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There is nothing wrong with a One-World Government

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 05:16 AM
Tell that to the people who are going to run it, they dont have your best interest at heart!

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 05:50 PM
One world government dont really work though. Never has and it simply wont. Unless it had guidelines as like the constitution. (Which wont be around after a world order, you can trust that.) It is not up to our government to dictate how many children we may have or to tell us how we must be in faith. Illness and disease have been around for a very long time. And will get worse as the power structure comes into reality. Its not up to other people to take care of other people before theirselves. Although its good to have resources to help you help yourself, NOBODY comes far through lack of responsibility, willing-ness to learn and not using their own natural supply. As well as that have you yourself looked into the world leaders? (Im doubting it). Our government does not care about us. Me, nor you or anyone else reading. Greed, anomosity and jeallousy run thick though all of the nations right now. If you stepped outside of what they teach you and tought yourself you would see that we have been bankrupt since 1933, and that someone else taking care of our money apparently does not work. And you would see that welfare has helped many but more so produced too many lazy unwilling people. That forced rules and opinions are the promoters of resentment and anger. What they teach you in high school is what they want you to know. Until you dig deeper youll still be blind. (and you know you want to dig deeper... you know you feel something is very wrong with the world right now. Ive felt it since I was able to remember. You just dont know why you feel that way. Yet.... Well.. unless you are one of them.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:15 PM
Would you believe me if I told you there are people alive today in this world who believe that they can become planets ?, not in a physical sense, but in a metaphorical sense, their egos along with their wealth, power and knowledge have grown so large, and attracted so many, that they feel they can reach Critical Mass.

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

The six pointed star - 6 within a 6 within a 6 - 6 points, 6 triangles, 6 sides of the hexogen in the middle.

This is a reference to Singularity, for it is in singularity that you will find the Devil, it is a reference to infinite replication in a finite space.

There are only 3 things that are without dispute with regards to the Universe, Gravity, Polarity and Expansion and Contraction, expansion and contraction are the two ends, of the same force, as conveyed by Newtons Third Law.

"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions."

Everything else is open to debate, as far as I am aware.

The Six Pointed Star -

This is made as you know by placing 2 equilateral triangles on top of each other, with one pointing North, and the other pointing South, the equilateral triangle represents a trinity, a trinity that must be kept in balance, all 3 must be kept equal, represented by the triangle having 3 sides of equal length, North and South is the polarity.
In its proper form the Hexagram is placed within a circle, this represents a sphere, and its Gravity that forms a sphere, when a body in space reaches a certain mass, the gravitational forces acting on that body will compress it into its most efficient shape, a sphere, this is known as reaching critical mass.
The Hexagram (6 pointed star) has one very interesting feature, its a fractal, it can replicate itself infinitely without ever exceeding its origonal boundry, each iteration is in itself an exact replication, and each iteration is a smaller replication, contracting infinitely to a Singularity, in effect, its a Black Hole.

This can be viewed in many ways, but one way it can be viewed is very relevent to what we see in the world today.

The infinite replication of a triangular structure down to a singularity is a representation of more and more wealth, power and knowledge ending up in the hands of one person, a singularity, this can be expressed as one person, one bloodline, one king, one ruler, either way, it is One.

The Sphere has a duality of purpose, firstly, It represents a sufficient quantity of mass all comming together untill a point is reached where the gravity acting upon it, reaches a critical point and a sphere is formed, a World is formed.
Think of this in terms of a sufficient quantity of people all comming together with the same ideas and belief structures, that have all been forced upon them, untill it reaches a critical mass, and a World is formed.

Secondly it represents inefficiency being formed into efficiency, the formation of a sphere, that is why the planets are spheres, they are simply a body of mass, formed into the most efficient shape, by gravity.
So what is inefficiency becoming efficiency ?, its chaos becoming Order, from chaos comes Order, and we have our 3rd word.


I know it keeps getting bandied around all over the internet, and its in danger of over exposure, people are getting fed up of hearing it, including me, but One World Order is the only conclussion I can get from the Hexagram.
One World Order was changed to New World Order because the word One is hard to pallet, the concept of all the power, knowledge and wealth going to a singularity, was a concept that all corporations and all governments, all over the globe, were going to find hard to except.
So it was changed to New World Order, giving the impression that what is to be created is something exciting, something new, something fresh, this it was hoped would be far more palatable for world governments, but it is still the same thing, mutton, dressed as lamb, its still One World Order.

Its important to note that everyone who participates in this One World Order will eventually be decieved, the iteration of the fractal within the Hexagram teaches us this, everything is consumed by the singularity.

So, where is God ?, he resides firmly in expansion, everything written above is contraction, so God in terms of the Universe is simply the Universe expanding, and if the universe stops expanding then it will start contracting, all the way to a singularity, and Newtons Third Law tells us that expansion and contraction are the two ends of the same force.
So we have God expanding (creation) and the Devil contracting (destruction), both the two ends, of the same force,
think of a great cosmic tug of war, God pulling on one end, and the Devil pulling on the other, if God has more energy we all fall over, and if the Devil has more energy we all fall over.
And the little red ribbon, tied in the center of the cosmic rope, hovers precariously over a white line, and the white line is balance, and its in balance that Man must reside.

Just a theory

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by depmode21
Hello guys,

I've been lurking these boards for a few weeks now and it seems there is a lot of hysteria going on here.

If you really think about the contexts of a One-World Government, you will come to understand that it would do the planet good. You just have to think outside the box. Here are my points:

1) War Would End

In order for a One-World Government to be firmly established, there would have to be an understanding between all the nations of the world. The G-20 Summit is a perfect example of powerful nations co-existing for a beneficial common purpose. If all the nations in the world are united, then there won't be anymore disagreements or factors leading up to war. All difficulties would be resolved in peaceful fashion.

True but the world army will unite, if we learned anything from history, a build-up of a military is never a good thing. We need diversity to fight off tyrants.

2) Poverty & Disease Would End

A lot of you seem to be complaining about higher taxes if a One-World Government becomes a reality. I believe that's a selfish point of view.
If the goal of raising taxes is to balance out the world economy and redistribute money to the poor, then why would it be such a bad thing?

It wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Than you have a government who neglects it's people which if we provide food for may not reach the hands of the poor people. In example, India lost a lot of food due to over storing. Instead of giving the excess to the poor they let it rot in storage. Local governments such as that don't care about the little guys, only about profit. So who is to say that uniting the world army and redistributing resources won't have the same affect? Do you think world leader's won't wet their beaks?

I don't believe a lot of you have ever visited a third-world country, let alone put yourself in their shoes. I went to Afghanistan around 2006 to do some charity work and I can tell you that those people would give an arm and a leg to be able to live even close to how a minimum wage US citizen lives.

I am from Iraq and I understand poverty. We had no electricity, water, or food because of the UN. So how on Earth would it make a difference to have a world government? What about what happened to Rowanda? Why didn't the UN even step in? Simply because they have no interest in smaller nations. A world government will be the exact same as the UN was to Rowanda.

You all obviously care about the human race if you seem to be rebelling against the order in order to save "freedom". But would it be wrong to raise taxes in the wealthiest nations of the world and distributing to poor countries? Would it be wrong to use this same tax money to fund research for medical cures of the world's deadliest diseases?

Yes it would. The tax money may be used in the wrong way to bail out dumb companies like Fannie and Bear instead of going to research. The money that goes to research could be a bogus one and if the research is successful we have to pay even more to provide other nations with free medical and food. We have plenty of poverty here in North America, the sooner we can tackle them the sooner we can help the world. It is similar to starting a brand new company which still has flaws and trying to take it world wide. It won't work unless corruption seizes to exist.

And the tax money is already being used for other nations. It not like the developed world sits back and laughs while the third world suffers. We provide charity through taxes and through donations. Another thing that I need to stress is even if we redistribute the wealth how do we know that whoever gets the money isn't politically motivated? What would happen, let's say, if the world government hated China? If the world government hated China than China wouldn't get any of our money, nor would they receive any food unless they grow it themselves. We can take it a step further and place heavy sanctions against them. Now, what can the average person do about that? Because in a one world government society would be placed above all, by doing that we are moving towards a socialist totalitarian government, which in itself is scary.

Let's say that this One-World Government sets a regulation that states that the amount of children you can have has to match the amount of income you make. Would this really be a bad thing? How many of you have seen or grown up in low-income families with multiple children? Some people can barely support themselves, let alone multiple children. What would happen to these children who've received a lack of nutrition and lack of education in their lives? This is the root of a moral problem that potentially leads to crime.

So you're saying anyone who lives in a third world shouldn't have any children because they make no income? Because essentially it would be only developed nations that would be able to have children. All other nations would eventually cease to exist. And what would you do with the people who have children anyway? Would you bury the child alive? Or would you let them keep it with a fine? How do you decide separation from the parents?

Let's say your parents were living off of Ramen noodles everyday and working minimum wage, would you respect them for bringing you into a world of poverty? What if they had waited until they were making enough income to raise you in a comfortable manner?

What if they are never able to earn enough income to give you luxuries? Do you stop letting people have children and only allow rich nations to thrive? How did people survive before we had all this materialism?

4) Violence Would End

Let's say that the "right to bear arms" is banished and punishment for certain crimes get harsher. Wouldn't this decrease the amount of violence and murder in the world? What if new technology were created similar to the weapons in the film, "Minority Report", that subdues criminals in a non-deadly way?

Again, this world of yours would then eventually turn into a dictator run world under one power. The laws become harsher and we lose all freedom because we couldn't fight off the government. And even if we could the world army united would take down any coalition formed. I used to be against arms but another thread made me see the light. We need the government to work for the people not the other way around.

On a global note, this would take quite a bit of time because war would have to be abolished and peaceful coalition among nations would need to be established first, hence the One World Government.

Again corruption is always around.The highest general could simply preform a coup d'tat than we are left with an army general forcing us to labor while they sit back drinking lemon juice under the hot sun. Not the kind of world I want for my children.

5) Religious Extremism Would End

The age old nonsense of "My God is better than your God" has been plaguing mankind since the beginning. Even to this day, if you check the news, you will probably see "Suicide bomber hits subway, kills 15". Where do you think that suicide bomber got his motivation from?

From someone who had their family killed by the other side. Suicide bombers had to have started somewhere. They didn't wake up one day and say "Hmmm, I hate American way of life, let's bomb them." All actions are influenced by something.

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