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Your top 5 Best UFO/ET Evidence

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 04:56 PM
Disregarding my skepticism for a moment, if I were to pick the most provocative cases it would be...

1) The Skinwalker Ranch

2) The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

3) The Mothman Prophecies

4) Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO sightings

5) The Flatwoods Monster

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 06:13 PM

I have no problem with people making money. I do have a problem with the huge fees some of these disclosure groups are charging, and then they make people sign forms to not talk about anything. That is not disclosure to me, it is greed. Information of this type and importance needs to be shared, not kept in a tight little group. Not only is that selfish of them, but is ultimately destructive and criminal to the world if they know how to solve some of the major problems facing us today.

I tend to look past all the politics, simply because it is present in every organization in the world, even in holy organizations. To me only one thing that maters - the evidence.

Science is used to prove the hypothesis. Why do they do the experiments to prove the hypothesis. While it is true Ufology is harder to prove, science can put cameras on hot spots and check the physical evidence that is available. I agree we have some very good evidence that does start to add up, but we need more to get the scientific community on board.

Nope, sorry science does not prove a hypothesis. This philosophy of science "proving" is known as verficationism or scientific positivsm. It is more or less a dead philosophy today. You want to know why? That is because scientific hypothesis is always undergoing falsification. If something is proven to be true, it cannot be falisified, but science is constantly being falisified. This is because science is uncovering new data all the time, and new data forces previous models to either be adjusted ot rejected.

Ufology uses the same metholodgy of science. It makes an observation, it hypothesises and it tests the observation. It is no more or less scientific than other scientific fields.

Science is there to help solve mysteries. UFOs are still a mystery as there are many different hypothesis out there as to what they are. If the scientists get involved properly funded, they could then rule out or make a case for each hypothesis.

There are many different hypothesis in Science as well. Every observation can generate dozens of hypothesis. There is classical physics, relativity, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, string theory and many more. I think people make the mistake of treating science like some monolithic and continious body with one methodology and one model. That is far from the truth.

Just as science explains things, likewise ufology explains things. If something is explained, it is no longer a mysyery. The idea that UFO's are a mystery is a disinformation strategy using a fallacious double standard. It demands that ufology produces proof, holding it to a higher standard than other scientific fields. It does this to keep UFO's firmly in the realm of the "mysterious" so it cannot interfere with the real world. This is why the government allows open dialogue on it and even the occational whistle blower to come out. As long as people conflate "evidence" with "proof" UFO's will remain a mystery until either they land enmass on the world or the government discloses it.

I am not falling for their disinformation strategy. I can independently determine the truth of UFO's without being handicapped by proof or dependence on authority. The disclosure project people are especially commendable for their courage to actually come forward independent of the government. Why the hell should we have to wait for the government to choose when it is right to let the children know?

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 02:24 AM
If we're talking about evidence for ET rather than just the reality of UFOs I'd pick my five as (in no particular order)

1) Kelly-Hopkinsville (already mentioned by SaviorComplex)

2) The Socorro Incident

3) Pascagoula Abduction

4) Travis Walton Abduction

5) The Varginha Incident

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:15 AM
Washington National sightings -1952:

Tehran, Iranian F-4 Incident - 1976:

The 1954 French UFO/OVNI flap:

The Belgium flap:

Alaska Flight JAL 1628:

Also of interest:

The Trindade Island UFO Photos/RADAR/E-M Case
January 16, 1958:

The USO Subject:'

Puerto Rico:'

UFO Evidence evaluator:

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