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I have a question about off topic posts

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 09:47 AM
Recently, I got a U2U message that one of my posts had been removed by a moderator.

While I appreciate this message, I was referred to the link of the thread, but not my post, so I am wondering why it was removed.

I pride myself in staying on topic, while I see other posts that get way off being allowed to stay.

It would be nice, when getting such a message, if the said post that was deleted was shown.


It makes me wonder if the moderator who deleted such a post, did so for personal reasons, or, if they are just following rules.

Really, I don't mind the notification that a post of mine was off topic, but I'd like the chance to defend myself for my words.

Mod Note: You Have An Urgent U2U- Click Here.

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