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Alternative Kennedy Assassination Theory

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by All Seeing Eye
For more info on ail the other shooter please review this thread. It goes into more detail about the "other" shooter.

Sorry, straight to the dreaded "404"

2nd verse, same as the first...

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by AllTiedTogether

Testing You Tube embedding. *ouch*

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Ok, I don't meet Quicktime 7's requirements. I found this copy of the "Zapruder" on YouTube.

I'm looking...
When I watch this-and I can't stand watching this

He seems to be indicating having some problem with his chest, that she seems to be trying to help by checking his pulse; until half of him comes apart and she seemingly makes the rationally correct decision to tear out of the car.

I'm neither a fan or not of the former 1st lady. I wasn't born yet-It wasn't my era. Pretty psychotic like to stick a gun under her star guy's throat in front of all those people.
I don't see the gun. I just sense that she is concerned and checking his pulse or something.

Is there a gun? It is so fuzzy..

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by guinnessford
[Sorry, straight to the dreaded "404"

2nd verse, same as the first...

It's fixed. Or, well, it's there.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by HugmyRek

Originally posted by guinnessford
[Sorry, straight to the dreaded "404"

2nd verse, same as the first...

It's fixed. Or, well, it's there.

Thank you, didnt know if it was in rats, or something?

And again, thanks, cool find and thoughts!

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by HugmyRek

I dont know, but its worth watching a few more times to see.

Her hand seems to be in the correct place to put a bullet up thru his chin, and out the top of his head.

And i hate watching it ,too.

But this thread is for alternative theories, and to me, even though i dont clearly see a gun, its worth lookin at.

People have been prosecuted on less, she seems to have motive (cheating with M.M.)

And opportunity (other gunshot)

Maybe it was synchronized, with the rifleman/Oswald/grassy knoll shooter?

Alphabet agency gives her a gun, tells her what to do (she confides with a s.s. agent, kinda like 24, yeah far fetched, but just puttin it out there)

And to make sure the job gets done, s.s. agent sits in book dep. window/grassy knoll/ r.r.tracks?

And maybe the s.s. agent was the hobo, and he had another helper?

Im getting more interested in this the longer i write.

Any thoughts, questions, help??

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by guinnessford

I love that 404 page. Knocks me on my butt every time as I cross reference items in my looney head as relating to the directions of the text.
(too easily entertained-me), lol!

Yes she could have been holding a gun under there.

This fits rather well in both my 'something went wrong during witness protection extraction" theory; and also the others': "the First Lady was a Manchurian Candidate theory"; and "the First Lady was mad about the affair theory."

(where is that article set about Jackie the Porn Maadaam?)

I got this nagging that she had a habit of checking pulses though, as a motherly nature of habit, in pre medical saavy America, reliant heavily on the role of the mother-in the home-in general. Cooking. Cleaning. Care giving. For Her kids. For Her husband. For their dog (?). That sort of thing.

She got the limelight-she was still wife and mother-and more so as the appointed by-proxy icon of the nation.

She went to Miss Porter's College Prepatory School For Ladies, but nothing in there would indicate home/family nursing was taught to Jacqueline Bouvier. I read a "little" about her maternal mom, Janet Norton Lee. Again nothing indicating a nursing strain in the family.

White House Biography

To the role of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy brought beauty, intelligence, and cultivated taste. Her interest in the arts, publicized by press and television, inspired an attention to culture never before evident at a national level. She devoted much time and study to making the White House a museum of American history and decorative arts as well as a family residence of elegance and charm. But she defined her major role as "to take care of the President" and added that "if you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much."

I don't know where to read about the chores and habits of domestic women in the 60s, enough to speak intelligently with reference towards the nurture practices of post WW2 women in America-or the influence of their grandmothers upon the claimed phenomena in general.

Anything that covers the pre-doctor call, home remedy behaviors of family's from that era will take some searching; As, the world is now inundated with the Health 'Care' system and its' special economic interests; and I'm not surprised.

I suppose someone who was around the White House family during or before that term could comfirm or deny it either way.

Any takers? Was Mrs Kennedy 'nurse-like'?

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by guinnessford

Any thoughts, questions, help??

Yeah, but if I leave em this whole thread will be bounced to the gray area or me off the board.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 03:54 PM
I solved the Kennedy assasination with a ruler and a picture of Dealy Plaza six years ago .It was simple for me,I just assumed that the order to execute the President came from the Military establishment in America ,and being military the people who ordered and carried out the actual operation followed military protocal and held to military tradition,this was the Achilles Heel that I discovered you see it goes like this --NO WOMEN AND NO CHILDREN.

A lone psycopath would have no care in the world about who else he might hit with a bullet in his actions,BUT A MILITARY MIND WOULD INSIST, ESPECIALLY IF THAT MIND BELIEVED THEY WERE ACTING IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE COUNTRY,THAT MRS KENNEDY NOT BE HARMED.

This is reverse extrapolation and it works my friends because you see I am right and was six years ago ,there is even a man who claims to be the shooter who says why he shot from his position and it was for the exact reason I just said and from the exact position I found with my ruler and picture.

You see if you take a picture of the moment of impact and the use you ruler to draw angular lines starting at the center of the presidents head at bullet impact point ans simply draw a series of lines emanating in a funnel like direction you will find the field of fire in a general way,then do the same thing with Mrs.Kennedy and you will find the spot that you would HAVE TO SHOOT FROM TO STILL HIT HIM IN DEALY PLAZA AT THAT MOMENT BUT ALSO FULFIL A SECONDARY keep Mrs.Kennedy as safe as possible and avoid hitting her with the shots.

Make her safe using your angular lines ELIMINATE ALL ANGLES OF BULLET TRAJECTOY UNTIL YOU HAVE THE MOST PROFESSIONAL SPOT TO SHOOT FROM THAT WOULD GIVE HER THE HIGHEST CHANCE OF SURVIVAL AND YOU HAVE YOUR SNIPERS NEST and you will see the building to the right and across the street and behind the book repository is the area the shots were fired from .

You are welcome world and you better believe the guy who is saying he did it for the reasons he said he did it because I just showed you exactly how I figured it out using reverse extrapolation,this is a gift please treat it as so and research the guy I am talking about you will be blown away at how I managed to solve this my way.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:29 AM
I cant believe that no one has replied to this especially seeing as you can clearly see where the shooter was.And the proof is undeniable .

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 11:01 AM

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Dr. Beter had a really interesting theory about what happened, especially w/ the exploding device in the car.

Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 03. (August 21, 1975)

During the summer and early fall of 1962, Senator Kenneth
Keating of New York embarked on a campaign to alert Americans to
the presence of nuclear warhead missiles in Cuba aimed at the
defenseless underbelly of the United States. For months he was
ignored, scoffed at and ridiculed by appointed officials in the
government. He might just as well have said "the gold is gone
from Ft. Knox." Obviously such a thing was too mind-boggling to
be true. But after a while President Kennedy became concerned
personally--that there might really be something to Senator
Keating's charges. He decided that in any case they should, at
least, be seriously investigated so that the country's fears
could be put to rest if they proved untrue.

Such a course of action is nothing more than common sense and
once the President took a personal interest in the matter it was
quickly discovered that Senator Keating's patently ridiculous
charges were true. We all know that within a matter of days,
with the United States on a world-wide military alert, President
Kennedy went on nationwide television to tell Americans about the
missiles and to demand that Russia remove them immediately. The
Cuban missile crisis was upon us!

A lot of Monday morning quarterbacking has been done in the
years since. Many things have been debated such as whether or
not he was wise in not demanding on-site inspections of Cuba
afterwards to guarantee that all the missiles were really gone.

But regardless of any of these arguments, John Kennedy's
courage in doing what he did was even greater than most Americans
realize. For, he was not only confronting the Soviet Union in a
deadly showdown, but he was also doublecrossing the Rockefeller
interests, who had enabled him to become President in the first

By exposing the Cuban missile build-up and stopping it just
short of fully operational status, John Kennedy threw a massive
monkey wrench into an attempt to speed-up the schedule of nuclear
blackmail, which is part of the Rockefeller plan for complete
control of America, in cooperation with their ancestral
home--Mother Russia.

Thanks to Kennedy's action, an entirely new missile base in
the Caribbean would now have to be found and developed to replace
Cuba. As I say these words this job has been accomplished. The
Republic of Guyana, a neighbor of Venezuela, has been turned into
a complete police state by Forbes Burnham, who was put in office
for that purpose by David Rockefeller. The Temehri Airfield in
Guyana, 25 miles outside of Georgetown, bigger than JFK Airport
in New York, was prematurely turned back to Guyana in 1965 by
President Johnson in obedience to Rockefeller orders and it is
now ringed by offensive nuclear missiles targeted on the Panama
Canal and on cities in the United States. I have been warning
about this situation for more than a year, but to no avail.

The removal of the Cuban missiles also meant that Russian
military superiority over the United States would have to be
achieved by a slower and harder way over a period of years.
American military research and development would have to be
stalled while Russia went all out to catch up and surpass us.

The Vietnamese conflict into which we were already being
dragged for other purposes, could prove the ideal tool for this,
causing us to waste our military resources by grinding up massive
quantities in war without focusing much on improving military

(cont'd on next post)

[edit on 17-6-2009 by faulconandsnowjob]

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:21 PM

But here too, Jack Kennedy was getting in the way. Before he
was killed he had already initiated a sequence of events which
were to reverse an increasing Vietnamese involvement and extract
us from the Indo-China combat scene relatively quickly. All of
this meant that Jack Kennedy would have to go. He had launched
his New Frontier with an idealistic view of an ambitious
governmental program, which had been put together for him by
Rockefeller agents for purposes quite different from those he
himself envisioned.

But, he was beginning to see the light about what was really
going on, even stating in a broadcast that "Castro was a tool of
an international conspiracy." Had he been given the chance he
might in time have added up too many things correctly.

For his great act of brave patriotism in the Cuban Missile
Crisis, President John F. Kennedy thus became a marked man.
Agents of the CIA, which has been strictly a tool of the
Rockefellers ever since it was started in 1947, arranged a series
of possible assassination setups in 1963. As it happened, the
one which was actually carried out was the one in Dallas. This
brings us to how the assassination was actually carried out.
Unfortunately, I know of no delicate way to discuss this aspect
of the case which is critically important. But contrary to the
Rockefeller agents who dominate the United States government
today, I remain convinced that the American people are not
children, that we all want the truth, can handle it if it is
given to us straight and can sense when it is not being given to

As you know the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey
Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy. But this
conclusion, which has been elaborately and vigorously defended by
Gerald Ford, Walter Cronkite, and many other camp followers of
the Rockefellers, rests on a premise that is a complete insult to
the intelligence of every American. This premise is the
so-called single bullet theory.

According to this theory, my friends, which was the official
judgment of the Warren Commission, a single bullet fired from a
barely operable 20-year-old rifle by a poor--repeat,
poor--marksman named Oswald, passed through President Kennedy,
changed course, went through a car seat, struck Governor John
Connally, smashed a rib or two, then smashed his wrist, then
injured his leg, leaving behind fragments which Connally still
carries in his body today, and then ended up in perfect
laboratory specimen condition, completely undamaged except for
the ballistic marks used to trace Oswald's gun.

This single bullet theory is such nonsense that we would
probably throw a mystery novel in the trash in disgust, if it
contained an episode so silly and amateurish. But this
fairy-tale was the only way that the Warren Commission could end
up with their predetermined conclusion that Oswald acted alone
and that we should therefore put the idea of a conspiracy out of
our minds. Of course, Oswald was not around to tell his side of
the story, but never mind. A note was conveniently found which
we were assured Oswald had written explaining that he planned to
kill President Kennedy.

Well my friends, that single bullet did not kill President
Kennedy, nor did any other sniper's bullet. In fact, technical
analysis of the famous Zapruder and associated films done
secretly for me reveals the President was murdered by means that
were far more reliable than even the best sharpshooters.

Before I tell you what did happen, based on my own
information, let me review several facts which to my knowledge
have until now never been explained satisfactorily. These facts
are gruesome, but they have to be observed and analyzed
objectively if the truth is to be known: ...

(cont'd on next post)

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:22 PM

Fact: This fatal shot snapped his head and body violently
backward and somewhat upward in his seat.

Fact: Debris from President Kennedy's head exploded to the rear,
landing all over the left rear deck of the open top limousine.
Kennedy was sitting in the right rear seat.

Fact: At the instant of the fatal shot the Zapruder film shows
what appears to be a rush of something--a blast of some sort into
Kennedy's face from downward and in front of him from a position
within the car. This has never been commented upon, to my
knowledge, by TV commentators when the Zapruder film has been
telecast. But watch for this blast from within the car. It's

Fact: The Presidential limousine in which the assassination
occurred was dismantled and destroyed within 48 hours. This was
a grossly illegal destruction of material evidence.

Fact: Pathologists and researchers, who have recently been
admitted to the National Archives, report that the remains of
President Kennedy's brain, another crucial piece of evidence, is
strangely missing, misplaced, gone!

Here now is my conclusion based on these facts, plus technical
opinions which have been provided to me confidentially. I
challenge the United States government to prove me wrong.

The Conspirators left nothing to chance or the vagaries of
marksmanship. President Kennedy was killed by device--mounted
inside the limousine and fired at him from point blank range.
The murder weapon was, of course, hidden, mounted inside the seat
upholstery in front of the President.

Based on the appearance of the blast in the Zapruder film,
it's possible that the murder weapon was essentially an extremely
sawed off shotgun, hidden in the seat upholstery ahead of him.
But it appears much more likely that the blast was produced by
what is known as a shaped charge in a special mounting. A shaped
charge is a specially configurated explosive device which
essentially produces a focused explosion--that is, an explosion
that mostly aims in one direction instead of going in all
directions like a stick of dynamite. A shaped charge is what
enables a bazooka to blast a Sherman Tank out of action and
shaped charges come in many sizes including some small enough to
have been hidden easily in the Kennedy limousine.

An advantage of the shaped charge, from the Conspirators' view
point, is that contrary to a gun or shotgun it would not produce
a bullet or buckshot which might be found by someone in the
vicinity and cause undesirable questions to be asked. The only
problem with the shaped charge would be its noise. Such a bang
would tend to attract the attention of others in the car.
However, the Conspirators knew that Jackie Kennedy would be too
distraught and preoccupied with Jack himself after the blast to
have such details register, and the driver of the car would also
be preoccupied with the urge of business of trying to maneuver
out of the ambush. But that still left Governor John Connally,
riding in the front seat ahead of the President. The sound of
the shaped charge could be expected to attract his attention,
even if it was muffled and partially lost in the confusion of
gunshots from snipers.

The possibility existed that Connally alone might be able to
detect that some sort of device had been fired just behind him
inside the car. Therefore John Connally was a specific target in
the ambush along with Kennedy. He was not, as has often been
supposed, merely the victim of a stray bullet, much less the
victim of a bullet that had first struck Kennedy as alleged by
the Warren Commission. Connally was potentially the single most
dangerous witness to the assassination. So, it was imperative
that he be incapacitated or killed outright. It did not really
matter whether Connally was killed or just seriously injured, so
long as his ability to observe events clearly was ruined. This
they, of course, accomplished...


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:24 PM

Thus multiple sharpshooters were firing at the motorcade for
several purposes as it passed through Dealey Plaza. First they
were to create an ambush environment--a distraction so that the
murder blast from within the car would not be recognized for what
it was. Second they were to shoot Governor Connally. Merely as
a third priority they were also to hit the President with a shot
or two just as insurance against any possible malfunction of the
murder device mounted in the car. Vice President Lyndon Johnson
was not a target at all.

Once it is recognized that the murder blast came from within
the car from a position of firing slightly upward into Kennedy's
face, all the contorted and forced explanations you have heard up
to now about a lot of things cease to be necessary. The
bazooka-like blast very naturally threw him violently backward,
inflicted the incredibly massive head wounds that killed him and
threw debris all over the rear deck of the car. Furthermore, it
is now all too clear why the Conspirators would have wanted such
an elaborately rigged car destroyed quickly afterwards--something
which could scarcely have been done, by the way, without orders
or at least approval from the new President Lyndon Johnson. It
is also obvious why Kennedy's preserved brain has been spirited
away from the National Archives. One look at the wounds
inflicted by the murder weapon in the car would cause all of the
conclusions of the Warren Commission to be thrown in the garbage
bin--exactly where they belong.

With their new puppet Lyndon Johnson in the White House, the
Rockefeller plans were once again safe. Indeed the Rockefellers
squeezed every bit of mileage they could out of JFK's death.

As already mentioned, the basic outline of the 25th Amendment
cooked up by Nelson Rockefeller years before was proposed to
Congress only three weeks after Kennedy died. Also, seizing on
the complete lie that he had been killed by a lonely loony with a
cheap gun, a powerful campaign was launched to disarm the
American people under the euphemistic banner of gun control. LBJ
was used to ramrod massive chunks of the disastrous Rockefeller
governmental program through Congress--all the time saying "Let's
do it for Jack."

And the Vietnam War spigot, which Kennedy was preparing to
turn off, was now opened wide by Johnson. The Rockefeller
interests were thus served admirably. American technological
creativeness was siphoned off to the benefit of Russia.

Deep involvement in Indo-China helped the Rockefellers to
eventually attain control they desired over vast high quality oil
reserves in that region which rival those of the Middle East and
South China Sea. And the Rockefellers, who are the biggest
munition makers in the World--the merchants of death--reap
tremendous profits at the expense of taxpayers money and GI's
lives and injuries.

But some important questions still remain to be answered
concerning the murder of President Kennedy: 1. Was the device
which was the approximate cause of Kennedy's death triggered by
someone in the limousine or on the limousine, or outside it? 2.
Who prepared this device for the execution of President Kennedy?
3. Who had control over the limousine immediately prior to its
use in Dallas? To generalize is to omit. It is in the details
of things where the truth lies. There is no doubt in my mind
that a number of persons were involved in the conspiracy to kill
President Kennedy--no doubt at all.


[edit on 17-6-2009 by faulconandsnowjob]

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:25 PM

It took a group of experts to install the death device. It
took another group to cause distraction and it took only one
person to trigger the death device--the shaped charge outside the
limousine by remote control through a radio signal. President
Nixon once said that only 3 persons in the United States
understood power--one was himself, another was Nelson
Rockefeller, the other was John Connally, who was almost
eliminated in the Kennedy ambush. We all know that power
corrupts and that thieves eventually fall out among themselves.

Nixon has been eliminated and now only Rockefeller and
Connally remain. Which will win the power play to rule us all?
Are we reduced to these two power blocs? Are there no other
alternatives? Who will remain to use the CIA as his own personal
tool? Why not abolish this CIA, this private super Gestapo
agency, now controlled by the Rockefeller brothers themselves?
Why not have a Congressional investigation and a grand jury
investigation by opening the Kennedy Assassination to answer
these and other questions? I leave it to you dear listeners.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:42 PM
Times have changed.All you have to do is google sniper videos and you will have acess to many real bullet impacts and many real body motions post-impact.This "real"video evidence speaks for itself.

Having shot quite a few living creatures,many with similar physical characteristics to a human in size and circumstance,I can tell you authoritatively that "yes ,tissue and brain matter can defeat the laws of physics for a variety of reasons"therefore used as a singular data source one cannot conclude which direction or directions the shots came from by physical movement or by physical evidence location alone,you must use these as weighted factors only in a decision using other supporting evidence in a cumulative fashion.

Having said that,any military sniper,or experienced hunter will be able to give you a list of many factors that need to be considered when one chooses to become a predator with a rifle.These factors are the popcorn trail you need to follow in order to easily solve this puzzle.

As a matter of fact there were a lot of environmental or physical "things"happening in and around Dealy Plaza at the instant the shot was fired,flashbulbs going off,distractions of all sizes,the shooter or shooters would have all been affected by these audio and visual "occurances"in the moments,or possibly hours preceding the actual shots,depending on how long the snipers were in their nests lot of physical factors "beyond the shooters control"could have been pigeon-holeing them into actually physically moving or iniciating actions.

Get a ruler and a picture of Dealy Plaza and do what I said.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 06:31 PM
Kennedy shot from device embedded in seat 2

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:47 PM
The shooter is at the Presidents 8thirty position,to his left in the back quadrant,exactly where I am telling you ,Oswald doesnt count,nor does his shot or shots,if he even took any at the President ,which I doubt he did,he was a patsy and in all probability was told to shoot in the air as a display of ability for media impact,he may not have even known the president was really going to be shot.He was a decoy of the highest degree.But the pro in the building to the presidents left rear was not a decoy,he was an employee.

Get out your rulers.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 04:58 PM
The Strange Tale of Eugene Dinkins
by Robert Mitchell

The amazing facts contained in the follow-
ing F.B.l. document, which we are reprinting
in full, are true. Dinkin's story has been
verified through the existence of cablegrams
between the C.l.A.'s Geneva and
Washington offices. both before and after
the Kennedy assassination. Careful examina-
tion of those cablegrams, as well as other
documents. reveal that the C.I.A. actively
tried to coverup the fact that prior to
November 22, 1963 PFC Dinkin was at-
tempting to reveal the existence of a plot to
assassinate Kennedy. The cablegrams also,
reveal that efforts were made to silence
Dinkin and suppress the story...


posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:15 AM

Originally posted by HugmyRek
Has anybody other than myself, pondered whether the Kennedy Assassination was a real assassination fluke, occurring at the exact moment in time as a coreographed fake assassination into witness protection was practiced to occur?

Who are you?

What exactly are you trying to say...
because the above makes absolutely no sense.

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