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Tina from SETI real or ?

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:50 PM
I know but there is more than one way to get around the system. Right now we are talking about getting that letter out to the mass msm

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by SemperParatusRJCC you have any suggestions. I will say this, once they had something in someways bigger than this and they didnt think it over and the thing got buried, PM me.

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 08:33 AM
Mhm sent the pm as soon as I read the post. I will do whatever I can to assist you.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 07:30 AM

Breaking News: Barack Obama prepares for UFO arrival, open alien contact
Michael Cohen
All News Web recently received a series of brief emails from some-one who claimed to have worked in the Pentagon within the DARPA agency on a project that involved collaborating closely with both NASA’s Ames Research Center and SETI. The person who has identified herself as ‘Tina’ has provided us with a number of scanned documents that back the veracity of her claims to some extent (these documents confirm a professional relationship to the Department of Defense, they do not relate to any information regarding the aliens).

The correspondent claims to have SAP clearance and has had some access to ‘Black Project’ information. She claims that a multitude of departments house small nucleuses of employees working on the same or related projects and information is very compartmentalised, provided on a 'need to know’ basis at her level of clearance.
‘Tina’ has a university degree in marketing and came to work on the project which she declines to name via an initial position in the Pentagon's public relations operations. Her position involved relaying and rewriting electronic messages for distribution to certain world organizations regarding imminent open contact with an alien race. We are unsure as to why she has contacted All News Web.
According to 'Tina' the last and only physical meeting between aliens and the Government and indeed the only actual official Government recorded UFO landing and alien visitation in the last century up until now occurred in the early 1950’s. This was a meeting between three alien explorers and President Truman. The meeting involved some form of limited telepathic communication and involved the Aliens expressing relief that WW2 had come to an end. The aliens promised to return one day. The Aliens were about three foot and of somewhat classic ‘Grey’ appearance. Photographs were taken and these, which have been seen by a handful of media figures (Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg), have become a basis for the traditional image of ‘Grey’ aliens.
The Aliens are believed to come from a planet about thirty light years away and it is unknown if they possess faster than light transport. 'Tina' did not receive any information on Roswell or any reverse engineering projects involving ET technology. She does not discount other informal alien or UFO incidents.
The aliens seek to establish ties with Earthlings. They are able to monitor the goings on here remotely and it appears they are at least a thousand years ahead of humans technologically
According to 'Tina' SETI is receiving and concealing regular explicit signals (and has been doing so for at least seven years) from this race that state that they are returning to earth in around four years (2013) and have spacecraft essentially mid-journey. The extra-terrestrials will land openly and in a way that will conclusively prove their presence and are doing so unilaterally. They have given the US government until then to prepare humanity for this event.
'Tina' alleges that some powerful security figures would like to thwart this open contact but are powerless to do so. Many figures associated with NASA and even the Pentagon are positive about the event and a conspiracy to hide the truth form the world’s population is not unanimous.
What all parties agree on is that the best course of action is to leave any announcement of the event to the absolute latest possible time so as not to frighten people or harm the economy.
Major churches have been briefed on the matter and are being given time to shift their positions so as to accommodate this new reality. The US Govt has been ‘requested’ to mend and clean up rivalries and conflicts in preparation and this extra-ordinary event and this is the primary reason for Barack Obama’s peace gesture to Iran and indeed his very presidency. Barack Obama is in almost daily contact with SETI and is communicating with the aliens directly.
The aliens indirectly contributed to the development of internet search engines and they are in limited contact with Google through SETI. They are able to access the internet currently and their involvement in search engine research is for the purpose of allowing them to understand as much about earth as possible prior to their next arrival.

It is believed that search engine algorithms are somewhat based on the form of telepathic communication they use.
We at All News Web do not know what to make of these emails but feel obliged to publish their content. Do they represent the truth or will they end up on the slush pile of UFO theories along with so many others? Only time will tell. If any readers have any knowledge corroborating these claims please contact us.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:29 PM
Around four years so December 21 2012 might be the "Return of the Gods." Well a false one.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by Darthorious
Why would they bother even being in contact with Google?

Anyone can have access to Google for free as there is always the local library, internet cafe's, home systems. A great majority of them use wireless and all they would have to do is intercept that.

Heck even we can war drive and get free connections. I would assume their technology would be so far advanced they could pretty much intercept any signal maybe even every signal at less than a push of a button.

If not then their not from another galaxy.

But then again - If you have an open door and a hand shake why not go threw it - No need to back door yourself to just get caught and then what???

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by watchtheashes

Well, I would like to toss more wierd stuff in here:

Remember the 1954 Holloman AFB ET meeting with Eisenhover and exchanged 'scientists' with them ? the movie ...of 3rd kind , yes.

It say , ' they are returning to earth' , could this be them 'again' ??

Maya researchers also think the long count is an universal 'clock' for an rendezvous of some sorts... Just to spike things up abit !!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by 5thElement
I just read Tina from SETI article, and I'm fine with most of it, I can see how it could be possible...

However, this part looks kinda cheesy:

The aliens indirectly contributed to the development of internet search engines and they are in limited contact with Google through SETI. They are able to access the internet currently and their involvement in search engine research is for the purpose of allowing them to understand as much about earth as possible prior to their next arrival.

They have an Internet connection ? In contact with Google ?

In 'Independence Day' the alien mothership was Mac compatible remember?

Man this is so ignorant huh? Aliens did not invent google or yahoo or alta vista or metacrawler or blackle... do you know how many search engines there are?

Did aliens also invent BBS and it's use for the Atari ST community?

Next thing we'll see is the foundational work of Alan Turing attributed to aliens too.

I can make just as ridiculous claims.
Ready: Thomas Savery was indirectly helped in his development of the steam engine by aliens.


******P.S. here's great quote:
"A machine is as distinctively and brilliantly and expressively human as a violin sonata or a theorem in Euclid" -Gregory Vlastos

How come no one ever claims aliens invented the violin?

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posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 01:09 PM
so that's what an open mind's like... not!

relax. as was said, no need to get yerself all wired up. tense and knotted. relax. we can't do anything but go on and move on. universality is supposed to be fun and easy. let it in.

i just witnessed a guy try to rip open another guy just coz this gal was cute an booze was abouts. violence is everywhere and man i've been thinking, intelligent beings, like me, would truly find this repulsive. sometimes annihilation feels right on a hothead, but then u remember how "responsible" one is if one is to be called intelligent.

bah! let get on our motorcycles and ride on!

- a unique view from a quantum physics enthusiast who's in the streets.,..

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