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Warning to Mr. Obama about Secret Bill's

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 09:00 PM
Today in my spare time and I had heard rumors about this before I found any evidence of it H.R 1127, and H.R. 1541 were passed without any congressional record of voting on or record of either of these bills being apperently voted on in the house or senate.


Im still looking into all the events surrounding this event and other's but I feel I must warn your adminstration about the use of national security and executive privilage when it comes to passing bill's in secret in short its illegal and unlawful to do so.

Mr. Ashcroft found that out when he tried to pass not one but three other patriot act's after the first one before he was terminated from his job as the attorney general.

Why I dont know yet how many other incidents like these that have taken place so far in your adminstration using executive privilage or national security to hide bill's or pass bill's in secret is illegal. Bush did it with torture and people in his administration went public knowing even though it would cost them there jobs they would not take part in any illegal activities drafted under the law or not.

For the record I took alot of heat when I made alot of documents in the bush adminstration public and many agencies went after me and lost. Bush and others in his adminstration are now facing charges not limited to this nation during there conduct while in office.

I took alot of risk under bush when his adminstration tried this and im sorry to have to inform you mr president but this is just not going to happen. I still keep in contact with alot of the whistleblowers I used to know and if theres activites like this going on in your adminstration I will be making it known to the public no matter if your adminstration likes it or not.

Dont Break the law sir thats all.


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