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My Friend Tony. An Amazing Story.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 12:08 PM
I met Tony about 17 years ago. He is the husband of one of my ex wifes friends. Enough of that. I hung out with him at my nieces birthday party this past Saturday afternoon.
He's a tiny man. Humble. An absolutely amazing man. In his mid 80's he is sharp as can be, although his faculties are indeed beginning to wane. I LOVE spending time with him. I'm trying to talk him into letting me pen a book about his life. Looks like it is going to happen.

Tony is a musician, and he and I talk often about how you can have the worst day ever. Yet you can pick up your instrument and take out your feelings in music. After a little bit, it's all good. I subscribe to that philosophy. Pick up my guitar and no matter what I'm feeling I can take it out on the fret board.

Tony is an amazing man. Born in Italy, he came over just like so many others did in the early 20'th century. The stories he tells are mesmerizing. I sit like a child while he regails. Riveted to every word. He tells stories of hanging out with the 'Rat Pack'. Yes THAT Rat Pack. You know - Frank, Sammy and Dino. I remember one early weekend morning watching a documentary regarding the aforemention crew, and who did I see? Tony. TONY!
He came from nothing. He could sing, and dog gone it, he still can! Quite well actually. He had a comedy routine he would do in Vegas BEFORE the Flamingo was built. He knew all of the players there who made Vegas Happen. As said he is a humble man who in his opinion never made it big, but lives a wonderful life style. I disagree Tony. I think you are a GREAT MAN. He is so freakin' cool it is scary.

You should see the pictures he has. Mind Boggling. Pick a persona from the 50's, 60's 70's........ he's right there in the pictures with them. I'm not talking about the staged shots of someone with a celebrity. We're talking real life photos. You know what I mean. REAL life photos.

I'm getting together with him again this weekend to talk about how to maybe write this book.

I'll keep you abreast.

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