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Petition Calls for Constitution, Common Sense To Prevail : A Campaign To Rein In Congress & Presiden

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:30 AM
This isn't news. It's a Petition.

Our biggest problem these days is that we aren't organized into a rallying point.

Glenn Beck seems to be trying
(in more ways than one) to be a standard bearer; Bob Basso has certainly made a huge impression.

Our elected officials aren't listening to us. We have to act together when opportunity presents itself.

Our country scares the big shots because we haven't been completely subdued yet. (OMG have you looked at Great Britain lately? Nothing like it used to be.)

The ÜberL337 will continue to try to keep us living paycheck to paycheck for as long as they can... or as long as we allow.

One thing that we can all agree on is that Democrats & Republicans & Kool Aid connoisseurs can agree that our federal government is spending out of control.

How can you overlook the fact that they are so severely slapping us down into a ditch with this spending/debt obligation?

Here's a way that I believe that [color=gold]We The People can make a difference.

Use your junk email acct. (like I did) if you sign up. I don't believe they send spam but they have a opt out check mark anyways.

There are 26,991 signatures at this time.

[color=gold]Activate or Deteriorate.


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