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Dealing in good faith

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 01:41 AM
When I hear and read about Israel and the PLO I think about dealing in good faith. From 1948 the Jewish people finally a real home. When the settlement movement started in mid-late 19th century most of what was to become Israel was a backwater forgettable part of the Turkish Empire. Through hard work the area was blooming and the future seemed bright. Still the local Arab leaders were concerned their numbers. At the end of WW I the Balfour Declaration put statehood in the table. The period between saw the Arabs picking the wrong side and fighting the limit of Jewish imegration into Palestine starting with the White Paper of 1939 limiting the number to 75,000. In 1948 the state of Israel was born and there would be war 1948,'56,'67, and throughout their history diplomacy was questionable and abuses occurred on both sides.

Does anyone really believe that the Palestinian were first to use violence and the world stood by and took the anti Israeli reports as gospel without finding out the truth and why policy is as it is. The Begin and Sad at treaty is proof that peace can happen.
Both sides must know that neither can exist without the other. The region cannot stand more of the same and trust along with a renewed integrity that both sides can must be able to depend on.

The killing must stop and both sides must take responsibility for their actions. No piece of ground is worth the bloodshed that has plagued both sides. I see no excuse for the taking the life of anyone because these lives cannot be replaced. The G-d of us all is the G-d of all always. We are all people of the book ands it do us a world of good to read and believe until we understand and do not only a good thing but the right thing.


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