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My Dream Last Night (Strange)

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 04:31 PM
I've had a couple of dreams that have come true. The most shocking one was the 2003 Columbia tragedy. Here is a part of my post from another thread about this....

In early 2003, the night before we lost Columbia over the U.S., I had a dream of a space shuttle exploding over the town I live in as it was on approach, landing at our little airport. The shuttle was a little different looking but in my dream I knew it was the shuttle. The next day was a shock.

Last nights dream was a little different than I usually have had. I was shocked when I googled what I saw.

In my dream, it was late night and I was standing on my parents driveway. This large white jet that looked like an F-15 or F-16 slowly flew over me about 1,000ft. Some type of thick contrail flowed behind the jet that resembled a crop duster trying to write in the sky. The vapor immediately morphed into strange symbols that formed sentences that I understood, but I don't remember what they looked like. I just remember that I understood what it said at the time, but don't remember it now. The part I do remember looked something like this....(Forgive my "painting" skills)

There were always two HH's together which I understood to be a blood type which was strange because there were no blood types of HH that I've ever heard of. It's just that's how I thought of them in my dream. Blood types.

They were in arithmetic form. I'll call them formulas since that might be easier to explain. HH+HH= (3D picture of what I understood as The Garden of Eden).

There were 3 sets of formulas. As you can see, the first one had two little plus signs next to the HH. The second had 2 little minus signs next to the HH. The third had a plus and minus sign next to it. Each "answer" was the same version of a 3D picture of what I understood to be the Garden of Eden with minor differences in color.

The first formula with 2 plus', showed a Garden of Eden with a slight over all greenish tinge to it. The second formula with 2 minus', show a slightly blue tinge to it. The third with a (+/-) Garden showed the most beautiful picture of what I thought the Garden of Eden would look it. Every color was brilliant. Lush tropical scenery, running river, birds, fauna running around, and one big stone monument that looked like a piece of Stonehenge. Two vertical slabs of rock with one horizontal on top. It stuck out like a sore thumb.

That's not all that was in the "third answer." There was a white dot fixed within the 3D picture next to the "Stonehenge" rocks. It's meaning to me that popped in my head was, "You are here." Just like you see on a map in a mall. My interpretation was that the "Garden of Eden" was the Milky Way galaxy and I was shown where Earth was located within the "Garden of Eden." The white dot (Earth) was even on the edge of the picture kind of like our solar system is on the outer edge of one of the Milky Way arms. Something told me that the universe was folding in on itself like a piece of paper and more and more stuff was going to start falling to Earth. Meteors be ready for them.

I few other things happened in the dream before and after, but this was the important stuff I vividly remember.

Anyway, since I still remembered about the HH meant blood type, I googled HH and this is what I found. A Wiki page and look what's listed as the first choice.

Wikipedia Page

hh is a rare blood group also called Bombay Blood group. Individuals with the rare Bombay phenotype (hh) do not express H antigen (also called "substance H") (the antigen which is present in blood group O).

I don't know what it means, but I tell you I had no clue that HH was a rare blood type and that's what I knew it was, in my dream, a blood type. I don't know why the formulas or why the "off color" Garden of Edens. I don't know why the last "answer" was a map showing where we were located. I know this post was probaby hard to read, but it was hard to try to describe it in detail. What it meant, I have no idea. The part about the HH blood type showing up in my dream and finding out it actually is a blood type is interesting to say the least. Anyway, just thought I'd share it with you. Let's just hope I described it in a way that you understand what I said.

Maybe, I was just too.....


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