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We need a NWO, Heil NWO and a new age after its fall.

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 07:17 AM
I welcome the NWO as well. Though it is here already, the final stages will be here shortly.
however, there are things YOU are wrong about.
for one...NONE of the empires of the past "failed". They were all successful and had to be re-moved to a different place in a different way.

those that disagree with the NWO let me say this.
YOU ALL are the REASON WHY the NWO is exist.
YOU ALL, the masses, BEGGED for the NWO.

you CHOSE NOT to take responsibility and live in the artificial womb...therefore willingly giving consent to hand over your lives. YOU CHOSE not to hunt or fiind shelter on your own, therefore you wanted to simply be given hand outs. (the welfare state is close and the masses BEGGED for it by NOT BEING RESPONSIBLE.

think about it. It IS those few elite, illuminati, etc.. that are the reason why the earth is still able to function. THEY are responsible, not the average person.

who fights in wars..willingly
who drives the crazy big cars and complaints all the time
who willingly took out huge loans

the masses
they begged for the artificial womb (NWO)

there will NOT BE A REVOLUTION. lol
there is NO stopping what billions of people asked for.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:39 PM
I have to agree on all of your point, the one that confirms NWO greatness and success.

You chose to be ignorant, and you chose the artificial womb with it.
Its not my fault that the majority of the population is ignorant, then it is not my fault if they die.

Agree my friends, i do agree on the points.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 01:06 AM
I will not unite under a flag that is based on a lie, I'd rather fight to the death than submit to a united world government of tyranny.

# you

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 01:49 AM
Are the NWO supporters here familiar with problem-reaction-solution? No offense, but you sound like a bunch of misanthropes. The OP doesn't reall y supports the NWO, but sees the NWO as punishment for the sheep of this world and hence thorougly deserved. That is not really, "I support NWO" that's more like, "I hate people, die you idiots!" in reality the OP will be fighting just as strongly against the NWO, if not stronger, than us "NWO haters" when he see's his friends and family being whisked away into camps and exterminated or indeed if he himself is whisked away. Then he will not have the luxury of cheering behind a computer screen, he will face the reality of what NWO really is and why we hate it already.

Anyway about problem-reaction-solution. In this model a problem is created, then the problem engenders a reaction from the public, and then the one who creates the problem provides a solution. It is a very common, but underhand technique used in politics. The NWO have created the problems you hate in the first place and the reason you see so many ignorant human beings is not because humans are inherently ignorant, but because they have been made ignorant. If humans were inherently ignorant, then it would not be possible for their to be humans who were not ignorant. In actuality the real nature of humanity is knowledge and wisdom, but when this becomes conditioned, the humans becomes ignorant and unwise.

Realise what the NWO is all about. It is not interested in your well being, nor is it interested in the planet's well being, it is an organization made of very elite and powerful people, who are corrupt to the bone, who want to become like god-class over a slave-class, purely for self-benefit and for the rush that power brings. Moreover their selling of their planet to outside races for self-gain. These people are nutjobs, their is no humanitarian or environmental concern, their only concern is for themselves and they will trample over everybody and everyone to ensure they prosper.

Let me give you some idea of just how perverted these people are. George Green, a ex-cia whistle blower was working with these powerful guys. When one of these guys came to his home and saw his attractive daughter he told George, "I want to go to bed with that thing" George was shocked that this person could absolutely no regard for his daughter as a human being or for the fact that George was her father, he then told him, "She's 14!" and the man again in utter disregard said, "I don't care"

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