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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by Turbohale
I would love to hear peoples ideas of why it appears these experiences are gathering pace (so to speak) and becoming more and more regular.


I'm not that keen to wander down the whole "The world is entering a place/space of expanded consciousness" or "The End is Nigh! These things are happening to prepare those who may have a hand in influencing the outcomes" or "The planes are attracting" etc etc etc ...despite whether I personally feel that or not...

I'm wondering if however its just that with the growing media accessibility via the internet, TV, Radio, Printed media etc that discussion of such things has just inevitably increased.

Now we can talk with people anywhere at any time.
Now we can share our opinions, or our experiences globally.
Now we can log-on and have a wealth of knowledges, experiences and opinions all streamed to us from every country and every walk of life at the click of a button.

Perhaps its not so much an increase of these events...maybe its more an increased ability to share them with others.

*editted to add:
Another thing I'd like to add is that personally I think theres a greater acceptance within society for such discussions.
Be it due to the growing number of 'spirituality' type Tv programmes, or websites, books etc...the discourse is out there.
Perhaps in the freedom and growing methods of discussion comes an increase in willingness for people to talk about their experiences.
To talk about those times they have seen things out the corner of their eyes, or walked into a room and just *felt* something, or heard something....where previously they may have just kept that to themselves through fear of being ridiculed or considered crazy etc.

I know from working within the Mental Health system for some 14 years now the concept and question of "Is this person having a psychotic experience or a spiritual one?" seems to be gaining a tad more traction and/or acceptance.
back in the day if you were to say to someone "I hear the voices of my dead family members" or "I see things" etc you may well have been deemed to be experiencing psychosis, hallucinations, delusion etc.
That certainly happens now - people are still certainly diagnosed with Psychosis based disorders through voicing those experiences...but thankfully in some ways and some services that is changing. As slow as change may be.

For instance the Mental Health Service I work within is attached to the main Hospital Service/Mental Health Service in my city. The service I work within is specific however to my own people/culture.
One of my roles within the service is to assist in and carry out what are called 'Cultural Assessments'. Cultural Assessments are really just a nice Eurocentric term for 'Spiritual Assessment'. There are a small team of us within the service who in some way assesses that question of "Is this a psychotic or a spiritual experience'...provide input and intervention in regards to that etc.

That is quite a large shift in thinking and approach within what is still larger a Medical/Clinical/ Eurocentric model within the Mental Health and wider health system in my country (New Zealand). So there is certainly a willingness there to engage in that discourse.

One other thing - and I assure people I mean no offence here - but with the increase in Spiritual based/focussed Tv Programmes and the like unfortunately what happens is you can also get a number of people who for whatever reason wish to be on that bandwagon.
Perhaps they have had what may well have been a simply coincedence happen and might just leap straight to the conclusion that they are *psychic* or whatever term people wish to assign.

The other thing is that one of the undeniable traits of Humanity is that we humans are not always honest - with ourselves or with other people. So you do have people who falsify...who do lie about their experiences for whatever reason.

I'd almost garauntee if I was to post up something incredibly absurd such as "When I pass gas a little pixie pops out, dancings a jig, sings 'Good Ship Lollipop' and sets off party poppers" that someone is likely to reply with "No way! Me too!!!!".

Thats just the nature of humanity.

So while more and more people may well be discussing and sharing these things...we also need to remain mindful that not all that is claimed to be happening is indeed happening.


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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by alien

That was actually a pile of really good stuff to think about and try...thank you!

(About the 'knowing' place and such....I deleted the quote cuz it was huge, but now see you added another post since which I have yet to read..)

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 02:03 AM
Okay...I am back...
Your previous post was quite interesting as well, and I think I have to agree that a lot of what seems to be an increase in strange personal events or abilities, is probably only due to enhanced, increased communication and more social acceptance of the discussion of these things.
But then again....I think there is a chance it may increase even then, however, because if it is spoken of more, then perhaps more people are paying attention to it in themselves or enhancing it too...I guess that could happen right? Who knows...

Also, you say in mental health settings that it's more acceptable to ask the question "Is this person having a psychotic experience or a spiritual one?"
(Well, I guess that means in general, more people ask the same no matter what the setting probably...)
But I always wonder, do we ask, just as much, if maybe these experiences are just....scientific..(like not associated with anything spiritual)
I think it's possible that this is just something that is a part of physics, human existence, reality....we just call it spiritual or insane because we haven't pinned it down yet and explained it with something more advanced scientifically...
Like many many things throughout history that were considered to be supernatural until finally one day, centuries later, they were figured out, tested, manipulated, reproduced in a lab or something....

For myself I just tend to end up seeing it all as just something that happens, part of being human. I also think there is a spiritual side to life, but some so-called paranormal things I am beginning to wonder if they are just as much a part of human biology or brain function (just as real, and odd nonetheless) as say...digestion or

Bah I probably could have explained that all in less words but I suck lol

posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 02:25 AM
Oh my gosh. I have been searching the Internet for months for someone who experiences this kind of stuff on a daily basis. It happen all the time throughout my day. And I have a very good explanation for you. I actually came up with this theory almost a year ago and it has stuck with me since. I came up with this theory that our subconscious knows re past preset and future, and is pretty much driving our life (when we do something subconsciously). Suppose you are taking your best trend home and have taken the same route for years. But for some reason you turn on the wrong road subconsciously. And you keep driving to get back on the right path and see a guy dressed to impress but he looks sad. And for some reason you slip him the peace sign. (and little do you know he was on his way to kill himself because he was fired from his job and just dumped by the only person he had left in life. But that tiny gesture you made gave him HOPE. and that never would have ovcutrs if you never made that turn. Were all being driven by God subconsciously to do the best good in the world. What's funny is about 2 weeks after I came up with my subconcious theory, I was reading an article on fejavu, and it said the new theory on dejavu is that our subconcious knows our past present and future and dejavu occurrs when we consiously remember something that we subconsciously predicted in the past. And that pretty much proves my theory right there. It's as though when I was making the theory, my subconscious pulled it out of the "future". Anyways, do when you experience these coninsidences, don't fear, it's just your subconcious (God) working overtime. I'd love to talk about this more if you ever want to. Send a reply or a message to me.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:27 AM
Hi, just had another freaky coincidence thing happen. Myself and my girlfriend have a couple of days off work after the easter weekend so we decided to do something today.
Last night we were having a conversation about places to visit or see and for some reason I came up with "Meadowhall" (a shopping center in UK) I dont know why I said it, I have never been and never wanted to go there. I had this in my head all night thinking about meadowhall. This morning I was watching the TV and felt compelled to watch a programme I would never usually entertain (as I like to watch the news and financial channels in the AM). On the show were 2 people being interviewed who work at (yes you guesed it) MEADOWHALL.

I feel compelled to go now, I dont know why so we are about to set off


posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 05:26 AM
Yet again, more weird happenings related to this. I was discussing yesterday afternoon how I would like to go and see some stock car racing, I used to really enjoy this. Last night on Tv was a piece about Stock car racing. Also, I was at my in-laws house last night when a song came on that my father in law really liked. I hate the song but was thinking about it being played at a funeral (for some reason) suddenly my father in law said "I want this song played at my funeral" I was left open mouthed with amazement.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 03:23 AM
My experiences appear to have taken a turn for the worse and Im genuinly upset about this. I have been away since last Friday hence I can only post this today.

On Sunday 31/05/2009 I went to bed and had a vivid dream about an aircraft ditching into the ocean. It felt so real and I had feelings of genuine panic and discomfort. I awoke on the morning of 01/06/2009 frightened, panic stricken and very upset about my dream the night before and how vivid and real it seemed.

Imagine my horror as I turned on the radio at breakfast to hear about the aircraft crash in Brazil, I was stunned, my girlfriend looked at me with a look of shock as I had just 10 minutes before talked to her about my dream.

I am now left thinking whether my experiences are a coincidence or if there are more paranormal forces at work. I would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.


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