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day of disclosure\contact

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 11:43 PM
in this thread

fixer1967 said

I really do not want to be around when and if the day comes that we make official alien contact. That day is going to be a very bad day for most of the world.

and that had my thinking... how do you think that day & life after would play out

theres the theorys that false flag contact will occur to usher in the "nwo plan"

but more specifically how do you think an event like this would affect our immediate day to day lives?

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:06 AM
By the time we are "ready" to be accepted into communication, we probably won't really get too excited over alien contact.. Technically speaking, we can probably "Reach" out to them now, and they have probably been watching us for a very long time - the question remains.. do they hold us in regards as an observation case, or will they be willing to communicate with us someday?

There is evidence suggesting we have been watched for all of recorded history, which means this planet may have been watched BEFORE recorded history, and maybe life here is simply one long (in our terms) experiment. Maybe a billion years is a blink of an eye to these beings? Or maybe they have sent out automated von-neumann machines to propagate or investigate life, and that is why we aren't able to open dialog with them yet....

I have some theories in my thread linked in my sig

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:11 AM
Very good question! So I see you are asking us to play it out?? Hmmm...
Let me use my imagination here and see what happens...

"Thousands of synchronized UFO sightings around the world! All leaders and of course the President of the US make an emergency speech on all of the news channels.
He says that the answer of whether or not we are alone in this Universe has been answered (I think I just ripped that off from ID4, hehe). As far as their intentions are concerened, we do not know until they land."
So lets say they touchdown and get out of their craft.
I (unfortunately) see worldwide panic. Assuming the ET's are benevolent, and assuming they aren't shot to death or put in cages, I see our lives changing dramatically (once everyone calms down). Come free energy, and come spiritual enlightenment for us all.
I won't even give a scenario about them being malevolent, because if they were, I don't think we would know what hit us.

Well that was pretty lame. Hopefully someone can come up with something better!!!

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 12:36 AM
I can tell you that i hope to live long enough to see this happen. But on the other hand, i would not. I live in the states and if and when this occurs, you can pretty much expect the following.

widespread panic, crime, looting, murders, arson. Witnessing the greatest event in the history of the human race will not be all happy-go-lucky as we like to believe, or as hollywood has painted for us, in such movies as alien nation.

If they are a benevolent species and are here to help, that's fantastic, but there are too many religious fanatics who would not be happy about this.

Think about it, more people have been killed or died for religion then anything else.

Crusades - Estimated around 9,000,000.

Inquisitions - Unknown...

Jhadis - Unknown...


And if we take the Bible literaly, then God killed about 2,038,344 people? Not including, "the flood."

Think how many people could possibly die when it turns out that there is no god, or god was an alien all along?

Does having aliens landing in every major city in the world mean, there is no god? I don't know. This is all mere speculation and If it does happen, i hope it's peaceful.

Orson Welles already experimented with this and the results were not good.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:33 AM
Perhaps on the grand scale of things, human beings were introduced as little nanobots to a healthy organism (planet earth) to see if we could make improvements to it, or help it heal in some way? Could it be that instead of acting as agents of good, we're being proven to be a nasty virus on a healthy cell?

Or perhaps in the great experiment, we equate to blood cells coursing through the veins of mother earth delivering nutrients or god forbid some unforeseen and unexpected form of disease? Perhaps we white blood cells killed off too many red blood cells and the entire health of the system is off kilter for that reason.

But wherever we fit into the universe (why are we here?), I've often had the feeling we're being laughed at for our inadequacy and stupidity. I imagine the NWO bastards have nearly peed their pants with laughter by now, at the notion that they're going to have a bill passed that forces stiff taxes on farmers because their cattle phart. In case you hadn't heard that one, I'm not being funny here. It's true! They must be having a hell of a good laugh over that one, and at the fact that the people just won't rise up against such insanity. They're probably asking themselves, roaring with laughter: "Jesus, how much shyte will these morons take? HAR HAR HAR HAR!"

You might think that last paragraph is off topic. It isn't! Not only is it plausible that we're part of an experiment that we couldn't even comprehend because of the sheer size of it, but we are in fact already being used as little nanobots and tools for the dark lords of this planet. An experiment within an experiment perhaps?

Maybe the great experiment is to test mankind's tolerance for abuse. Perhaps the great experiment is meant to see what it would take for 6 billion human beings to gather the courage and strength to rise up as one and heal themselves of the cancer known as Rothschild... thereby healing the very cell they call home. The more healthy cells in the body universe... the healthier the universe. That's what I tink anyway!

When that deed is done, when humanity has rid the beautiful organism called planet earth of the Rothschild variety of cancer which is consuming our world before our very eyes... on that day mankind will have passed the test. As reward for ultimately being found to be successful and good, maybe mankind will be introduced to a new and different experiment... one that is much more fun and beautiful... beyond our comprehension type of beautiful.

The consequences of failing? Certainly not the status quo! The status quo is as good as we're ever gonna see again... if we fail to heal this planet. The consequences are so dark we haven't even begun to imagine it. I hope humanity hurries though, because I want to be alive long enough to relieve myself on a few graves... no names mentioned (because I'm a classy dude). But I have a hunch you know who I'm thinking of

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Yeah my dad always said to me, maybe we are just living in a cell on some aliens fingernail? They could just be that advanced. its just so many things to think of.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 07:43 PM
I for one would wish this had already happened! And under a non-emergency, with a massive contact being made psi to alert all of us to the leaders true agendas and the worlds state of emergency both by loss of civilian life, slavery and economic disaster. This is what I ask for frequently.

What I believe is likely to happen is that if a situation becomes extreme, or a world wide war event begins, just as something that could massively end most life on earth gets underway, or something that would severely damage the planet, we may see such a thing. Also though, at that time, they would probably deal swiftly with the renegades running things so obviously breaking galactic laws.

I'm not sure that they would be giving us enormous technologies, we would develop these on our own, and there is a lot of buried technology and things that have sprang forth from tesla's work that would benefit us all. Perhaps these would be released and all patents and ownership cease. It would be nice if they would have some mentorship programs. I think we would be able to move into a cosmic citizenship with a bit of guidance on our own, and we would be expected to act cooperatively, to ensure that no one is without food or the essentials and share, including work cooperatively. There would probably be some expectations of what shaking loose our MC and slave state means, and some catch up to where we should be as a society after this much time and control.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by gourlay

theres the theorys that false flag contact will occur to usher in the "nwo plan"

but more specifically how do you think an event like this would affect our immediate day to day lives?

Well, for one thing the NWO would not need some lame false flag UFO/Alien attack to usher in their plans. They are doing it every day through legislation and media control...and most of the public don't even pay enough attention to care. So you can forget about the paranoid theory of TPTB using some sort of UFO plant to do anything...totally unnecessary.

However, I don't think alien contact would cause the rioting in the streets in most countries. Of course, that depends on the method of contact, and who it came through. I would prefer direct contact with the worlds people, circumventing government filters and such.

But who knows. Will it happen in our lifetime? The chances are so very slim it is almost impossible to imagine.

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