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M.A.D. and N.U.T.S.

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 01:36 AM
I am sure that someone has heard of or has actual knowledge of the M.A.D. and N.U.T.S. system (Mutually Assured Destruction) and (Nuclear Utilization Target Selection) developed during the cold war.
I have a few questions, and I am hoping to get either answers or information at best.


So N.U.T.S. is an automatic target designator and launch sequencer for nuclear weapons if when struck the nation is uncapable of initiating M.A.D., which is a policy in which one superpower seals its own disasterous fate if it has a preemptive nuclear exchange with another superpower.

Question1: How is the N.U.T.S. system activated? F/O: Does it activate after a certain radiation level, does it activate from the tremors caused from a ground- or sub-level explosion?

Question2: Is it still a U.S. or Russian policy?

Question3: Is the M.A.D. system exclusive to nuclear exchange? F/O Is M.A.D. policy for attacks on the economy, or say... chemical attacks?

Think about it, the U.S. government could have already initiated an economic mutually assured destruction, a 'if we sink, we'll take everyone down with us' kind of policy?
As for nuclear weapons. They are very expensive to produce, maintain, and use, and seem unpractical for terrorists implication, it would be easier for them to hack N.U.T.S., no pun intended.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:28 AM
errm I think if you read the WIKI entry for N.U.T.S. it refers to a concept of a limited nuclear exchange rather than an automatic launch control system. This is pretty much the opposite to the scenario where the world immediately resorts to all out nuclear devastation (as considered by MAD). MAD is a concept rather than a policy, this is supposed to explain why there hasn't been a nuclear exchange between the super-powers. Of course, there are other factors like they have never really come that close to a 'hot war' but that may also be explained by the fear of nuclear war.

I think the NUTS acronym is more about finding another 'crazy' related word since it is a similar but diametrically opposed concept to MAD.

No country would risk any kind of automated controlled release - that would be too much like the movie - Dr Strangeglove. Too many checks and balances required to control the use of WMD.

I remember reading somewhere that the bomb system designed to carry chemical weapons had so many 'failsafe' trigger devices to prevent accidental release that more than 50% failed to actually release during testing. Again, the threat of chemical weapons in response arguably prevents their use by others - this was evident as far back as WWII.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:32 AM
I am sure mad includes other weapons, and i think we have gone much further than nukes.

We all know japan have advanced weapons and can look after themsleves, but the world wants to retend that the latest tech is from the 50's in nukes.

So what has the nwo spent all there money on?

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