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God pulled one on all of you!!

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by romdog11

Our existence comes from a being that comes from before eternity but we ourselves do not. We are not eternal in ourselves, only God is.
Somehow you are trying to separate "soul" from "life". You are a soul, as long as you have a living body. Souls die because their material bodies die. Man was not meant to be that way, but ended up having that as a matter of fact because of the consequence of following the advice of the serpent. The serpent said that Adam and Eve would not surely die, as God warned would happen. Man was made to be immortal on condition. There was no provision made for what happens when the material body dies. Provision was made to keep it from dying in the first place but that was upset by the breaking of the conditions for their immortality. There is nothing that survives your physical death, other than the rather impersonal aspect of life giving force that came from God, in the first place.

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by jmdewey60

"Somehow you are trying to separate "soul" from "life". You are a soul, as long as you have a living body. Souls die because their material bodies die."

"Beware the wolves in sheeps clothing".

in Isaiah 55:3 it says "Incline your ear and come to me,
Hear and your soul SHALL live. And i will make a convenent everlasting covenent with you..."

God makes your soul live, you are not as powerful as you think if you think you just went "pop" and made yourself appear. cause if you did please do more miracles. Nothing happens but by the will of our heavenly father alone.

Isaiah 57:5 " even to them i will give in my house, and within my walls a place and a name, better than that of sons and daughters, i will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off".

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by romdog11
Your doing a fine job, keep up the good work. There are a few steps you overlooked, but in time I'm sure it will come to you.

The Joke? Yea, it cracks me up sometimes
I think the greatest Divine joke, is where he hid himself, that a real eye opener

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by TwiTcHomatic
Like I mentioned in your other thread on the same subject.....

Please break down your thread into easily readable paragraphs. Most people do not want to have their "eyes bleed" while trying to discern the point of a post.

If you do not take the time to make it easier for people to understand/read... most will not take the time to read it.

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I totally agree. All I could see was an accumulation of words that represented nothing more than rambling, and apart from that, you are supposed to be giving us some sort of revelation?

Best to remember, God is not a God of confusion.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 05:36 PM
WHats up brother,
What u speak on is deep. Most wont get it, but that's the way it goes.

I am a Christian Mystic should look up Meister Eckhart and other Christian Mystics. I remember I had just gotten the Holy Spirit and it came to me that Jesus was the 1st one, the 1st soul, and had gone through everything there is to go through and was the first to conquer death, physics, walk on water, etc. We are all evolving towards that ideal peak eventually.

I told this back to regular Evangelical Christians and they all shot me down.....

So now I only talk to Orthodox Monks, Mystics, others who have experienced these realities. Everyone else is speculating.

Also it came to me that the Theory of EVerything is te Number zero "0"

0 is God mathematically represented. I'm not gonna get too deep about it but after this came to me, I did some googling and found some other autistic mathematician who was talking about 0 being the answer and so on.

Anyway .....dude you gotta look into nondualism. Thats the final point of it all. Even scientifically its proven that bose-Einstein condensate at absolute zero, the atoms become waves and become one.

Jesus was teaching this but it was coded. You practicing loving God sooooo much you become Love itself and all other habits, ego, emotions, thought patterns die off and you become one'd with God, i.e. nondualism.

Then go figure ........I find out that Eastern Orthodoxy teaches the Garden of Eden is symbolic ...they say its really about them being in nondualism in the garden. They did not know good and evil as opposites. They only knew the garden, God, and each other ....all united. Then the serpent comes along and tricks them to east of the tree of good and evil ....and BOOM!!!!! The illusion of separation or of good and evil.

Originally it was simple, just God ....and God said one simple thing ....."Whatever you ....don't go on wanting to experiencing separateness from me or you'll be sorry"

Of course they were cast out of the garden after that. The garden is Infinite, inside you, around you, and God is part of the garden ...if you have nondualism. No take that away and its you versus everything and everyone else struggling for survival, wearing masks, ego, b.s.

I dont know how you got onto these insights you are posting here ....but dont stop your inquiry ....if you keep going deep enough it all ends and all becomes one to you. Im still working on that but have had some glimpses of it. WOW beyond any words to describe.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 07:57 PM
read some of what you posted and it is a very interesting read

i have starred and flagged to return and read later due to me heading out for the night

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Chapter 3: Creation of Angels

In the creation of the Angels, just as with Jesus, you must remember the concept of infinite foresight. While we know that Jesus was the first soul created, many would then criticize that why did Jesus make his appearance only some 2,000 years ago when mankind is much older than that? Now to explain this one must also understand that once again God is the only God. In Gods infinite wisdom he foresaw and planned the creation of jesus. For God foresight and will is all it takes and the future is written in stone. Now for the Angels to understand this God our father did not immediatly put Jesus on earth but withheld him for 2 reasons.

1. To show the angels, I have foresaw all and planned all, and at my choosing i will show heaven and earth , Jesus the son of man for whom all creation was made for and through.

2. To show the angels in heaven and the humans on earth that the 1st creation Jesus was not a God, but a servant of God who at Gods choosing would make an entrance into a world created and controlled by God and God alone. For it is written that Since the Beginning Jesus was with our lord and at gods choosing some 2,000 years ago he was born into this existence. This was prophesid(sp?) by all the old prophets and is confirmed by the christians , muslims and others. What this infact does is show that although one is immortal, such as the angels, nor if our time is limited as here on earth, not even the first creation has the power or desire to be God. I say power because although God "foresaw" Jesus, it was Gods all mighty power that brought him into this world at Gods choosing, not Jesus's,God is God Jesus is the Son of God. Now we also get more stereo types from this elaboration. One that God is strict with his Angels. They say this because God "with held" Jesus from even the Angels, but the Angels also knew that it was because Jesus was foreseen and that heaven was created and earth, heaven for the angels to enjoy and earth as a sign of Gods creation.,this is shown by the fact that instead of being born into heaven as the angels were God placed Jesus instead on Earth to show men, and the Angels the strength of faith in his first creation.

Now some will also say that God withheld Jesus because he was scared of Jesus and that Jesus proclaimed himself God, but this is not true, the whole interrogation by the romans and jews was accusing jesus of calling himself "King" of the Jews in other words calling himself God. But in fact if you understand that when Jesus says " That is what you say!!!!!" he is testing him. and teasing him(even before hes about to die he messes with evil LoL) to see if he will recognize the coming of Gods will and Gods alone. Jesus was not addressing him as it is a rumor. When they say no one in heaven or earth knows the ending times, what they mean is that each one of us in heaven and on earth have our desires and needs, when all are ready in heaven and earth God will be able to read all, God knows and sees all, and there will be "revelations" aka something will be revealed apocalypse etc a teaching from the deity. If we were all ready and wanted to "wrap" things up we could have 2,000 years ago and we could do it now(thats why you have angels crying for jesus because he died for man, and you have them rejoicing for all the sins are wiped clean and we can all keep living(Angels are those types of people who are EXTREME they will quote on quote make you laugh till you cry and you beg them to stop), for it is as Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is inside ALL of you". Now you also think why would the Angels not just help us since so many are suffering and they get to live in heaven?, you also have to know that those who die get to go to heaven and most like to be re-encarnated, realize we are playing in a huge play, a game, and some of us have nice lives with good partners, living rightious lives why st

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 09:51 PM
why stop a good thing? If heaven is inside you, and even the angels who live in heaven get a kick coming to earth, and even "evil" needs to distort the reasons why were here while at the same time telling us the truth(falling angel story), maybe we're all luckier than we know. Just imagine a suprise party from God but he wants to be suprised by your reactions to the suprise, we are made in the image of our creater, if you throw a suprise party dont you get a kick out of seeing their reactions?

PS Also since Heaven was created in Perfection, and was created as a place for the angels the angels knew they were significant because they were in heaven while Man the new creation was shown the christ so that earth may be an extension of heaven which was created for Jesus and all for the angels and man.

You also see this in the holy trinity you have The Father(God), The son(Jesus), The holy spirit(the angels, heaven and our development of the soul, because even the angels marvel at the soul), then another will be added (which is the development of us here right now and is seen as "judgement") and later there will be more added for Gods creating does not stop.

Also: While the angels were crying for Jesus's death, They were also rejoicing for sins were wiped clean, and rejoicing because God knew foresaw and it was another example of God being the true God, another example of proving God right, if Jesus was so resolute dont you think that would re affirm the angels belief?

I totally forgot about this but the history channel reminded me of this....Lillith!! proof of the human beings without souls being around. The serpent is the term im guessing for the "male" man beast. But its pretty obvious the implications, this happens to you if your male (lillith) and female (the serpent, an evil or evil angels seducing women etc) ever wonder why some people in ancient times have painted the Devil as someone kinda with a dumb look on their face.....he doesnt even know he exists!! more later.

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by All Seeing Eye
reply to post by romdog11
Your doing a fine job, keep up the good work. There are a few steps you overlooked, but in time I'm sure it will come to you.

The Joke? Yea, it cracks me up sometimes
I think the greatest Divine joke, is where he hid himself, that a real eye opener

Please,PLease tell me more. Because i know with the one i was explaining above, and still am cause its a lot of info, i look around at life and think ok now that i know it seems "boring" , but then i do think about lots of other things such as the small things in life. I think that "boring" is why revelations was foretold, lots of souls who are catching on are saying heeeeeey wait one minute!!! ; ) Also could you tell me more about where he hid himself????????? I want to know and then i dont because its like learning the end of a movie before you see it, you know? Thats how LOTS of this stuff feels so in a way you "wait" for the suprise, ignorance is bliss???

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 09:44 AM
chapter 4: Creation

(I'm going to condense chapters 4,5,6)

Ok we go from Earth being created, the animals, vegetation etc.

Anyone who has studied creation theories is well familiar with the ancient text and the figure known as lillith. Stories go she was created before Eve. There was a disagreement between her and Adam over sex and she left Adam and God only to return to curse Adam and hassle his children(How they explain sudden infant death syndrome, im guessing they are blaming murder on the Mom but she uses the former as an excuse). In short describing the things that will befall you if you marry and have children with a non-believer. Also if you look at the text of Genesis, before eve is made it is stated and God created them man and woman. Now we fast forward to Eve. Eve is confronted with the serpent. The serpent and tree symbolise another lillith like charecter but for the females. The serpent is a penis, the fruit signifies his deeds. (A bad tree can not bear good fruit and a good tree will not bear bad fruit etc) Eve is lied to by the serpent, in other words the serpent sins against Eve. This is also shown by it being a snake because what do snakes do?, they attack and bite and it hurts. So she is sinned against by the serpent, she in turn takes this "fruit" or deed she has "learned" (tree of knowledge between good and evil) and she sins against Adam. And he par takes and also eats the fruit sinning against her.

Now adam and eve hide after this for they realize they are naked. And they make some clothes from the surrounding area. This is to show how man turns to technology and man made things to protect, and clothe themselves rather than turning to God when something happens as an encounter with lillith or a snake or "non-believers, atheist and those who say Christ was God". So the figs they use as clothes symbolizes how say Cops use Guns to hide their "nakedness". Being defenseless, your innocence. Just as Adam and eve continued to sin by using the clothes to hide their "nakedness" their mortality, cops sin by carrying guns blaming it on criminals "i wouldnt need it if they didnt have it". When all you need is God. "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword." Cops and criminals are one.

So now God calls to them and he asks them "why are you hiding?". They respond "for we are naked and ashamed". Now God says who has told you, you were naked? And they respond " The serpent he decieved us (he sinned against us first and we're hiding in the forest with weapons to protect ourselves). Then God says "Didnt i tell you not to eat from the tree?" (Not to do as the non believers, weapons etc). Then Adam says yes but the wife you gave me, deceived (sinned against) me (Adam ate the apple eve gave him, in other words she did what the serpent did and he did it back to her, and no doubt he went and killed the serpent for what happened to his wife previously adding to sin.). This all ties back to Adam and eve because havent we all said in our minds what if Adam and Eve would have just not ate the apple we would all be happy. But that is falling into the spiral of the serpents, It is doing exactly what Eve did to Adam and what Adam did to eve. Adam says if only Eve wouldnt have done this to me i wouldnt have done it either (eat the apple) and eve says if only the serpent wouldnt have done this to me i wouldnt have done it to adam and he wouldnt have done it to me! And whos missing, God is. And he tells them this. He says because you blamed each other you will be in the wilderness, you never turned to me, God. And while you sit there and think about it (and still forget God) you will suffer because the only thing you are missing is me, God Jehovah. And just as Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is inside you, we are in the wilderness while we "blame" adam and eve or dont turn to God for guidence because with God the Garden is there for everyone. God is so much love no on

posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 09:45 AM
God is so much love no one man can understand it, all you have to do is ask for guidence and God will take you everywhere you ever wanted to be and beyond.

(So again this goes back to my thesis which is that non-believers are essentially "filler". Blind, deaf, dumb, heathens, wolves in sheep clothing, cavemen, neanderthals, demons, devils lillith or the serpent (penis). If you know of and believe in God you are from God.(Adam and Eve) If you try to lure people away from God you are the serpent and lillith, which equals something that will act below the animals or a (barren) woman who will mess up your kids. Again this ties to simply this, the world was made for believers, non believers dont even know they are here because they dont know where they came from, if they were here they wouldnt commit sin (being blind deaf hard hearted) or lure others into their "own" ways which is also a way of proclaiming themselves the all knowing being or "God")
So in theory christ according to God lived without sin if he never sinned against another but would only respond with Gods guidence as adam and eve didnt do. Now we have to leave what is considered sin open to debate especially if in Gods eyes we were "naked" and that was perfection. Because it is also stated an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth, but what is the whole point if one quotes scripture but does not go into prayer for guidence from God who wrote it?
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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 03:46 PM
God's practical jokes can't compete with Eris and Loki!

Become a Discordian if you want some practical jokes.

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