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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 03:13 PM
Despite what you may surmise, I am NOT an overtly religious person.
This storyline has been floating in my head for awhile rent-free and I need to release it. It is my first post in this category. I hope you enjoy it and open to ANY critique / criticism.( I realize the futuristic terminology leaves much to be desired but I focused more on the story concept.) Thanks for letting me share. Sincerely.......KK


The faint ping grew louder amidst the din of the aircraft’s audible telemetry.

1st Communications Officer: “Captain the sensors are picking up something, 20 kilometers ahead, buried deep beneath the snow.” Bearing 3 – 1 - Niner.
Captain: “Roger, I’ll descend for a closer look.”

And so began what was to become the dawn of a new era for all mankind. In the year 2050, The United States of America had become a Godless society. All manner and form of religion outlawed. Cloning became commonplace. Designer babies were ordered to suit and the masses had become Barbie and Ken-like zombie dolls. Fit, attractive and perfect in all manners. Most of the citizens lived to a ripe age far beyond 100. Advances in DNA and Stem Cell research had spawned a race of humans void of disease, defect and free from misery. The sole exception within this utopian society, the Jezzers.

An unruly band of religious anarchists who invoked all manner of mayhem and disrupted society at every turn. Their ranks were few. A small percentage of rogue “believers” and non-conformists that were declared terrorists by the law. They were routinely arrested and incarcerated for the balance of their lives. Without the benefit of medical technology or advances, they appeared old and haggard. A small few had infiltrated the throngs of
the establishment and awaited the events they all believed would eventually occur.

On that fateful day, the US Air Force, Northern Fleet Reconnaissance aircraft located a relic from the second World War. A German U-boat which had attempted to escape the fall of the Third Reich by way of northern arctic passage before it became stranded. It was full of Hitler’s loot acquired from the ravages of war. Priceless antiquities, works of art and thousands of pounds of pure gold. Among the plunder, a small clay vestige containing a withering, crumbled piece of cloth……The shroud of Turin.

The contents of the U-boat were distributed among various scientific and research facilities nationwide for examination and review. Working at one site was a Jezzer, her name was Mary. Utilizing the technology of the day she was able to clone a DNA sample from the cloth and was artificially inseminated. 9 months later, a baby boy was born.

To be continued………………………………………….

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 03:35 PM
I think you're onto a good read here. Seems a whole myriad of potential time paradox vectors also.

I hope you flesh this out.


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