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Media manipulation in germany

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 04:29 AM
Since some months now i monitor the biggest news channel in germany very carefully, because there are so many typing errors in the internet press, that i just can't believe that these happen purely accidentally. i don't know if there is really someone sitting who puts the errors into the article to give some other dark figures some secret messages (sounds rather strange), i just monitor them

So, today was a an awkward attempt to manipulate the people, through some really awful means:
There was a poster in Nazi-germany, with a red-clothed communist depicted in the back of a german soldier and the caption read something like: "Beware of the communist". Doesn't matter. This incident is known as the stab-in-the-back legend and it's deeply rooted in the german subconsciousness.

Well, today there was a picture in the biggest german media ARD:
(scroll down for the picture)

The caption reads: "President Medwedjew with his ministerpresident Putin in his back."

Down at the very end of the article you read:
"If Medwedjew shows weakness in the crisis, he is in danger to get a 'dagger in the back'"


If that is journalism, trash all of these damn manipulating bastards.

edit: sounds like people get indoctrinated by some horrible fear against russia. Though this country suffers heavily in the crisis and must struggle hard to survive - they pose no thread, so why the fearmongering against them?

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 05:03 AM
You really should translate the entire last paragraph

In Acht nehmen muss sich Medwedjew vor jenen, die sich aufgrund ihrer Macht nicht so einfach wegsperren lassen. Zwar bringe es die Rollenverteilung mit sich, dass der Präsident für alles Gute stehe, während dem Ministerpräsidenten die Probleme des Landes angelastet würden, sagt Schröder. Falls Medwedjew aber in der Krise Schwächen zeige, drohe ihm der "Dolch in den Rücken". Dann stehe Putin bereit, um die Macht im Kreml wieder zu übernehmen.

If my german is not to rusty, translates to:
Medwedjew sould watch out for those people that, because of their power, can't be easily dismissed. "You have a role partitioning where the president represents all that is good, while the prime-minister has to handle all the country's problems" according to Schröder. If Medwedjew shows any sign of weakness during the crisis, there is the threat of a "dagger in the back". Putin will be ready to reclaim power in the Kremlin.

So...are you saying that this is not so? Putin won't take his old job back if he gets the chance? Or are you stating that Putin is made out to be the old style enemy?

I would agree with you if this wasn't Medwedjew but Merkel or any other foreign leader. But as things stand, they are not that far from the truth.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 05:23 AM
I was not complaining about What they were saying or whether thats right or wrong (can't judge since i have no idea about russian politics)
It is the way How they they say it: Linking actual russian politics to a false-german-Nazi-propaganda-poster! That upsets me. That's not journalism that's creation of propaganda and subconsciously rooted fear!

Ah, by the way, the hickhack between Medwedjew and Putin is in no way comparable to any political situation of the dark ages.

Congratulations for your fluent german


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