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Unseen Footage- Riot police attack peaceful protesters at G20

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:03 AM
I`m not anti-police or anything but after watching that video (thanks op), it is only possible to conclude that the gang with the blue helmets really deserved to have their heads cracked open for acting like nothing more then thugs.

I`ve never seen such footage where peaceful protesters some with their hands raised high in the air are attacked and shoved to the ground by nothing but gangsters in uniform. They repeatedly used excessive force and violence towards a group of protesters who were acting peacefully within their God-given rights.

Enough with the bull# people,
I`m tired of coming to this board to argue with the blind about what can be seen.
You have all been told so many countless lies in regards to so much.

Heres the f ing video tape once again people (thanks again op),
its right in your face as to people`s rights being abused, just like so many other videos have proven so many other lies. Yet some people are so scared that they question nothing and just go along with everything.

You might as well hold the screwdriver.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by j2000
All I can say is if they try to do that here in the USA, they will be very big reactions, and they won't be peaceful.
Looks like the peaceful EU people better figure out how to fight back.

Do they sell paint and balloons there?

Pepper spray?

Paintball guns?


I guess I have always felt you need to be two things if you are trying to protest, organized, and prepared.

Organized to be effective and to hold lines as peacefull as possible.
Prepared if they want to go this route and make it non-peaceful.

I'll add spray paint to your grocey list. In an emergency, work in groups. One group goes after one turd. Spay his visor so he can't see. If he lifts his visor, mase his ugly "death starr" face. Take his weapons and give him a good # kicking so he won't come back to riot control ever again.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:32 AM
The problem is that cops are under the delusion that a crowd of people thinks the same way as a crowd of cops. A crowd of cops is the worst kind of thugs, and they think a crowd of people are thinking thug thoughts like they are. These thug cops would rather be thugs than spend time with their wives and children, because being a thug is more fun and has an adrenaline rush to go with all the excitement. So the kill or be killed mentality takes over in them, when all they are fighting is unarmed peaceful protesters, but they are too thugged up in their thinking to understand all this because they are thugs working for a noble cause(in their minds). Thug cops don't think of their families very much, if they did, they would thug off home and smarten up. So when one of these thugs finally dies for being a thug, we should all be happy for the thug, because he dies doing what he loved most, which was being a thug, instead of a peaceful family man. Thugs that do this really hate the one's that love them, because they love being a thug more.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:39 AM
In the OP, it was mentioned that 'anarchists' were busy defacing the Bank of Scotland. Why is it that the police harried a crowd of environmentalists, who from what I can see never even put up a fight, when there are people committing actual crimes? Surely the police aren't shirking away from actual resistance in order to go rough up a peaceful squat.

Or maybe they are. Or maybe they were trying to turn the squat into a riot by provoking the crowd.

To everyone who wants there to be an armed uprising.. Wait. Let them show their true colors, record as much of it as you can, gather all the testimony that you can, and then wait. Wait until the G20 is over ( A full scale insurrection would give them an excuse for international intervention right now ), and publish and distribute all of the evidence you can. THEN you will have the people willing to back a rebellion. If you turn this into a big, ugly riot then people are going to just say that you were a bunch of arse hurt anarchists. If you show them classy, average individuals being assaulted without reason, even after its clear they aren't fighting back, then it'll be a different matter entirely.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by TheDustman.

To everyone who wants there to be an armed uprising.. Wait. Let them show their true colors, record as much of it as you can, gather all the testimony that you can, and then wait. Wait until the G20 is over ( A full scale insurrection would give them an excuse for international intervention right now ), and publish and distribute all of the evidence you can. THEN you will have the people willing to back a rebellion. If you turn this into a big, ugly riot then people are going to just say that you were a bunch of arse hurt anarchists. If you show them classy, average individuals being assaulted without reason, even after its clear they aren't fighting back, then it'll be a different matter entirely.

I second this... Let's use the system against them, if they wanna hide behind the law then use it against them...

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by johnsky

That's exactly what I was thinking. The days of peacefull protest is/should be over if the police are going to resort to force regardless of the situation.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:03 PM
This is why they had the conference in London and not in the USA.
Of course, American cops seem a little less eager to beat on people until it at least appears that the crowd is getting out of hand.

This is exactly why we have the 2nd amendment in the USA, and the cops know it.

I would encourage all EU protesters to be prepared for events like this in the future; adopt for yourselves a second amendment and arm yourselves any way you can.

*frozen paintballs
*scatter a sack of ball bearings under the squad's feet
*pepper spray
*farm implements
*drive a car through their line
*boiling liquids stay hot all day in a good thermos
*If you have time, lay out ropes on the ground. These can be raised when police advance, and used to trip their ranks
*trash can lids. They have shields, why shouldn't you?
*High-powered flashlights/spotlights - blind them after sunset.

Instead of the Space Hijackers' APC, someone should bring a firetruck. If a water cannon works against protesters, it works against police.

Show these monsters who works for who.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by TheComte

That would explain why they did it. To misdirect the media away from the real action.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:17 PM
In my opinion, whether its right or wrong, there is no peaceful way to end all this. A resolution can only be found on either side by the others blood running down the street. Acoustic guitar music and peaceful chants make TPTB do nothing more than laugh at us. We need to stand, fight, resist, defend. There is a lot more of us than them, and until we all unite, if ever, things will never change.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by stereovoyaged

That's the thing. You can't get people to unite over anything. Everyone is pulling in different directions over different agendas, and different fantasies of 'ethics'. It's clear to me that the rule of law needs to be restored, but how do you restore the rule of law on those that hold the power?

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by SpacePunk

That is so true, in essence, in order to bring down the New World Order, the resistance would have to create their own New World Order. These ppl are organized, well thought out, cunning, deliberate. There needs to be an initial setup of some kind. A base group, but you will not get a bunch of groups to decide who will lead the fight, again, like you said, ppl have their own agendas

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:32 PM
Was that the G20 protestors vs. riot police?

or the movie 300?

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:19 PM
Although I have not read them all, I have been shocked by some of the coments written here.

IMO I see nothing wrong with the police. These protests have a reputation for civil disobidence and public disorder, as well as burning and looting. In the video you can clearly see the police asking people to move back, and then being taunted and verbally abused by the protestors.

Had these particular protests and protesters not had the reputation they have then maybe the police approach would have been different. I am glad that the police were there to maintain public order and safety for law abiding citizens.

I also believe that the RBS bank was left unprotected in order to deliberatley distract some of the idiots away from the bank of England itself and for the police to identify and film them up close.

The police in this country are for the most tolerant and fair and there is little corruption. Spare a thought for those who live in south america or south east asia, were justice can be bought and sold for a months wages.

I have been in protests in Bolivia and Peru were tear gas was used, dogs released, water cannon deployed, machine guns fired and tanks called in. It is not uncommon for several people to be killed by police at a protest.

If people want to protest peacefully, they should distance themselves from the so called anarchist groups and do so seperately, or otherwise expect to be treated as such.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by obilesk
Name me 1 time that a peaceful mass protest - that never became violent - against a national or global policy, has ended in the erasure of that policy.
OK, not exactly what you asked for (a peaceful mass protest), but the Carnation Revolution, the military coup that ended the fascist dictatorship in Portugal in April 25, 1974, was peaceful.

It worked because the military were already aware of the situation (made aware by the peaceful presentation of the real situation to them by people that knew what was really happening) and the only people that were still behind the government were a para-military police (the Portuguese National Guard, GNR) and the police, that noticed that there was no way of keeping things as they were when they saw the military and the people all on one side and they were alone on the government's side.

What happened was that they surrendered to the military and the revolution ended without anyone being killed by the revolutionaries (four people were killed by PIDE, the political police).

So, first we need knowledge (that was why the Lisbon Cardinal before the time of the revolution said that the people should only learn how to write their names and nothing more), then we need a way of spreading that knowledge and we need organisation, from the beginning.

As a kind of PS I would like to point that the organisation that was behind the spreading of the knowledge in the military (at least at soldier's level) was the communist party, but the captains that organised the revolution were not communist, and I know personally one of them.

PS: whenever I see talk about dictatorships, censoring and all those things I remember those times. I was only 11 years old at the time of the revolution, but when people realised that the old regime had really ended they started talking about what they could not talk about before, like the fact that my father spent a night in jail just because someone told the police that he was reading a forbidden book. He was, but a work colleague sneaked the book from my father's jacket while the police was talking to him and my father was not arrested, he could have been in serious trouble for that.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:44 PM
alright...I'm little confused here...

Looked like a few hundred people versus 30-50 cops...

Why didn't they fight back?

I Understand Peaceful protest, but unwarranted assault is grounds for self defense. hell even if they just pushed all of the tents to the front to use as a barricade should a big push come; it would have avoided a lot of unnecessary injury. Maybe I just don't know how to protest properly, but if police started hitting the front of a protest line I'm in with batons, I would be leading the push to overwhelm the police and disarm them.

I would hope the rest of the protesters would agree to only strip the police to our level (i.e. unarmed and defenseless, trying to hold a protest line)... maybe if they didn't have their little badges, shields and batons, they might be a little more open to hearing the public's outcry as a legitimate response; as opposed to seeing it as a 'riot'.

My $.02


posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:49 PM
People i am lost for words i really am, the real story was on threadneedle street i assure you because i was there! im finding it hard to put into words exactly what i saw because it was so overwhelming,

believe me alot of people here are talking about fighting the riot police and trust me alot of us tried well i know i tried my hardest to stop them from advancing but they were too well organised i threw anything i could get my hands on at them, but it just wasnt enough

believe me we were trying our hardest to stop them but we just couldnt i remember at more than one point we made our own line with the protestors behind us pushing us towards the police for more strenth,

but the people on the frontline just kept getting hit with the battons and they thought better and left i was on the front line and i must say after a few hits i wanted out of there self preservation kicked in and i wanted out!

im telling everybody here the real story was on threadneedle street! i know this because i saw with my own eyes what the met did that day, they came from behind and locked about 700-1000 protestors in a box and squeezed us tighter they said we couldnt leave,

obvouisly this is like a tinderbox waiting to go up, i remember an american with a loudspeaker saying "well done robocops squeeze us into a box and wait for us to react good tactics" there was no reason to come from behind and lock us in like that completely un necesary, this is when it sparked from my point of view this is when i saw the first clashes of the night

when the police rushed us everybody ran back to avoided being battoned, this is when i came across ian thomlinson on the floor he was sourrounded by protestors and the american with the megaphone was calling for a medic, the police then come and sourrounded the dude this is when i saw the police medic put something down his throat,

at this point people were still throwing missiles at the police, but i truly believe this is because of the police tactics and people were so angry at being hit for no reason, at this point everybody continued up the street as the police forced us up the road, the last i saw of ian i saw was him being carried off behind a police cordon.

further up the road there was an ambulance followed by 2 riot van escorts,
there was a brief stuggle between the me and a few other protestors because we got our wires crossed we all wanted to let the ambulance pass but some thought that others didnt want to let it through? sorry if it is hard to follow its hard to put into words

anyways we let the ambulance go past but bricked both police vans and they proceeded to turn tail and drive off, i spent the rest of the night fighting with the police untill they pushed us back all the way to london 1 bridge i think its called believe me everybody tried to fight back but nobody was ready for the heavy handed ness and it caught everybody off gaurd,

but this is not the end of the story, the day after the riots i heard there was going to be a peacefull march in memory of ian so i decided to catch a train up there and pay my respects, i caught the train to bank station and was suprised to find it open as on the day of the riots it was closed

i came to the statue of the horse outside the BOE which was boarded up, it was covered with hundreds up messages from people paying there respects there was candles there for him it was so moving

i spent most of the night there because i bumped into a few lads who i had met who was locked in the box with me the day of the riots, we decided to get some drinks and pay our respects to ian by being merry

anyways i wrote several messages for ian, but as the space on the boards filled up i was running out of space, i borrowed a pen of one of the guys there and without thinking signed a message on the floor, it read rest in peace ian you shall not be forgotten change will come with my name underneath a short time after this several police van

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by ruffrider

I'm sorry dude, but you're wrong. The Climate camp was an incredibly peaceful protest. They had a childrens chreche area, they had bands playing, they had a picnic area and face painting. It was described by one reporter as a mini glastonbury. They'd been in liasion with the police from before the event, and during, and at all times the police had said that they were happy with them being there, and there would be no evictions. There was no reason given for the actions that the police took, and there was most certainly no excuse. You can not tar all protesters over the actions of a few hardline anarchists. There were MPs for councils there, there were political figured giving talks and things. It was a very peaceful place with non of the agro that kicked off at the BoE.

We have a fundamental RIGHT to protest peacefully, and that is just what this was. Until the police deployed the kettling technique we're all familular with now. Infact, the BoE was peaceful until the riot scum moved in. They know how to handle a protest, and they know how to incite a riot. They have what is called a snatch squad for dealing with trouble makers. Or they can go in hard an bully everyone. The police are the whole reason that it kicked off. And they are the sole reason that a man is now dead.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:52 PM
I haven't read any of the other comments here yet because I wanted to respond unbiased on what I felt after watching the video.

This is not the England I remember and loved. This video actually made me cry. I feel sick, ashamed to be English, fear, anger and most of all I feel sad. Very, very sad that this was my country. My police force.

I say 'was' because I was lucky enough to leave several years ago.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 02:04 PM
long story short the police turned up and searched everybody there upon finding nothing obvouisly they began to write down the anti police messaged which where written on the walls and the memorial,

i ended up getting arrested for criminal damage for writing a peacefull message of remberance on the floor around the memorial fair enough i didnt think and just wrote it and in the eyes of the law it is blatently criminal damage, but come on its not as if im a graffiti artist or something

what really pisses me off is the fact that i borrowed a pen off a graffiti artist and he was realeased without charge and i have to go court on the 14th at 10am for that!

I have amazing pictures and footage of the days and all the slogans written on the walls when i have more time i will upload them here for everybody they are on my facebook but im not gonna say addd me because im sure some people will just say im doing it for facebook freinds

somebody has to help me because im a long time lurker and i dont really know how to upload pics and the like i have about 98 pics and about 20 mins of footage

the pics are priceless because when i was released at 2.30 at night the cleaners came and removed EVERYTHING all the slogans and the memorial

people please dig into this because i was there and there was thousands of cameras but as i look on youtube and mainstrean news there is literally nothing there!

oh and another thing one of the guys i was protesting with he has a youtube account with footage from the day showing everybody sitting down and the police still advancing! his youtube name is 10 pheonix 01

people please dont let this slip away to the back of your minds what i saw was so wrong on so many levels its hard to put into words

My facebook is mitchell mills

freinds youtube channel is 10 pheonix 01

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 02:05 PM
When protesting doesn't work,and voting doesn't work,and we KNOW both don't work,what does that leave in one's toolbox?.

It really is too bad that things are going the way they are,but it seeems that it has always gone this way,and maybe always will.

That sucks.

Welcome to the Old World Order.

Meet the new boss,same as the old boss...............................................

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