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Sometimes Dreams Come True

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by space cadet

Hi cadet, did you ever think that when you dream a particular dream that in some instances that you actually open up a channel and you actually create and materialize an event manifested from your dream? Sounds like an eventual story line for a movie.

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 01:07 AM
I'm fairly conflicted about whether dreams sometimes come true. People have their own accounts and if they're happy with that then fair enough. Rationally, I don't really believe dreams come true. In reality, probably once a month or more, a minor scene from a dream occurs the day after dreaming it. Mundane Deja vu? It's like the dream foreshadows the next day. I'm well aware of how it can be explained, but when it happens it's always quite moving. Very weird?!

posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 01:09 AM
How fortunate you are to have such vivid dreams that come true, except I wouldn't want a 9/11 premonition.

When I was pregnant with my firstborn my husband was being a horse's ass. I felt so sad and lonely. I dreamed my son reached his hand through my belly (the skin) for me. It was powerful. It still is.

posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 01:36 AM

Originally posted by space cadet
reply to post by phoebeflakes

I had my own 'pre 9/11' dream, I woke up and told my hubby that I had dreamed all night about falling through the air, all around me was gray dust and concrete, I could see papers flying through the air, metal pieces with an odd shape over and over, I heard screams and crying, I never hit the ground in the dream, I just kept falling. When I went downstairs I turned on the TV, and saw people covered in dust, and papers flying around, when I saw the dust cloud literally chasing a crowd down the street, I knew this is what I had seen, the same dust, the same papers.

Omg...that dream reminds me sooo incredibly much of one of my 9/11 dreams....
The grey dust was a huge detail for me in this one, I just couldn't quite get over it....and at one point I was told "it's full of death..." I had it on my hands and face and clothes...
Prior to this, in the same dream, I had been in the building, only I was in an elevator, and we were up high in this building. The elevator doors opened but people were running down the corridor towards us screaming and a fireball coming in behind them. I backed up back into the elevator after some people got in but the blast caused the elevator to fall. So I was falling and falling and falling and waiting to hit the ground but like most dreams it seems, I didn't actually hit in the end.
I had a girl with me in this dream the entire time. We'd gone into the tower in the first place because she claimed there were some places to shop in there.
I'm from a small town, I always assumed tall buildings were for major offices and crap like that, in real in the dream I was trying to convince her there was no place to shop here. But she was adamant about it, so we went in.
After the elevator fall, I found myself in one of the underground floors and there was indeed a shopping center....but we had to get out of course now...
And yeah, the rest was a blur of dust and the girl disappeared and it was generally just very horrid. No need for detail there...

The next morning on TV it was mentioned that they couldn't possibly know how many people were using the shopping area in the one tower; that was when I remembered that dream, and then realized what all three of them had been about.

My mom's friend had a dream before a flight from France that she got on, and was sitting between 2 men in turbans that told her they were going to hijack the plane to attack america.
The next morning, she got on the plane and lo and behold the same two men from her dream were there. She was so petrified, she almost got off the plane but decided not to.
This was on Sept 6th. Nothing happened....
Eerily close to the events however.

It's actually freaky how many people had dreams about it before the day...

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 01:39 AM
reply to post by phoebeflakes

Freaky indeed! I have always had 'pre cognitive' dreams, and waking thoughts, as a teenager ( a wild child) my friends always kidded about who got to have me in the car with them because I was quite famous for knowing when the police were going to be on the next street, block, heading our way, ect. and I could forwarn them before getting caught doing whatever no-good thing we were about to do! LOL!

Some of my dreams are very scary because the destruction and chaos I have dreamed lately are NOT anything I would wish to come true, not in my homeland or any other, my hope is that they are random dreams caused by current news or events.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 02:27 AM
Yeah, dreams are pretty amazing. If we look at a dream, we can see a kind of feat of consciousness at play. Unlike our physical reality where we take for granted our five physical senses filtering in the non-verbal essence of reality.

This non-verbal energetic wave of reality, this pulse of information of which our minds translate and interpret into our subjective self-realizations. This Physical Universe as you will. Our minds have the aid of senses to help create the vision and interpretation of "physical reality".

Not in a dream... in a dream, we have no eyes, no ears, no skin to filter in and translate the reality. It's just a raw, thought flowing through our minds. Yet, we stand there in quite observance, entranced watching and observing these dreams.

I like to also call Dreams a form of Reality if you will. I think they deserve that much credit. And in our discussions friends, we are talking about dreams that come true.

And in our own personal knowing, and in our own personal way, we have a relationship with this knowing, this type of dreaming.

I'll take a stab at defining and understanding this type of phenomena, the answers to the reasons as to how and why this is possible.

What it first entails, is an answer to a question.

The question, is quite simply. Is reality a dream?

Is reality a dream? It's a question I seldom answer, but I will answer yes.

Yes it is.

There is so much truth to that, yet something like Deja Vu, you can only feel it, understand it yourself. And know that it is true.

There is a relationship between reality and dreaming. And that relationship is a dream precedes reality outside the framework of boundary and time.

Do we attribute this to some type of quantum leap, that some how our minds enter a quantum state allowing some anomalies of spacial convergence to occur.

We could think about this quantum state and how it could apply to dreaming, as part of the answers to it.

Personally, I feel the answer is much simpler then quantum mechanics, and the answer is: thought is also reality. We also share a relationship as thoughts are what dreams are, and we are thinkers, and dreamers.

Are our thoughts, creating reality? What evidence would we have of such a claim?

Theoretically, if you follow precognitive theory, then a dream can observe a future event which later, one day becomes a very lived, and very real part of your subjective life.

You observe a dream, that observational wave of information collapses when you wake up. You focus on your physical life through the chronological order of time, to one day, stand in reality as you stand in the very dream which was...

What was the very first dream, of reality? Before it became reality?

Was it reality? Or was it a dream?

If you answer it was a dream... you get an "A+" on figuring it out.

The dream precedes reality, and is of itself a reality. Make it more personal, it is as much a part of you, as you are with reality.

I hope some of you can relate to this information, and can clearly see and understand what is being discussed, and how relative and real it is.

I respect those of you who do. For it is you, who will realize truth of your existence, truth of your total reality, your total self.

It will be like looking in a mirror and seeing the dream, and the dreamer who dreams the dream.

Look in a mirror, if not right now and see the dreamer.

That's what I see in myself, and all of you. Dreamers.

Creators of Reality.

A part of myself.

As I am a part of you.

I see a Universe, that has existed beyond the phantom belief in space and time. The illusion of space and time. The unreal realizations of absolute time, absolute eternity, absolute reality.

I see myself before I see my life, I saw my life before I saw myself. And before myself in this life... I see you.

And that is one of the greatest rewards of existence and reality. Us. Not as many, but as one.

When you awaken to this knowing once again, as you have in the past... and will in the future. When you awaken to the truth of what you are, will you handle it?

Can you deal with that truth?

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