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Explaination on why people are skeptic's & otherwise doubt anything but the T.V.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 08:51 PM

KGB defector explains the slow process ideological subversion.

ideological subversion = Change perception of reality of every american to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, the nation is unable to come to sensible conclusions.

This is a general explanation of national demoralization & ideological subversion.

Demoralization is a term used to describe a type of "education/propaganda" that goes unquestioned.

If you feel that one world government is for the best, you may be correct because anyone who is not a rockefeller or part of the NWO will be killed and replaced.

A world without people supporting the NWO with no real reason would be a better place.


Cloning Vats and education camps are all they need for a new population of completely will free human biological clones.


1. In 3-5years. Ability to mass produce human biological clones used for manual & sexual labor as a mechanism for population replacement. Won't need any free thinkers any more.
AKA - Replace you.

2. In 10-15years. Consolidation food/weaponry Infrastructure & any other type of logistics.
AKA - Steal what you worked for.

3. In 20-30 years. Eventual killing of 5/6 of world population to consolidate human population through biological warfare & call for mass immunization which will also cause eventual death.
AKA - Create biological virus/entity to poison you then call for immunization which will also kill you.

4. In 40-70 years. All non-original NWO members eliminated one by one to consolidate power for original families.
AKA - Kill each other.

5. Eventual insanity of NWO due to incest, corrupt relationships, backstabbing, lack of control.
AKA - Unable to continue due to power structure/lack there of.

6. Re-stabilization of planet as last of corrupt humans eventually die off.
AKA - Planet couldn't care less and waits for them to die off.

7. Restart!
AKA - sv_restartround = 1

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 09:29 PM
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