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Ghost Hunters: How do you protect yourself?

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 01:37 AM
I am writing this post in hopes of hearing from others who have frequent contact with the spirit world, how they best protect themselves from ghosts draining their energy.

I work at a Spa as a Massage Therapist, and it is attached to a 200 year old Mansion, where a young girl killed herself- she also happens to haunt the spa. People at my work have experienced everything from her appearing in the mirrors- scaring guests- turning off and on the showers- flushing the toilets- touching therapists- playing with the lights.

Ive tried to get her to move on, but she doesent want to leave.

This past weekend, she really got to me and completely drained me of my energy while giving a massage, and I got sick to my stomach right afterwards. I nearly got sick on my client, so I am freaked out that this will happen again.

Most ghost hunters inevitably run into being drained and made sick by ghosts- like Grant on Ghost Hunters while investigating the El Circulo Cubano de Tampa, the "Club Dead" episode. But I am wondering if there is a fool proof way to protect yourself from getting sick. I have a feeling there is not much one can do to prevent a spirit from draining you or taking your energy.

Any comments or advice would be awesome!

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 02:41 AM
Sorry,i saw your post and was wondering, how exactly does it drain your energy?

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 03:01 AM
How are you certain the draining happened because of a spirit and not the client you are giving a massage?

I have a feeling there is not much one can do to prevent a spirit from draining you or taking your energy.

I don't think it can be prevented, it is a matter of energy management. You lose energy to others both living and alive, the only way is to replenish one's energy more that one loses it to others. At least that's what I (try to) do until I find some better way.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:26 AM
I highly disagree. There is plenty you can do to protect yourself from energy drains like this. I'll get to that in a sec.

As far as protection goes, it really depends on what higher power you believe in. I'm not going to get into a theology debate here on what works best, but you basically need a prayer to your higher power asking for protection.

If you need help, well as always, Google is your friend:

Google Search

If you are not religious, you obviously believe in SOMETHING because you believe in the spirit that in inhabiting this place. One thing that I always though worked rather well before I go out to do investigating in a potentially negatively charged area is to engage in a brief meditation. During this time imagine all the positive energy in the world around you. Energy from objects, and memories (not people lest you become the psychic vampire too!). Imagine absorbing this energy and manifesting it into a protective shield of white light that covers your entire body. Focus on this energy, and remind yourself that it is there to protect you from the negative energies of the world around you.

Speaking of psychic vampires, your situation is very similar. I would not be surprised to learn that what is in fact haunting the area is some other form of negative entity, and not your ghost. I have dealt with this type of thing before, and while they can be persistent, it is possible to get rid of them through cleansing rituals. Point being, you may want to read up on their human counter-parts (psychic vampires) as I have found the protections to work for both.

Lastly, if it is a spirit you a dealing with, you always...ALWAYS want to make sure to say a quick prayer/chant/whatever, to ward against the spirit following you home! While I'm sure that your spirit is bound to your work, if you begin taking steps to foil it, it may take an extra interest in you. This is nothing to be afraid of, just make sure that before you leave the grounds everyday you say something like the following aloud (yes it can be done in your car too so you're not seen as a loonie lol).

"Where I go is my own you may not follow"

Or something to that effect, just believe that your higher power is backing your words.

Hope that helps, and good luck. I am anxious to hear about your success.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:28 AM
Why not try carrying batteries in your pocket? She might enjoy that energy more than yours.
second line

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:07 PM
Interesting question.

I'll answer it purely from my own experience, beliefs, teachings etc.

Firstly - let me say I don't consider myself a 'ghost-hunter' as such...or maybe I'm just misinterpreting what other people term 'ghost-hunter'.

I don't go around *seeking* them or hunting them out. I'm aware of them in various areas - but what I do I only do when it is asked of me. So perhaps its not such much ghost hunting as it is ghost culling if that makes sense at all. Much like a deer-hunter will consciously venture into areas with the specific aim of hunting down a deer...whereas a deer-culler will be called into an area for a predetermined goal of removing them.

The next fly in the ointment is ones definition of 'ghost' or 'spirit' or 'entity' or whatever.

Anyhoo...often I'm approached by friends or family, also its part of my role at work, to go into their homes and cleanse them out...or to provide a for want of a better way of describing it a *spiritual* assessment/perspetive on what may be troubling the person (I work in Mental Health by the way - ironic I know

For whatever reason that seems to be the calling at present. So what keeps me safe?? Well many things:

1. First and foremost I do not see myself as being *gifted* or any of that palava - and please I mean no offence to those who may consider themselves *gifted*. Yeah I see, hear, feel, know things...heh, many other people do too so there is nothing special about more so than someone born with amazing blue eyes or flawless skin.
For me personally that term *gifted* seems to be imbued with some belief (either held by the person themselves, or by other people towards them) of being in some way privellaged...even, hate to say it, better than supposedly 'normal people' in some shape or form.
For me personally seeing it in such a way is ego-driven...and ego can be unsafe during such work.

Safety is found in NOT taking on any mantle, title, term or kudos.
The way I see it I am just doing a job...just the same as anyone else does a job. Some people may be good bakers, or speakers, or teachers, or mechanics or whatever...this is just something I seem to do. And it is done in servitude to and at the request of others. So in many ways I kinda see it as I'm an in NO way *above* anyone...if anything by my service to/for them I am humbling myself to them.

2. My own strong personal belief is anything I may do in regards to these things is not me...its not my power, not my *ability* and so not in any way my glory to take from it.
For me personally I firmly believe what I may do has been allowed by a higher power - as cliche as that may sound. Personally I term that 'higher power' God. Thats just my understanding and beliefs around it and this type of work.
So at all times I am conscious that I am merely providing a service...all kudos, all glory, all power, whatever is in NO way mine...but Gods.
Remaining humble in what you do is a point of safety.

3. Be *mandated* for the work ahead. Mandated?? Well...may not be able to adequately describe what I mean by that...but I guess you just KNOW if you are doing the right thing. You just know that what you are doing is not driven by your own agenda...rather you are there to respond to someones request for assistance.
So being *mandated* by the person you are assisting can be a point of safety too.

4. Cover yourself - in your own way.
Its like anything really...a Welder will put on safety-googles before sparking up a welder, a roads-person will put on a high-viz safety vest before stepping out onto the road. Same kinda deal. You *put on* 'protection' before you start the work.
Each person may have their own methods of doing this...and again it can come down to what that person believes in.

My own process tends to go like this:

- I always wear what my people call a 'Taonga' around my neck...its a blessed/charmed pendant made of greenstone. This has been specifically blessed for my protection...for me its like a bullet-proof vest I wear.

- Whenever dealing with house-cleansing or such work I carry my own 'bag of tricks' along with me. In my lil bag is a bottle of Holy Water for blessing/cleansing, a Bible that I carry to again reaffirm my connection to what I see as the higher power but it also has this nice knack of being able to be flicked open to any page and having the *exact* passage or message I may need to read/hear/be conscious of at the time. Also in that bag are my now deceased Grandmothers rosary beads. She was a very spiritual person...and carrying them around while doing any of that type of work brings a feeling of safety.

- Prayer. Before even going to the persons house or anything. I always offer up Prayer. Prayer for coverage, for safety, for assistance and guidance....but also a prayer of reconcilliation. I apologies for any wrongdoing I may have done...acknowledge and accept my own faults and failings, my own sin...I ask that my transgressions may not in any way be held against me during this work, so may not indirectly impact upon the effectiveness of the work. I give thanks - give thanks for the honour and privellage it is to serve others...and to serve that higher power/God.
What type of prayer to use?? Well...that depends again on beliefs, on the occasion and/or work required...really just speak from your heart, with love, with faith...words themselves aren't overly important as its about the focus of the feeling...its about HOW its said perhaps no so much about WHAT is said. I do tend to use the Lords thats how I was brought up and what helps me to focus.

- Cover yourself when you get there before you start the work. Pray again. I offer myself up to God, to be a servent, I offer my hands, eyes, ears, heart, body and mind to Him to do this myself under His governance.
I give praise to God again - reaffirm that the power is His and His alone. That He is the judge, He is the power, He is he love and the light, He holds the glory and governance here. That I am merely here to serve. Again thats my belief/faith.
I also bless myself with the Holy Water and anyone else who wishes to be involved like those living in the house etc.

- Go for it.
Just follow your nose so to speak. Don't question...just *listen* to your own inner thoughts and feelings. You'll just know what needs to be done, what specific areas may need specific attention or focus.
While doing the work I am always praying, vocalising and reaffirming the higher power/Gods governance over the area. Yeah at times - when necessary - I'll do the stereotypical "Leave now, leave in peace" type of talk with whatever is sometimes somethings just need a bit more *encouragement*.
At all times do it with love. Love for those who you serve...but also love for those whose energies have for whatever reason remained there...or whatever energies/entities have have taken up residence there. Even if those things have created negativity/illness etc...always do it in love. Love is an amazingly healing, cleansing, settling and calming energy and space to work it. DO NOT do it for vengence, or retribution for any negativity that may have come from that presence...for that is a negative energy and can also put you in an unsafe position in the work.

- When I'm done I pray again, again give thanks and praise to God. Again bless myself (and anyone else involved) with Holy Water. Basically its like 'clocking out after your shift is over'.
Another common thing we do is have something to eat for my people food is a way of returning people safely back from any sense of sacredness.

5. Try not to work alone. I tend to work with my wife - as she is definitely my grounding point, my balance.
I also am lucky enough to be able to work alongside our Cultural Therapist at work. A Cultural Therapist I guess is a nice acceptable term for 'Spiritual Healer' or 'Tohunga' in my peoples language (Google the word Tohunga).
He is a great mentor and teacher for me.

Another thing that keeps me safe is for some reason I'm not a person who 'carries' things - well, normally.
Some people are 'carriers' for want of a better way of describing it. They will pick up and carry emotion, pain, hurt etc.
I may pick it up and know it/see it...but it doesn't affect me...I don't *carry* it as such.
Its only for my closest family/loved ones will I ever seem to *carry* what they may be carrying...and then only very briefly. Perhaps the short-term carrying is more just to let me experience what they may be feeling and thus let me know I need to go assist them.
So - personally - I guess some safety comes with that...a bit like some people have a higher immunity to flus, colds etc.

Editted to add: Oh - another way of keeping safe is through making an effort to be better, to do better, to treat others better. Trying to live your life with less negativity, trying to show more love to others.
Discipline comes into it as well on some levels.
Don't get me wrong here...I am far from perfect and pure!
I tend to like a beer or two, I smoke, sometimes the language that comes outa my mouth would make a sailor blush, I can be a right prick at times...but again its about being conscious of that and making an effort to change those less-than-clean attributes we all have.
I attend church regularly - not that a Church is the only place to find God, or find your *centre*...I just attend it as I love the people there, love the fellowship and love the calming/centring/energising feeling I get from attending.
I pray daily...again thats just to say hello to God, like giving a good friend a phonecall for a chat regularly really. Just keeps those communication lines open...

...anyway...bit of a novel there...but thats just my experience/processes/beliefs....


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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by sbj

Thanks but you have no idea what your talking about.

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

Haha cute idea

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by alien

I really appreciate your long and thought out reply.

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 01:01 AM
What is not being understood, maybe to my nondisclosure in my introduction, is that I already am an expert at "grounding myself and protecting myself energetically". I am an expert Energy Worker and Massage Therapist. I am a very experienced spirit transitioner and at times have performed several excorsisms... so I know what Im dealing with-- and the issue isnt what its doing or why- but how to stop it from physically draining me.

My issue with this- is I am not "going into a haunted house"... I am at work - which happens to be haunted. It is nearly impossible for anyone to keep their guard up at work- while working- and keep it up without losing focus of what I am doing. I cannot spend 8 hours a day focusing on keeping up an consious energy shield. Which is really the best way to protect ones self from being attacked.

Energy ebbs and flows between positive and negative forces. There is nothing I can do other than, perhaps use a battery or something other than my own spiritual energy to act as a ++ catalyst to protect myself.

I think tentickles reply is more along the lines of what I was looking for- a physical alternative to this issue.

Thanks guys for your replies!

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn didn't have to disclose

Pity you're not from my country, New Zealand, or I'd point you towards places to find what you may require - or even mail it to you.

I'm actually wondering if you might benefit from carrying a small piece of Obsidian - or 'Tuhua' in my peoples language - the black volcanic rock/glass on you.

Tends to work quite nicely in deflecting potential energy drainers such as you have described...personally find the Tuhua/Obsidian from my country to be particularly potent.


posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 02:44 PM
...back again...

Any idea why this girl would be hanging around?? You say she doesn't wish to I'm wondering why/what/who she is staying locked to...

Yeah spirits do of course have their 'stomping grounds', places of familiarity etc...but can be shown the way on.
So I'm wondering what is keeping her there.

Have you asked her? Got any response/feeling on that?


posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn

What about amulets. Kabbalah practitioners, especially hermetic kabbalah, as well as wiccans use amulets and talismans to hold negative energies at bay. So for the time you are focusing on your job, and your concentration in shielding flags, the amulet will cover for you.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by sbj

This is great advice. Nicely done.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 12:07 PM
My mentor taught me how to use a very powerful series of Light and create
a powerful shield with it. Far as I know it is the most powerful protection we
ever use.

It goes something like this:

visualize a closed shield of pure white light around you, then fill the insides
inside and around you with raging violet flames, make sure they are violet
and not purple. Then add a layer of silver light around the shield of pure
white light. Now add another layer of violet light (not violet fire) around the
silver, now add a layer of golden light, ask God to help you with this, around
the violet layer.

Now you are protected by a five layer shield of pure Light. Each layer has a
different function, and together they protect you against almost every kind
of spiritual energy or attack.

Other things you can do:

You can call Archangel Michael to cleanse the area and banish whatever
negative entity is near. If he can, he will bring them home to Heaven, many
lost souls experience a great desire to return home when they see Michael.

You can actively defend yourself by visualizing a powerful stream of violet
fire crashing into the entity that is harming you. This will burn off their own
energy and transmute it into positive energy. This will greatly hurt and also
weaken your spirit target, most spirits will run far away when hit by it.

Before you enter a house or area where you think negative entities are,
visualize the whole house or area being cleansed by violet fire, and then
visualize the whole house or area being filled with pure white light. Usually
this makes it impossible for any negative spirit to enter or stay in the area.

In love and Light,



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