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Rub' al Khali, Arabia

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 09:00 PM
Also know as Empty Quarter NASA Image Here

Full-Size image here,

This desert is where the purported "Giant Skeleton"
was found, and then siddenly all access was restricted by the Saudi's.

However, This is also purported as a hoax
and that the image was created for a contest.

In the above full size image, it is eerily similar to the low pixel "Planetary" type images of the moon, mars, venus, etc..

Also, there are tell-tail signs of airbrushing on certain areas.

Here are close-ups of three Anamolies I found in this vast area.

These were only a fraction of the entire paintbrushed, NASA image.

All of the cloudy areas look like activity with haze overlay berushed on top.

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