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Anthrax Scare in Sebring Florida

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:31 PM
Authorities Say White Powder Has Tested Negative For Anthrax

SEBRING - Authorities have determined that the substance found in at least 30 envelopes in Sebring have initially tested negative for anthrax, according to the FBI.
This morning's anthrax scare, which started at Florida Hospital Heartland Division when 48 envelopes were found on cars parked there, has spread to a total at least 30 locations, according to Highlands County Sheriff Susan Benton.

Seems like Anthrax scares are on the rise in the USA. I have read of 3 in the last few months.

Thank god that it really isnt Anthrax.

My personal feelings are that the War on Terror is a sham but the fact of the matter is there are still people out there who wish to hurt us. Having persons in our country that will fake a Biological Attack makes me sick to my stomach. I do hope they catch whoever placed this white powder on their cars and they prosecute them to the fullest.

Anthrax is not a joke. It is a serious biological contaminate and causes serious harm to those who get it.

Wikipedia: Anthrax

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

The war on terror may be a scam. But the terror is not a scam. The terror is very very real. The islamicists are real and crazier that the news bulletins lead people to believe. The jihaadists are real and more maniacal that what we catch on. The muslim fanaticism is real getting realler by the miniute. The muslim moderates who used to be a consolation for the west, have defected to jihaadism. Their guise of pro-western moderate islam is just a guise and nothing more. Though the muslim world my appear divided in to sects, they stand united on the topic of jihaad against the evil non-muslims.

If they did not think of anthrax today they will will think of it tomorrow. Forest fires, 9/11s, women suicide bombers and female terrorist commandos, the mobilization of every able bodied muslim man woman and child into the orbit of jihaad on the non-muslim world. Its happening; a silent war infiltrating our very neighbourhoods. Its here now. And its coming even more.

But the western world is still sleeping, dreaming of political correctness. When good people sit idly by and let evil work its darkness, then the good people have already sided with the evil.

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