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One World Government Were To Exists

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Good evening. First thank you for taking your time in reading my thread as a new member to ATS. Although my register date is new I have been enjoying this website for some years now. Any way I have been reading alot of NWO theories and have seen alot of different point of views on how a one world government may benefit mankind on this planet.

Some interesting subjects I have seen is a probability of world cooperation into world peace. I remember a user writing a thread on how the G20 Summit is a great example of world cooperation. Eventually we will end all wars becuase we would come under some type of agreement and we will help cure all sick in this world and we would make this world a much better place too live.

This smells like balony!

If a one world government were too exists we would ALL be screwed. Dont you understand no matter if they add taxes to all the rich people, more people would be more in debt? Debt is Slavery.


NWO is designed for the following:

Massive Control

Think about how easy it would be to believe a story of a passport of terrorists

We would all be tracked by a network of satellites and they would know what were doing and who were doing at all times.

Importation and Exportation of Drugs and Guns for Corrupt Government Officials

With the latest corruption scan and Mexico publicity stunt, who is not to say this would also be an easier way to sneek drugs in the building to distract light from shining.

World Slavery

As World Stimulus American Express Packages are delivered. More people would enter debt and socialism would ever increase.

2012 FEMA Captures and MASS Murder

I believe we would enter Martial Law and all enlighted ones would be traced and captured. This would be on a world scale and world mass murder.


G20 would only change my mind if we dis armed our nuclear weapons.


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