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Alternative Kennedy Assassination Theory

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 06:02 AM
i found this today when i was trawling the web.....

Freedom and America

by Larry McCart

Was there really a Presidential assassination on November 22, 1963? The fact that Lyndon Johnson got on television and told the American people that a Presidential assassination occurred is evidence that a Presidential assassination did not occur. Lyndon Johnson was a notorious liar who lied even when he did not need to lie (according to Robert F. Kennedy, US Attorney General, 1961 to 1964, during an interview in 1968).

According to Fletcher Prouty, on November 22, 1963, Secret Service protection was not at a Presidential level for the person riding in the Presidential car in Dallas, Texas. On November 14, 1963, a person presenting himself as Kennedy was driven into New York City in the Presidential car with Secret Service protection below the Presidential level. This low level of security would have been allowed if a double were in the car, and not the real Kennedy.

According to Fletcher Prouty, the Secret Service does not allow the President and the Vice President to be in close proximity at a public event such as a parade. In Dallas on November 22, 1963, the first car was a Secret Service car; the second car was the Presidential car; the third car was a Secret Service car; and the fourth car was the Vice Presidential car. Assuming a double was not in the Vice Presidential car, the Secret Service would not have allowed Kennedy to be in the Presidential car.

According to historian and researcher Vincent M. Palamara, the route of the Presidential parade violated Secret Service protocol by involving turns of 90 and 120 degrees. The Secret Service would not allow such turns if a US President were in the Presidential car. On November 4, 1963, Secret Service agent Winston Lawson, who was the Secret Service agent in charge of the trip, and Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman were asked to prepare for the presidential trip to Dallas, Texas. With the help of Jesse Curry (Chief of Police in Dallas), Winton Lawson (according to Jessie Currie) chose the route of the Presidential parade.

Senator Ralph Yarborough (who was riding in the Vice Presidential car) said the cars all stopped after the first shot was fired. James Chaney (one of the four Presidential motorcyclists) said the limousine "after the shooting, from the time the first shot rang out, the car stopped completely, pulled to the left and stopped." Ten other witnesses said the Presidential limousine stopped after the first shot was fired. Secret Service agent Winston Lawson was the driver of the Presidential motorcade's lead car, and possibly stopped right in front of the Presidential limousine, causing Secret Service agent William Greer (the driver of the Presidential limousine) to stop. Secret Service agent Winston Lawson, Secret Service agent William Greer, and Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman denied that the Presidential car stopped. If a US President had been in the Presidential limousine, the Secret Service drivers would have rapidly increased speed in an effort to get away.

According to Harrison E. Livingstone, a Baltimore author who has published four books about November 22, 1963, a "doctored" version (including animated special effects) of the Zapruder film was used to support the Warren Commission version of what happened on November 22, 1963. Supposedly Zapruder was directed to Dealey Plaza to shoot the film, although he did not want to, as he claimed later. An indication that a "doctored" version of the Zapruder film was created is that 10 witnesses claimed the limousine carrying the victim of the shooting had stopped for 6 to 10 seconds after the first shots, and this is not in the Zapruder film. For Livingstone the only reasonable explanation for this contradiction is that frames have been removed.

Marty Underwood, Democratic National Committee advance man for the Dallas trip, told Vincent Palamara that he was hearing all sorts of assassination rumors on November 21, 1963. On November 21, 1963, Secret Service agents knew about the dangerous situation in Dallas, and probably would not have allowed Kennedy to be in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

William Manchester wrote in his book Death of a President that Kennedy had told Floyd M. Boring (#2 Secret Service detail agent) that Kennedy wanted Secret Service agents off the Presidential limousine. Boring told Palamara, "I never told Manchester that Kennedy ordered agents off the limousine. Kennedy was a very nice man, never interfered with us at all." According to Palamara, Secret Service agents Behn, Boring, Kinney, Bouck, Lilly, Bolden, Norris, Martineau, and Youngblood all said that Kennedy never restricted the agents from doing anything, and never interfered with their actions.

The primary person with authority to override decisions of the Secret Service was the US President (as boss of the Secretary of the Treasury). In 1963 the Secret Service was part of the Department of the Treasury. If Kennedy did not override any decisions of the Secret Service, there is only one explanation that makes sense: Kennedy was not alive on November 21, 1963; Lyndon Johnson was the secret President of the United States; and Lyndon Johnson ordered the Secret Service to do things differently in Dallas on November 22, 1963. It seems Lyndon Johnson bypassed higher authority in the Department of the Treasury, and was giving orders to James J. Rowley, chief of the Secret Service.

The editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Charles D. Lundberg, said the autopsy on the man shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963, did not disclose any evidence of severe and potentially fatal Addison's disease, a health problem Kennedy was known to have. Some speculate that Kennedy died because of Addison's disease during October 1963 -- before the assassination of President Diem in southern Vietnam.

President Diem (a Christian and strong opponent of communism) probably would have blocked Lyndon Johnson's efforts to turn the small-scale military conflict in Vietnam into a major military conflict. Diem's brother Nhu was suspected by US intelligence of secretly negotiating with the Vietnamese government, and Johnson apparently thought that President Diem would ask the US military to leave Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson was a communist, and seemed to want America set up for a disastrous military defeat by what the US mass media would call "the communists", as part of Johnson's program to impose communist doctrine on America. With Kennedy dead because of Addison's disease and Johnson the secret President, the assassination of President Diem could be set up by Johnson and made to look like it was the fault of Kennedy.

How did 17-year-old Larry McCart experience the news that John F. Kennedy had been shot? "I had just become seated in the auditorium for my government class at the high school I was attending in Bakersfield, California, when my favorite teacher entered the room and went to the microphone and announced that President Kennedy had been shot. It seems just about all of us started clapping and laughing. We were so happy believing that the communist bastard had been shot. For many students at Bakersfield High School, November 22, 1963, was one of the most enjoyable days at Bakersfield High School. We were even allowed to go home early that day."

Larry celebrated this wonderful day by playing golf after he got home. "My next door neighbor, father of two of my best friends, complained that I was not showing proper respect for the Leader because of going out and playing golf. He was from Germany where he had been a National Socialist SS Officer under Heinrich Himmler. I wanted to explain to him that the US President is not our Leader — that the US President is supposed to be a servant who protects the Constitutional rights of US citizen-masters." After the popular communist Dwight Eisenhower left office, Kennedy continued Eisenhower's policy of violating Constitutional law by using military conscription to force free Americans to be military slaves, and had ordered a huge build-up in US military personnel in Vietnam where these military slaves would be used like expendable cattle.

Earl Warren was born March 19, 1891, in Los Angeles, California, and moved to Bakersfield, California, in 1896 when he was five years old. Earl and his family moved into a house at 707 Niles Street near the Southern Pacific Railroad yard where his father worked as a car repairman and inspector. In 1897 Earl became a student at Washington Elementary School, and later graduated from Bakersfield High School in 1908.

According to Ethel Warren, Earl Warren's sister, Earl and his father Matt "used to take the opposite views of things". Matt Warren was against labor unions, "a labor-hating so-and-so", according to one man who knew Matt Warren. Earl Warren was a strong supporter of labor unions, and talked like a communist as a senior at Bakersfield High School. After high school Earl Warren attended UC Berkeley, where he came in contact with like-minded students who talked like communists and who became some of his best friends.

At the age of 29 Earl Warren went to work for the Alameda County District Attorney's Office. In 1925, at the age of 34, he was appointed to take over the $7,000 per year job of District Attorney of Alameda County. In 1926 he won the election for a full term as District Attorney of Alameda County. On November 3, 1942, Earl Warren defeated Governor Olson in the election for Governor of California. Governor Olson called Earl Warren “a political hypocrite, a puppet pretender not fit or competent to be governor." In 1953 Earl Warren was nominated to be the Chief Justice of the US Supreme by President Dwight Eisenhower. At Senate hearings concerning Earl Warren's nomination to the Supreme Court, more than 200 objections to Warren's nomination were filed. Charges were made that he had allowed crime and corruption to flourish in California, that he had a 100 percent record of following the communist party line, and that he did not have experience for the job. In the early 1960's Earl Warren and Dwight Eisenhower were denounced as knowing members of the communist conspiracy by Robert Welch, head of the John Birch Society.

On Saturday, May 14, 1938, 73-year-old Methias H. (Matt) Warren, Earl Warren's father, was savagely bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant with a foot-long iron pipe at his house at 707 Niles Street in Bakersfield, California, where he had lived for forty-two years. Methias was a retired railroad worker who had about 100 rental houses in the neighborhood, worth about six million dollars in terms of today's real estate values. Larry's grandfather on the McCart side of his family, four years older than Methias, had about 50 rental houses in the same area, and often was mistaken for Methias when walking down an alley on his way to collect rent. As Larry writes this article, he is about a 2 minute drive from 707 Niles Street. The McCart side of Larry's family has been in this neighborhood for over 100 years.

At the time of the Warren murder, Methias was separated from his wife. She lived in an apartment in the San Francisco area near her son Earl Warren. Local gossip said that Earl Warren hated Methias because of the way he was abused by Mathias as a child and youth, and because Methias would beat his wife (Earl Warren's mother) into submission when she acted wrong. Prime suspects in the case included Methias Warren's wife (motive: revenge and money), and Earl Warren (motive: revenge and money). The case never was solved.

The day after the murder, May 15, 1938, Earl Warren's representatives were in Bakersfield trying to learn everything the police had found, and the names and addresses of all the witnesses. The next Monday, May 16, 1938, Earl Warren was there personally trying to informally take over the investigation, even though he did not have legal jurisdiction in Kern County. It has been said that he was able to take over press coverage, even to the point of pictures being destroyed before they could be published. A number of witnesses were found dead, and some Bakersfield Police Officers were quite upset.

Rumors persist to this day that Earl Warren was getting hands on experience covering up a serious crime, experience that may have been a reason Lyndon Johnson chose Earl Warren to run the investigation of what the mass media called "the Kennedy Presidential assassination". Through the years it has been said that Lyndon Johnson had something on Earl Warren that was used to force Warren by threat of blackmail to work many hours serving Johnson to help Johnson carry out a secret and evil plan to impose communist doctrine on America.

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