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5 Major 'Insider' Factions that make up the NWO - David Wilcock

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 02:36 PM
This new article posted on David's Blog is very interesting as it explains the five major factions, their strengths and weaknesses, and what groups they represent concerning the New World Order...

From the combined testimony of many different sources, including those I have interviewed myself who have largely avoided publicity, we now can identify at least five major factions at work here:

1. Faction 1A: The Rothschild-based "Illuminati."
2. Faction 1B: The Rockefeller-based "New World Order."
3. "Faction 2": The true historic Knight Templars and Davidic Bloodlines.
4. The New International Group — Russia / Asian Secret Societies faction.
5. The Middle East / Order of Assassins faction.

I was amazed at who belongs to each faction, and what they are doing right now to usher in the NWO. I hope you find this article as educational as I have.

Major Progress on Divine Cosmos Reconstruction!

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:18 PM
First up are the Liberals....

1. Faction 1A: The Rothschild-based "Illuminati." Overthrew traditional European royalty and seized control of much of European power and finance. Also controls the American Federal Reserve. Historically has controlled and managed the ‘left’ in American politics, through the Democratic Party. Almost exclusively Caucasian, with a heavy mystery-school / Masonic / secret society focus, and a Luciferian belief system.

Lucifer is the wronged good guy in their system, not Satan or the Devil. They fought savagely and desperately for Hillary to win the election, including having Lady de Rothschild publicly go on television to denounce Obama — even to the point of defecting to McCain!

The Illuminati had believed in Hillary’s victory strongly enough to write in a woman president to this year’s episodes of "24." They also put in a very strong death threat against Obama by having an African-American president who was then assassinated on the show, prior to the female president taking office. Is it any wonder Obama didn’t offer Hillary the vice-presidential slot, but gave her a position to quell the opposition?
This group does have a certain amount of ET-derived technologies and treaties with negative ETs such as the Annunaki, but have far less use and development of these technologies than the rival New World Order faction.

Though they planned on engineering a "planned economic collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a Sunday School picnic," they have been utterly brutalized by the real-world effects of what has happened once the plug was pulled. War is very messy and almost never goes as you planned, and they are now desperate to stop the bleeding.

Their companies — the big banks, brokerage houses, insurance giants and the like — have been savagely weakened and / or bankrupted by this collapse. They are desperate for the latest round of bailout monies to stay afloat. Yet Obama’s administration is forcing them to give up nothing short of their firstborn, and submit to drastic regulations, if they wish their companies to survive in any form.

Divine Cosmos Blog - David Wilcock

I always wondered where the Mason's fit in all of the NWO theories. I bet this will be a surprise to many of them.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:25 PM
Then the The Neo-Con / Fundamentalist Christian / Republican Right in America.

2. Faction 1B: The Rockefeller-based "New World Order." The Neo-Con / Fundamentalist Christian / Republican Right in America.

Though it is the inheritor of the German tradition from World War II, it schizoidally functions as Fundamentalist Christian, and is sympathetic to their cause. In the deeper sense it is only a recent "offshoot" of the Illuminati, and has even greater sympathy with their occultist perspective. Also calls themselves the "Brotherhood of Death" thanks to their history with the Skull and Bones secret society.

Israel has a heavy influence in this group, but this is primarily through blackmail and other forms of coercion. That alliance has already shown signs of splintering in recent months.

The New World Order faction fought savagely to have McCain / Palin win the Presidential election, threatening full-scale race war and revolution by how bitter the attacks against Obama were waged, including the Reverend Wright footage and fanning the flames of interracial unrest. Responsible for planning and controlling 9/11 to cement their economic and political power shortly after rigging the 2000 election to install George W. Bush as President.

This faction controls a great deal of back-engineered ET technology, and thus can do a great deal of damage. Had they won the election, we almost certainly would be in a dramatically expanded war at this point, with attacks against Iran threatening to cascade into a wider regional conflict in the Middle East and eventually, they had hoped, into the next world war. This is their classic ploy to save the economy while reducing population, and thus "saving the world", at the same time.

The Twin Towers could not have been brought down with so little remaining debris, at free-fall speed, without the advanced technologies this group has at work — including the conventional demolition tools as well as mini-nkes and top-secret disintegration beam capabilities to destroy the support columns and vaporize all the concrete into dust, which in turn blanketed the entire city and was unfortunately radio-active.

They are now very seriously on the ropes, their political power all but destroyed, and sliding further and further down by the day. Their acts are becoming ever-increasingly transparent and desperate as a result, and action cannot be taken swiftly enough to expose and nullify their influence.

As Benjamin Fulford has indicated — and I agree — this is the group that must be stopped first and foremost. Their loss of the Presidential election has already gone a long way towards sealing their defeat.

This group was very likely responsible for the recent airline disaster I wrote about, where two women met with Obama about re-opening 9/11 hearings, and their plane went down in flames a week later. No one in the anti-Obama conspiracy crowd has mentioned my article or realized this connection themselves, though it is very obvious that this was no ordinary plane crash.

This group, more than any of the other factions, completely owns and controls a major corporate news network — none other than that bastion of "Fair and Balanced Media," Fox.

Divine Cosmos Blog - David Wilcock

These are the one's behind 9/11. FOX News is their bully pulpit.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:31 PM
This is the faction that has all the ancient technologies... think deep black ops projects.

3. "Faction 2": The true historic Knight Templars and Davidic Bloodlines. Traditional royal families and their offshoots, most of whom have been deposed and wiped out by the Illuminati long ago, and / or replaced with rival Illuminati families who then claimed their own royalty. The Knight Templar group was also infiltrated by the Illuminati faction and taken over, though Faction 2 claims to have preserved their original traditions.
This group has historically been called the "White Hats" or the "Good Guys" amidst the secret factions. I have learned a substantial amount about them through my discussions with Rayelan Allan, whose husband Gunther was very high-ranking in the group, as was she, for having been born into it herself — though he had far more contact with them than she did.

"Faction 2" used to lump the Illuminati and New World Order groups together as "Faction One," and apparently the NWO faction was overtly in cooperation with the Rothschild / Illuminati faction up until as late as 1996, when a top Rothschild was found assassinated and it was apparently a Rockefeller reprisal for a similar high-level assassination from the 1970s. (I will share this data in a future article.)

Hence these were not categorized as separate groups by Faction 2. What we now call the New World Order was, at the time, simply called the "East Coast Elite" within Faction One.

The reality on the ground is that Faction 2 has had to use similar ‘tradecraft’ and dirty tricks as the Illuminati / NWO factions in order to avoid being wiped out by them, as individuals and as nations. Until Rayelan’s testimony came along I did not have sufficient information to really know if this group even existed, but I haven’t even begun to summarize everything I’ve learned from her. It will be substantial.

In her own way she is as valuable as a Henry Deacon or a Benjamin Fulford in terms of scope and complexity of what she brings to the table. I am encouraged to find out that this group really does exist — my readings mentioned them in the late 1990s — and they appear to have humanity’s best interests at heart, though I do not agree with everything I have heard about them and their approach. I am open to learning more.
They are far and away the most deeply involved of all the groups in advanced secret projects and technologies, and this is because they have apparently preserved this heritage all along. Most likely this is also something that only the people at the top of the organization are aware of, for the sake of security.

Ever since the times of Atlantis they have had stargate technology, advanced UFO-style flying craft and other such technology. They have been the insider group most consistently pushing for disclosure and trying to reveal the truth at a speed that humanity can tolerate.

Henry Deacon has had jobs working for all the above factions at various times, and in his work with the Faction 2 / Templar elements he was told that they have always had these technologies, kept in secret. They never pushed any negative teachings on him at these assignments — nothing about genocide, Luciferian philosophy or the like. Henry laughed when I tried to pin down a date for when they came into possession of these technologies.

According to Rayelan, Faction 2 was behind the King of Bavaria bringing down Weishaupt’s Illuminati in the 1700s. They are also the true American Founding Fathers, the original group that created the American Revolution to throw off Illuminati control. They obviously are putting out movies that expose the Illuminati agenda and / or reveal inside information.

This would include 2001, 2010, Eyes Wide Shut (which cost Kubrick his life,) Contact, the first Tomb Raider movie, the Lord of the Rings series, the Narnia series as well as the entire Star Wars series of George Lucas. The Star Wars "prequels" in particular were very relevant to real-world issues amongst these warring inside factions.

It appears that Obama’s candidacy has been supported by this group, though at this point we have no concrete evidence to support the idea. Richard Hoagland points out compelling suggestions of this collaboration in his recent conference footage, "The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama."

Divine Cosmos Blog - David Wilcock


posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Here are the last two factions... they are slowly gaining wealth and power.

4. The New International Group — Russia / Asian Secret Societies faction. Thanks to Benjamin Fulford, who used to be the primary Asian commentator for Forbes Magazine, we know that the Asian countries have largely thrown off the Illuminati and NWO, and Russia is now completely free of these influences. India is another major player in this group, along with many other smaller countries including much of South America.

This group is not occult in nature, nor does it seem to have any spiritual philosophy per se, other than "Do No Harm." En masse, they have so quickly grown into an economic power that we have silently gone from the Group of Eight nations, or "G8," to the Group of Twenty, or "G20" that is meeting right now. Is it not ironic how there has been virtually NO discussion of this in the Western mainstream media?

This group now has the financial muscle to shut down the others completely, but that is not what they want. They are pushing for a much fairer and saner world financial system, and are very likely going to get their wish.Obama’s administration is almost certainly aware of them and cooperating with them to some degree.
This Russian / Asian faction has the full use of all the advanced "torsion field" technologies developed by the Russians, largely in secret, over the last century. It is very likely that they are aware of and have worked with the Templar "white hat" Faction 2, and certainly have worked with the last group, the Middle East faction.

5. The Middle East / Order of Assassins faction. There is a great secret tradition in the Middle East as well, which is most greatly realized in the secret Sufi traditions. This group apparently does not posssess much advanced technology, but does retain the ancient magical traditions.

Other factions have been fascinated by the Sufi wisdom and have sought to implement it. This group was also historically responsible for the Order of Assassins, and their research into political murders was implemented by the other groups due to its extreme effectiveness.

This group has been both the "good guy" and the "bad guy" over the generations, and the closest they came to worldwide power was through the Ottoman Empire. They have a substantial financial stake in world affairs thanks to their control of the oil economy. Last year’s drop in oil prices was partially designed by the New World Order faction to destroy their political influence by bankrupting them, but it appears to have completely failed.

This group has historically cooperated with the New World Order and the Illuminati to varying degrees, and for a time had access to Looking Glass technology, allowing them a window into the future. They now appear to have largely, if not completely turned against both of these groups.
They now seem to be increasingly sympathetic with the New International Group and may well have already formalized some sort of treaty with them. Again, they will push for a new, saner, fairer and more regulated financial system that stops these grandiose abuses from occurring. We can also expect much more cooperation with the Obama administration.

These are the top five factions of the NWO. Please read the full article to see which are the good guys, and which are the bad.

Divine Cosmos Blog - David Wilcock


posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 06:32 PM
I find it hard listening to this guy who claims specific reincarnation, then tries to sell me some music.
I heard seats at his convergence conference in NY were $300...WTF? Thats like playoff tickets..

Semper Fi

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Interesting read, except one glaring problem, and that is Obama seems to have the Rothchilds and Rockefellers goals at the forefront of all of his policies.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Well that is certainly enlightening, and if true, a very good primer for what is going on. I think it is about as accurate as we can know for now, and is along the same lines I have been thinking as well.

Jb0311NY: Well thank you for letting us all know that you think David is a sell out. Do you make a living? How come you know about him, but not what he stands for and says?

Honestly though, if you check out his info with an open mind, I think you will find David is extremely intelligent. Of course, in order for you to see that, you must Understand what he says, which is usually a combination of what others say. To understand, you must listen. He compiles research from different areas and puts them together for a 'big picture'. He has done more research than many of us could ever dream of.


[edit on 1-4-2009 by beebs]

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:20 PM
Really good info though, especially the third group. I connected some dots immediately from this. Most people know the first two groups are evil incorporated though.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by beebs

Yea beeb's its amazing to think I know about him and I dont follow his style. I saw the films he made and listened to some of his audio. I never said"sell out" cause I dont belive his material. Since I dont think its real material and since he sells somthing remotly tied to it I would have to lean towards charlatan, not sell out. I kinda found out about him around the Time of Blossom Goodchild, so mabye its not sincere for you not quote his stand and says, but chanllenge me for the same crime.

Yes I make a living, and its not buy claiming things I cant prove then lableing it, if its his spiritual message you buy then so be it. I need no organized spiritual guru who charges by the hour.

Dont get it twisted, I have an open mind and I would love to think his idea of 2012 is real as much as you. Unfortunatley there is too much product in his divine cosmos... Anyone with a message of real love wont need to sell it.

Just something for you to ponder.... While your Pine Needle Gland gets all sappy....

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:25 PM
Point well made, I will admit when I am severely off base, Jb0311NY.

Although, it is not his theories about 2012 that make him credible. It is the research he has done, and the books he has written. He has done his homework, and a lot of it. He does have books for free online on his website to read, and some of his lectures are for free on youtube I trust you have seen.

It is only in the free information I have seen and researched of him, that I think he may be close to right about the elusive picture of what is going on behind the scenes. Have you seen Fox's activity lately? I think what David is saying would explain their recent 'uprising' very well.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by beebs

Thanks man for being a gentleman.

No I didnt specifically hear what Dave had to say on that, but the way he puts stuff together make's me want to.
He does have a great ability to share his story, he butter's his bread with that. What I would personally like to sit down and talk with him about is seldom the topic point, but I do see overlaying reflections through his supporters.
David dips into every genre to (I dont know) tap the fanbase for each perspective. I am saying all this, but just the same he could be the one with the truth, with the answers.... I CANT TELL. It's because there is so much BS to sift thru with how the NWO is killing us, and openly seizing the world, it makes looking to David easier.
Especially because he admits The Ridecule of the Cacye thing( Saying your the reincarnation of a supposed psychic is a double whammy no?) was to much do I lose faith in him. It was then I realized he was openly turning off one perspective to better suit the next.

And I would have gone to see him if it wasnt $300 here in NY... That was just crazy.

Peace bro... If you like david check out my thread here on this THE HIDDEN RECORDS

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