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We are quantum computers

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:52 PM
hellooo!! ok this is my story!! and yes its a story, but based on my life and facts ect ect...

Now..the title of this thread is to understand why we infact question things like god and so forth.. and moden day science ect..

a little bit about me, im not new to ATS nore am i making this up, i do not say what i do for money nore do i wish to brainwash anyone here on ATS, I do wish however to try and get my view/point accross to people who will listen.. (read)..

If we look at our own reality .. leave god out of this and aliens ect for a moment.. and just say ok we are here ect...

We know that we have both choas and order.. what does this mean to the layman? well jack jiggery pokery i guess but to me it means alot.. think neo and matrix style ect...(im not neo) just for the record lol..

ok thats the rammbilin dealt with!..

Now back to why i think we are quantom computers... WHY

This little paradox called why is the very thing that makes us who we are, i dont mean that in a simple stupid way but its very true..

Logic would have you NOT ask a question or have ALL the answers?


physics has rules that can not be broken "on its scale" were as quantum physics says we can and do without us even knowing!..

scale! for each level of ones looking at atoms / space / planets that is scale.. and for each level is a question as a result of this..

in order for humans and life to function requires it to ask questions..

Now im not saying i know it all because you are wrong in that, but what i do know is that logic is symmertic, and infinity is not.

A fractal is what? a symmertic shape that goes on into infinity

this makes alot of sense to how one could possible be alive.. in respect of that a fractal is the person and they infinity is the universe we infact live/reside in.

in another way..

The question we ask is the very reason for our own exsistance...

Postulated yes factual true logical very and chaos intertwined very...

a graph would be alot better to understand this but i shall do my best to make somewhat of a picture for you to understand.

chaos - big bang or whatever
logic - you being here
chaos - why am i here
logic - because you are

for each of the scales here "tho you only see words" is very much how we are made, and why we question things..

Now we can do the same again

chaos - quautum physics
Logic - physics
chaos - humans
logic - space
chaos - why ?

you see this is a patten of logic vs infinity.. and we my friends are the very calculator that its created...

or methord of life so to speak.. If or who made the universe was a very smart chap indeed or chapess ( not to be sexisit ) hehe

what or who made it based it on the questions we ask, the more one questions the bigger the universe will get "quantum p" but the underlying propeties of quantum p is logic

for it has to have its own rules in order to function, and once we find out the rules of quantom p, this will give rise to questions that do not need to be answered but give rise to actions that need to be understud..

Think of a place in that one can create anything "a universe".. this is what we have, we are a universe with in a universe, that is a never ending loop.. the only thing that does not loop is the thing that infact put the universe(S) together, and does not give us the answer only the question..

we wont ever find the question becuase its only our job to answer it and ask why..

aliens god and whatnot are apart of life becuase in order to be alive one requires questions as its the very thing we are...

a quantum computer. our body is logical and our mind is not..

a compture that can ask questions = alive

we are very much alive and very much asking questions..

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me over the years. movie makers doctors phds my family my friends and the people who said i was nutts..

hope my thread helped you understand why you ask questions.. and how it is related to quantum P..

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 11:47 PM
I need a translation. Your sentence structure makes my head hurt. Bad. Really bad at this time of night.

Can you sum up what you're saying in your original post in a new one?

Something about questioning existance proves existance?

I don't know, dude or dudette. It all seems a LOT of confusion was written down.

Honestly though, I would like a summary.

Thanks and peace.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 11:54 PM
ok im sorry that i made my post abit franticly put out, but my grammer and spelling is bad


asking a question = the reason why we are here.

as in the question we ask is the very same thing that made us...

symmerty and chaos are both interlinked in this respect..

The universe is based on logic, we are not, due to scale, the reason for this is the way the universe works, we ask why and it gets bigger, the more we ask the faster it expands..

if one looks and quatum physics, you know u dont know u know "sounds alot like donald rumsfeld lol" but its a true that regard

we ask questions for a reason, it keeps it logical!!! for if it was a logical universe in our mind and its own way.. it would be static

no need for infiinity or symmerty or logic, hence why we indeed ask questions

i dont know if the way i said that helped
but im hoping it did !!! hehe

questions = reason why we are alive

to put it in short

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:04 AM
OK. I think has been said before as "I think, therefore I am." I don't know what a quantum computer is or what it has to do with your writing. That's ok. I don't get a lot of things.

Back to your post.

To question existance proves existance at least as far as perception of existance goes.

Head hurts again.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:21 AM
more or less..

you see, the question (and i dont mean why is the sky blue) but more about the substance.

a question in itself is what?

you see a question is infact the same thing that made the universe.. or alteast can give rise to life "selfreplicating"..

symmerty is a description of perfect ness 1/1

chaos on the other hand is 1/3 ( makes no sens)

so one can deduce from this that a question is infact only a level of understanding of chaos "logical"

we as humans live in infinity "never ending" so how would one come to be in a never ending paradox? well its simple

you ask questions!

for if you ask then it in itself will propagate the universe as whole, quatum phyisics..

if we did not ask why? then the universe and everthing inside of it would fail.. on the basic paramaters of logic

we are indeed ment to ask questions, that is how the universe was made, to keep it going,,

a question = result = outcome = forward momentum

you see with each question we ask we keep the universe going...

basic laws of physics are indeed upheld and so is the rule of quatum P..

for we have both, our body and our mind!!!

your body is based on physics and you mind is the reason why you infact have a body!!

very odd i know but its a vaild and true statement, maybe one day people will understand the game we are in or maybe they wont.. its not my right to say that

but one thing i can say that connects us all is indeed "the question" and no one can debunk this

for the question is the first and last thing on ones mind no matter what the subject or the situation.

question is key.

and i dont make no money from what i say nore do i want prase but i do want others to understand and listen very carefully to what it is i am saying.

there comes a time in human history were some make things happen

you just read history

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 02:54 AM

Originally posted by symmetricAvenger
more or less..

you see, the question (and i dont mean why is the sky blue) but more about the substance.

a question in itself is what?

you see a question is infact the same thing that made the universe.. or alteast can give rise to life "selfreplicating"..

symmerty is a description of perfect ness 1/1

chaos on the other hand is 1/3 ( makes no sens)

so one can deduce from this that a question is infact only a level of understanding of chaos "logical"

we as humans live in infinity "never ending" so how would one come to be in a never ending paradox? well its simple

you ask questions!

Well, you've transformed a condition of being (infinity) into a linguistic series that has no final condition (paradox), by identifying an apparent adjunct that both share, and through the application of a language mechanical (question). A transformation which isn't simple. So it isn't simple.

The logicalness holds true in so far as the adjoining conditions are similar,

A thought experiment would be if you had only ever in your life seen or heard of winged animals. Bats, birds, flying insects. The condition of being an animal therefore becomes "winged", but this condition disappears from consciousness over time because the linguistic descriptor "winged" no longer serves to distinguish[ the animals one from another (the motive for language creation). It doesn't mean, however, that being winged is no longer a condition of being an animal.

The universe is present and apparently infinite. Why is there then something and not nothing, since logically the infinity lacks nothing, including - again apparently - the condition of there being nothing in some places. Would not this nothing expand since there is no place in this infinity where this nothing cannot be present?

So the nothing expands, but never at the expense of something, which is paradoxical.

The mind encounters the nothing. Someone comes on ATS and says "It's all over, there's nothing." The mind seeks to languagize the nothing to distinguish its different qualities, as a series of that demonstrate theapparent omniscience of the nothing force, by the mere ontological fact of the presence of a conciousness (their own) to witnessits ascendancy over the something. True, the darkness is expanding. It doesn't mean that it expands even one fraction of the smallest conceivable amount at the expense of the something..

for if you ask then it in itself will propagate the universe as whole

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 03:20 AM
i like the way you put the most importan thing i said as your last comment

one can not think without reason,, the reason is the questtion

would make logical sens for energy _ matter and the expansion of our universe

if one is to base it on quantum P

You regardless of what you make think in doing so proigate the expantion of the universe.

infintiy is only a measuerment of ones mind., and in this respect the mind is inter connected to the universe

life as we know and understand it is the reason for the expansion and anit mattter is lifes alter ego (crappy anolgoy)

asking questions IS the same thing that made us and IS the reason for life... Logic or shall is say 9norm) is infact the scale or alter ego of the univers

wheel in a wheel

i made this point befor.. we are stuck in a looop but one needs to see it to master it..

there is no end game.. for the game is very much in our minds and what is in our minds is show in the universe...

9:19 am GMT

i will mark this as history as i can not do no more only than to show others what is infact true

the world is not flat... and the universe expands becuase one requires the other "questions"

not a word but a THING... its as real as you can get

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:29 AM
There is no evidence that logic exists anywhere else in the universe, aside from the brains of a particularly malodorous and hirsute species still struggling to survive on planet Earth. No, not the skunk.

We're entirely human-centric in our notions of how the Universe functions.


— Doc Velocity

[edit on 4/2/2009 by Doc Velocity]

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by Doc Velocity
There is no evidence that logic exists anywhere else in the universe, aside from the brains of a particularly malodorous and hirsute species still struggling to survive on planet Earth. No, not the skunk.

We're entirely human-centric in our notions of how the Universe functions.


— Doc Velocity

There is no evidence that logic exists anywhere else in the universe

logic is all around you.. you even use it to formulate the very questions you seek

tho the question is chaos

quatum physics 101

42 - two numbers that mean nothing based on your logic correct?

[edit on 4/2/2009 by Doc Velocity]

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 02:00 AM
Thank you so much for this thread, I don't believe your nuts

In a very weird way what you saying is making a lot of sense, although I have no good way of explaining why it makes good sense because it's more of an intuitive thing than knowledge in my case.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 02:05 AM
thanks for taking the time 20 years matey of doing mathmatics reading all kinds of stuff

we are both right and wrong but in order to so requires one important thing

the question!!!

I do not have a clue why we ask WHY !! that is my problem

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 02:01 AM
i, too, do not believe that you are completely mad....but i certainly do have a difficult time following your dis-jointed phrases.

pondering for a moment on what you are saying, tho, i do quite like it.


here is my interpretation of what you are saying:

perceptually, every stimuli that we encounter is an ANALOG waveform. analog waveforms have no definite boundaries: continuous, fractal, infinite.

out of this endless sea of information, our mind is able to perceive discreet, discontinuous, DIGITAL packets. (they dont call it quantum physics for nothin')

the "question in the mind" is literally what holds the boundary of the quantum packet.

hmmmmmm....yes. i can see what you are saying.

similarly, i am also aware of the postulation that LANGUAGE is the framework of reality. it is the giving of a name to a thing which allows the thing to exist. the name is the container.

this way of thinking is very much in the way of ancient kabbalah.

you may be well on your way to deconstructing reality itself, if you have managed to grasp such a low-level concept. (not that i have done so, myself.)


posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:40 AM
hehe ya my english tanks i do admit!

u said it alot better than me so i hope others can read your post !!

Now we just need to understand the link with the question.. i think there is some kinda feedback.. its a scale thing for sure..

I dont know maybe being here in the physical gives rise to the question?

Kinda like if one is here "living" dont matter what cat dog human whatever the counterpart is the question? or something like that.

it may sound simple but we dont ask why when we aint here.. so we know it comes in tandom with being here..

is it a function of life?

yin yang kinda thing im guessing you need one to get one ?

added u as a firend btw

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by symmetricAvenger

Well, you know, we keep looking for the "end" or the "edge" of the universe. However, it just keeps going and going. Why? I submit that as long as we exp[ect to find something "out there," we will.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 02:23 PM
This has never been about knowing about the universe only about who i am and what the helll im doing here on this rock.

since i was a kid i have read sooo much stuff about the universe/cosmos.. science phyicas everything as its always been the subject i loved .. to answer my own question.. the very question we all ask in life WHY

my life is no different to anyones only that i dont ask why in the way others do i question why we ask why .. and that leads to things i do not understand but does make the universe more logical in more ways than many theories i have read.

I have indeed talked to leading people, some dont grasp the thing because its not real.. but its real as you are my proof our very being here is the proof..

The question IS the answer to life let me say this again


its the very thing /methord that made everything aliens god mytra zionests nazis 9/11 everything you can think of

the question MADE LIFE

its here in our face shapes pattens symmerty suns moons stars ect its all around us

took me along time to figure this out .. you dont need budda or god or any spirtits,,

Just stop asking questions!! lol and it will tell you the answer because the bloody question is the answer

its a riddle!!!!! what is the question to life? "the question" BOOM home run

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 03:03 PM
mirroring the mirror...

spinning always to the dance of creation between subject and object...

Chaos, right-brain,-Why

Order, left-brain- How

The why supersedes the how.

This much I know, but I don't take it as far as we (humanity) actually have much influence on the cosmos as a whole. I think there's too much other life out there besides us with influence as well.

Without questions, we would be as good as dead, but not necessarily non-existent. Just not in growth, slowly decaying.

I think why is answered with why not. We question so that the universe may answer. We give order to the chaos. The chaos provides order to us. As mentioned, chaos is not. It's just mis-perceptions. So logic at one level, gives way to logic at another.

Logic is the application of reason.

The logic of the cosmos manifests as the universe.

There is reason for everything, so what is the ultimate reason?

Why not?

To experience and be experienced of.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by unityemissions

i liked alot how you said that

Mirroing the mirror!!!

the way we do it via the function of the question

star for you

keep asking baby and the universe will keep on giving answers into infintiy

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:42 AM
From Physicist Thomas Campbell who wrote the book "My Big TOE"

Consciousness is nonphysical
The most fundamental aspect of consciousness is information
Information is nonphysical.
The most fundamental aspect of information is bits
The most fundamental representation of bits is binary: off and on, 1 and 0, yes and no.
Thus consciousness can most fundamentally be modeled by a system of digital potential that gains usable energy, organization, or content (information) by reducing its entropy.
A self-aware self-modifiable experiential consciousness system evolves toward states of lower entropy and de-evolves toward states of higher entropy

With Newtons vision, reality was a mechanistic set of interactive macro-particles that followed the rules of (interacted according to) the rules of Newtonian mechanics. After Maxwell reduced all macro-electromagnetic quantities/properties to four partial differential equations, reality was forced to assume a new description: it now appeared to be an interactive nonphysical field of potentiality described by an interactive matrices of information. The partial differential equations described how the dependent variables E, H, B, D, q, interacted and changed relative to each other and to the independent variables (x, y, z, t). That's it, no particles, just a rule set that describes how various nonphysical fields of potentiality interact via an interactive matrix of information. Yet these nonphysical (non-matter) fields accurately predicted and described all manner of physical causality (interaction with/between the physical world of particles),at least in the macro world where time and space appeared to be continuous. Einstein tried to emulate this success by describing all of reality with a Unified Field Theory but failed because at a more fundamental level time and space are not continuous, (a digital reality is a computed reality) and the physical universe is not fundamental but rather a virtual reality computed by a more fundamental interactive nonphysical field of potentiality/information called consciousness.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Just coming into this thread.

The topic caught my attention and I was hoping it would go in a direction that I have given some thought to.

It has been proposed that the human mind is an interface or receiver of multiple levels of reality, be they things we term parallel dimensions, the quantum universe, and so on.

A way of conveying this might be - think of your physical brain as a a home computer. It can be taken apart, modified, software can be added, etc. But what is seen on the screen is a transmission of information and imagery from elsewhere, not only in space, but time.

Like an organic machine, the brain is composed of cell tissue with blood circulation and nutrients supplied. But it too is a receiver of sensory input, internal messages from other parts of itself, compressed information and experience form other sources, etc.

Animals, as far as we know, function primarily with an interface of the physical world. But humans are capable of also incorporating more abstract data and I like to think also tune into less tangible and less sensory accessible realities.

We are organic computers essentially.

I throw this out not knowing if it touches on what the OP, Symmetric, is trying to say.

May I offer a friendly bit of advice if you're reading this. You may be clear on what you want to say, but the conveyance makes it extremely difficult for most people to read easily and understand. No one wants to go through a translation process unnecessarily particularly with heady subject matter.

May sound trivial, but rereading and revising what you type, putting it through a Word program so that punctuation, caps, spelling, and so on are
fixed up, can do wonders towards making your thoughts more easily comprehended.

Thanks for listening.


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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:57 AM
Thanks mike, that was not a bad thing to point out "my typing"
and i can say that you did it with respect.

and yes we are indeed computers, the best the universe has to offer. walking talking living "things" that question the universe in order for the universe to keep on going.

star for you

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