "angel of light" and we are not to take them at face value, but to weigh what they do and say against the Bible. This the Catholic church does not do, and accepts all these manifestations as a "miracle" and "of God" even when it is an apparition claiming to be Mary and demanding worship and claiming godhood of itself.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 10:51 AM

you're preaching to the choir. i'm a protestant christian. problem is, i'm not convinced that the opening passages of Genesis contain the entire creation story. afterall, angels were created before humans were.

what are seraphim? angels, yes?
that's a plural word.
the singular is seraph.
this is what strong's exhaustive concordance says about the hebrew word
Result of search for "seraph":

8314 saraph saw-rawf' from 8313; burning, i.e. (figuratively) poisonous (serpent); specifically, a saraph or symbolical creature (from their copper color):--fiery (serpent), seraph.

Result of search for "seraph":

you may need to rethink your position.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by killas900

Well, I would put it this way. To me the chance that aliens don't exist is about as good as the chance that they do. Why? Because only a few people on this planet will actually know if they do exist 100%. But I can promise you that there is not ONE single person on this planet that can prove that aliens DON'T exist.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 11:07 AM
PERHAPS, their were intelligent being's that existed eons, ago, and we are the creation of them, or they have moved on higher into ascension. Since we are part of a design of reality that if we look at it closely we can see its intelligent history, then perhaps their a chance they no longer exist yet we exist in their design. Yet that does not mean they do not exist. Now do I think microorganisms exist somewhere in space yes. Yet Alien constructs perhaps their out there like dinosaurs somewhere. I am sure their are more Earths and I am sure their could be life that is life being sustained without the crutch of O, or H2O. Thats what makes it Alien.

[edit on 8-4-2009 by Adrifter]

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 11:52 AM
Interesting thread, so thought I'd throw my own tuppence in to the debate

I've yet to see any evidence that life can exist accidentally, through a freak combination of the right molecules, temperature or electricity, which is the ultra-Darwinist viewpoint. I understand that biologists have tried to recreate the "primordial soup in a flask" and the best they could come up with was a brownish liquid with complex molecules and some amino acids. This is a long, long way from the incalculably (and to the best of our knowledge, infinitely) complex structures that exist inside the cells of any living creature. As time goes on and our understanding deepens, the closer we look the more complexity we find.

It did happen somehow, but I cannot accept that it was an accident or a natural side-effect of the laws of physics.

I also don't quite agree with the "infinite monkeys" theory of life - i.e. that if you recreate the experiment with the right conditions an infinite number of times on an infinite number of planets, you'll end up with an infinite number of life-sustaining worlds. To draw an analogy, the digits in an irrational number such as PI are also infinite and non-repeating. To imagine life starting independently elsewhere is the equivalent of saying "these are the first 2^10000 digits in PI. Since PI is infinite, if we look long enough they must be repeated somewhere."

This makes life on Earth incredibly special, unique and amazing in my view, and it makes our planet a very sacred place indeed, and each of us is fantastically lucky to see and experience it. Instead of obsessing about finding life elsewhere, we'd be better off concentrating on cherishing and protecting the life that we have here on Earth.

On the other hand, the universe is a very strange and big place, which we know next to nothing about. It's possible that life could have been "seeded" here by some ancient extra-terrestrial civilization, but I'm not sure if the time scales work given how ancient life on Earth is?

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Well, our goverment does it all the time.


posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

So then what exactly do we live in? If this is all a fraud. What is reality? Could you please explain this to me. Surely you must know, because you speak with such authority.


posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 06:51 AM

Originally posted by Armour For Victor
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

So then what exactly do we live in? If this is all a fraud. What is reality? Could you please explain this to me. Surely you must know, because you speak with such authority.

We live in a real world created by God, but it is presented to us in a tissue of lies and fables. The god of this world is Satan, not that Satan has more power than God, but God gave Satan free will as he also gave us free will, and Satan's lies and deceit and destruction are what rules this planet.

God reveals himself in his creation and in his still small voice, the conscience he gives to everyone. But those who turn from the reality their own two eyes show them and ignore the still small voice of God will be taken in by the glitz and the big magick show being staged by Satan.

As a result, they will run to the people with the white coats, pay thousands of dollars for murderous medicines, for horrendous treatments that kill, and poison their children with mercury, formaldyhide and aluminum, also cancer viruses and other virululent things shot directly into their bloodstreams. They will drink water poisoned by industrial waste (fluoride) and eat food that has artificial flavors, hallucinogenic excitotoxins that simulate good flavor and healthy food, and become sick and stupid and obese. They will sit in front of the TV watching hours and hours of stupid and senseless programs, absorbing ideas of nonsense straight into their subconscious minds that cause them to believe that death and torture and sickness and war and perversion and filth are good, and that which is beautiful, wholesome, enriching and peaceful is evil.

Eventually this will all lead to the kind of hellish utopia dreamed of by the Dark Side, "As Above, So Below," meaning the entire world will be the same as Hell below where there are many demons imprisoned under the earth, and have been seen by people like Phil Schneider and many others, who are consorting and trafficking with the Black Military and in full cooperation with the politicians and elected officials who serve as puppets to the Luciferians.

It's like the movie Rosemary's Baby -- that we wake up one day and find out that all the nice people around us are Satanists and that they are using us to suck our blood and for breeding machines for devils.

Jesus said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Most people are for sale. Certainly the people in Congress is the best that money can buy, same with the controlled media, same with Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Education -- and the entire culture is based on lies, Madison Avenue lies and mind control, poison food, poison water, ugliness, death, perversion, magick. The Muslims and the Amish are exactly right in their assessment of this culture. We are the ones who are the dupes, not them.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by killas900
Hey everyone, lets turn the tables on those debunkers out there.
Whats the ultimate, undeniable proof that extra terrestrial life DOESNT exist?

You asked the wrong question. Debunkers don't, usually claim that aliens don't exist. I know I don't, and I love taking the bunk out of claims. However, if you're asking if anybody has PROOF that aliens have and/or are visiting Earth, then the answer is obviously NO. If anybody had PROOF they'd be trotting it out PDQ. And nobody has. Some poor delusional types will insist that a squiggle of light on a poor quality image is PROOF, but that PROOF is really PROOF that rabid fireflies are invading the known Universe.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 07:33 AM
To prove that one thing exists is relatively simple in most cases: one just has to find one example.

To prove that one thing does not exist is very difficult in many cases: one needs to formally rule out every possibility of it.

Let's start by assuming by assuming that the universe is infinite, as theorized. Your proof is impossible to find: one can never disprove life anywhere else than here because as infinite, the universe can never be explored totally, hence the impossibility to rule out all other possibilities.

If we even consider that it is not infinite, we are at the moment far from knowing what's happening in other systems, let alone in those other billions of galaxies out there. It is therefore at the moment impossible to prove that either.

To be honest, I don't think that posting such threads will make anything advance, no offence. It's just that you ask for a proof that's unobtainable, probably with the underlying intent to make a point that life exists out there. The impossibility to prove that it doesn't exist elsewhere proves nothing of its potential existence either.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

"In my opinion, one may as well look at an ink blot as look at Hubble's phony pictures. The stuff that comes out of that contraption is the result of the computer data fed INTO it. It is telling us what we WOULD see if we COULD see based on what people tell it it SHOULD see."

I'm SO glad you said "in my opinion".
If you would, please, tell us how they've fooled all the serious astronomers in the world, professional and amateur with those "ink blots"?

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