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"There is no such thing as peaceful demonstrations!" - Equip Yourself!

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 10:18 AM
What "We The People" can learn from recent G-20 and NATO events...

If you are attending demonstration, using your legal right for freedom of speech - Police will be attending also there, but only to make it look like a riot, just to kick your civilian sorry ass - So, we should prepare our self, protect ourself from alleged police brutality.

Personal outfit: ( Black color recommendable )

1. Helmet
3. Leather jacket - strong materials
3. Body armors - west
4. Leaher gloves
5. Army boots, protected workshoes

Personal Package - Gears:

6. FirstAid Kit
7. Eye protection glasses, sunglasses
8. TearGas masks
9. Ear - sound protection

For surviving and working as a group, useful extra equips:

10. Communication: Phones with new prepaids, walkietalkies
11. Blanket - Black side, white side
12. Spray can - markering pens
13. Food over your own needs
14. Bottled water
15. Radio - TVset
16. Binoculars
17. Night Vision Equips
18. Pencil Torch
19. Toiletpaper - newspaper - A3, A4 arc papers
20. Flashlight
21. Camera
22. Maps from the area

... And -

23. Ask your self - do I hit back - and if so, with what?

Message is clear and ousted from governments:

"There is no such thing as peaceful demonstrations"

... So equip your self to riots - but who say its you who should bleed? And remember, they are not paying to police enough from that - Facing equals in battlezone.

Did I miss something from list? - My lessons has come from joining, or organizing four great demonstrations.


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