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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 11:37 AM
Two Films watched over the weekend.

Exit Through The Gift Shop
A good film about street art and how shady the art scene can be. 8/10

A Prophet
Painfully slow at times, but that's becasue it's French
I did enjoy the development of Malik, the lead. 8.5/10

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 02:47 AM
watched dance of the dead...ehh not bad was hyped to be much more 5/10

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 03:14 AM
Diary of the Dead - Would have been far more entertaining if they strapped a camcorder to a zombie and showed that. A bunch of bad actors and terrible set pieces. Didn't watch the whole thing, was so bad it was terrible. In a bad way.

Rating: Not even a meh.

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 01:35 PM
It was pretty boring, true, but then I'll watch just about any zombie flick. The sequel is better (and much more comedic)... It's basically about the commandos at the end of that movie, after they take what the kids have. Then, they go to an island where two families are feuding (one wants to keep the zombies chained up, as they are family, the other (more sensible family) hunts them and kills them).

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

I actually prefer diary over survival. It was more gritty and darker in tone. For what it was done, and I believe it wasnt financed by any major companies (i could be wrong) it wasnt too bad at all. Could have been better yes. However survival was a bit more fluffy, didnt make it bad but when I saw it the first time i was expecting something darker. However out of romeros latest i think land of the dead is my favourite.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 03:36 PM
Brewster McCloud (1970)

Bud Cort stars in Robert Altman's rather interesting and strange movie about a loner who wants to fly like a bird. Many different characters are in his life, including a guardian angel named Louise (who may not be real) and a girl named Suzanne (played by Sally Kellerman and Shelley Duvall). This movie is a fantasy, satire, murder story with a chase scene added to it. A very different film that needs to be watched more than once to try and figure out what is going on. Very engrossing, with Rene Auberjonois playing the Lecturer to the movie audience.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:51 PM
Silent Movie (1976)

This movie often gets ignored when the classics of Mel Brooks get brought up. But it is an extremely funny movie with a great cast. Mel Funn, Marty Eggs and Dom Bell are a director and his two partners who out looking for the cast to make the first silent movie in over 40 years. Many sight gags in this little gem, and wonderful acts by Anne Bancroft, Bernadette Peters and Marcel Marceau. A

posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 12:58 PM
A Serbian Film, to be honest this is a really horrible, brutal affair, personally I wouldn't recommend you watch it - I quite enjoyed it though.

It's really nicely shot and the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard since Eraserhead or Tetsuo...

posted on Sep, 29 2010 @ 12:36 AM
I watched After.Life with Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci... dreadful, don't watch it

Also watched Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.... that was awesome, really great story and put into perspective how and why Robin Hood became Robin Hood. Looking forward to a sequel already

posted on Sep, 29 2010 @ 04:39 AM
the other guys, pretty lame but admittedl
y a few scenes and lines made me lol


posted on Sep, 29 2010 @ 03:55 PM
Finally saw "Juno". Was pretty much what I expected. Like a female version of Napoleon Dynamite, but without the comedy. Depressing film, but couldn't stop watching it...kind of like a car wreck. I can't even really think of a rating for it...maybe 3 out of 5? It wasn't horrible, but wasn't good Girl has sex for the first time, gets pregnant, wants to give the baby up for adoption...the adoptive father to be realizes he doesn't really love his wife...all kinds of cheery stuff....

posted on Sep, 29 2010 @ 08:02 PM
The Town - 7.1/10

A good flick. I read a review prior to going to the theater that compared this film to The Departed. Oh how I wish I hadn't thought that going into it. The Departed is one of the better movies in film history and this one, while good, doesn't come close. If it was made with The Departed in mind, then this is just laughable. But aside from this comparison, I really enjoyed the film. Blake Lively was a terrible casting decision for such a minor, wreck of a role. I think she's a solid actress, just didn't see her fitting into that role. The "Bawston" accent didn't work on her either. Jon Hamm, while I'm a huge fan of his, I felt his character was a little dimwitted. This isn't the intent of the script and he's actually quite good at his job in the film, but I thought he just lacked something. And Don Draper doesn't lack anything! So that was an adjustment. Ben Affleck is good in this. The accent goes from endurable to terrible at times, but I liked his work. Jeremy Renner is what steals the show in this film. I love this actor dating back to National Lampoons: Senior Trip. He's the only one who manages the accent and seemed to be portraying an authentic character.

If I had to say between skip it, rent it or see it at the theater, this is a very solid rental. Borders on a theater visit but absolutely a film that nobody should miss on DVD.

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 07:13 AM
I just caught "Monsters" On Demand a month before it's due to hit theatres. Just an amazing movie. A meteor crashes to earth and six years later giant monsters are romaing the northern half of MExixo. In response America builds a wall to keep them out. The movie is about a guy and a girl trying to get back home to America by taking a dangerous route to the border. Sure, it's a total immigration allegory but it is the ebst film I have seen in this half of the yeat.

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 09:34 PM
Just watched Machete (for the second time) wsnt expecting much on first viewing but to my pleasant surprise...loved it!
For me the most enjoyable movie of the year andthe best action movie of the year also ( in my opinion much better than the much anticipated and hyped "The Expendables").

Non stop action, blood and guts, funny (intentionally or unintentionally) and er....Michelle Rodriguez:-) (looking better than ever)

posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 01:36 PM
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

Brendan Fraser is back in the third installment of this popular franchise, this time chasing a mummy from the Orient. Lots of CGI silliness follows this movie, and we are also introduced to his now twenty-something son. Brendan looks way to young to be playing the father of this guy, but these movies don't care about anything frivolous like details. Goofy fun, but turn your mind off. A fourth mummy movie is on the way. C+

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Robert Downey Jr has his fun with this much done movie role. He actually does a very good job, and the movie is both exciting and interesting. I liked how Sherlock explains how he is going to take down an opponent and it is shown in slow motion. Then we get to see the action at regular speed. The plots of these movies have to be way over the top, and this version keeps it that way. Jude Law plays a subdued Dr Watson in this movie. Great effects that actually enhance the movie. B

Horror of Dracula (1958)

Christopher Lee stars as Dracula and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing in this Hammer Films remake of the Universal classic. A bit bloodier for its time, this movie really sinks its teeth into the movie. Quickly paced and not too faithful to the novel, this still is a great film to watch. It also is considered one of the best Hammer Horror movies that were made from the 1950s through the 1970s. B+

The Brides of Dracula (1960)

Sequel to Horror of Dracula, this one is missing the title vampire. Peter Cushing returns as Van Helsing, and David Peel appears as youthful vampire Baron Meinster who is released from his prison by a young mistress. The Baron then starts to create many young bosomy brides like the title suggests. As a child, I really loved the lady vampires in this movie. A silly demise to his vampire mars this otherwise decent movie. B-

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

Christopher Lee decided to return to the role which made him so famous. Unfortunately, the script was not so good and Mr Lee decided not to speak any in this outing. This movie also introduced what appears to be many, many different ways to dispatch a vampire. That turned him way to weak, and the ending where he "drowns" by running water is very laughable. C-

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)

More vampire mayhem from Dracula as he seeks revenge on a Monsignor for exorcising his castle. I think Mr Lee mainly did these roles for the paycheck, as he just went through the numbers. There is nice scenery of the bosomy ladies he bites, but with all the different ways they dispatch him in these movies, I don't know why the townsfolk fear him so. C-

Psychomania (1973)

Rather different horror movie about a young leader of a motorcycle gang who comes back from the dead. Not really a zombie as he has his full faculties about him, he starts a reign of terror now that he cannot be killed. He gets his fellow gang members to join him and seems unstoppable. Beryl Reid stars as his mother, who holds the key. A rather interesting "mod" look at the horror movie. Not very scary, and a touch of witchcraft is in this one. To be honest, these motorcycle gang members would actually be laughed at today. Still, it is an interesting and strange little movie to check out. C+

Daughters of Satan (1972)

Tom Selleck and Barra Grant play a young couple in this routine Satanist genre that was so popular in the 1970s
Mr Selleck buys a painting that shows three witches being burned at the stake because one of them resembles his wife. His wife sees the painting and then starts hearing voices. We figured out the plot long before the devil dog appears, and the movie follows the paint by numbers script. Topless women are abundant in this silly movie, and it is kind of fun to watch. Not very scary though. C

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 12:58 PM
Badlands (1973)

Martin Sheen plays a young fugitive on the run, and Sissy Spacek plays his 15 year old girlfriend. Beautifully shot by writer/director Terrence Malick, this movie is almost lyrical in its presentation of the tragic story. Based on true events, Martin plays a young man who kills his girlfriend's father and both of them go on the run from Texas to the Badlands in Montana. The musical score and haunting narration by Sissy also enhance this sad movie. Mr Malick only has done a few movies, and each one has been exceptional. A

Boxcar Bertha (1972)

Martin Scorsese directed this movie featuring Barbara Hershey is the title character. Also based on a true story, this one takes place during the Great Depression where Bertha and three others rob people and try to get revenge on the owner of a small railroad. This movie seems more simple than Mr Scorsese's later pictures, but is an excellent look at the tough times back then. We don't get to find out what happens to Bertha when this movie ends, which means we have to pick up her book and read it. B+

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 06:58 PM
it is a slow sunday, and i am making a rare perusal of BTS.

I have seen a TON of movies recently, after not watching hardly any over the last several years (that is just how i do it for some reason).

The Hurt Locker - pretty good movie. Very gritty. Somewhat sensational
Resident Evil Afterlife - really good movie. full of all the typical cheese you see in modern action flicks, but still really good
Valhalla - sucked. bad.
Blackhawk Down - (never saw it until now). Great movie.
The Green Zone - i liked it a lot. Not very realistic, but full of action and intrigue
The Bourne Ultamatum - another great one in the series
The Last Airbender - meh
Up - feel good, nice for the family
Salt - loved it. Jolie is not very realistic in such roles, but i am not complaining.

Watched a bunch of oldies, too (Conans, Matrix's, Star Wars, Platoon, etc). But that is a quick rundown.

I want more substance. But i am not a critic.

posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 07:43 AM
Caught "Let Me In" Friday night and, surprisingly, I thought it was excellent.

I say surprising because I am a hessian and barbarian because I did not care for "Let the Right One In'.

I fully recognize it's subtlety and artisistic achievement but, as a fan of vampires who love to eat people not fall in love with them, it really did nothing but depress me. Man that stark courtyard and frozen landscape was pretty much a bummer.

I liked this one mostly because I am a simple minded American horror fan and this version instilled a lot of the more hardcore aspect of horror I love. The gore was pretty good and there was a definite creep factor and I loved the two kids in the movie. They seemed much more "natural" to me in the way they related to one another than the two kids in the original but that is from a typiical American viewe rife with xenophobia and love of gratuitous film violence.

My only problem with this was teh chintzy CGI used to depict the way the vampire can be all acrobatic in climbing walls and flopping about on victims. I really, really hate CGI. Unless it's done by WETA it is prett much the suck.

Anyway, great little horror flick for the month of October.

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 10:15 AM
Camp Hope - aka Camp Hell... I was expecting this to be really bad, but was very pleasantly surprised, from the opening sequence it comes across as different - a few people seem to have not enjoyed the score for it and in places it a little non-sensical, but I can appreciate someone trying to do something different and I quite enjoyed the music with the film - what I also thought was pretty good was the use of sound effects in the movie that were quite different.

For a movie without sound (not stunning) acting performances it was very effective and a new/different take on a pretty stale genre.

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by illuminotreal

I seriously don't understand why you'd bother watching Let The Right One In at all if you're just after gore... did you not know anything about it beforehand? I'm not digging at you, I like movies that surprise me and gore for the sake of it bores me.

If you want to watch something like that I dare you to sit through the August Underground trilogy, or Serbian Movie.

Double Dare!!!

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