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A word for abductees, from an abductee

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:26 AM
I was awake and I talked to several humans who werent from any weird density,they were just like us exactly,I think they were here taking, or stocking up on soldiers ,soldiers to fight in a galactic war we are in and dont publicly know about.I was offered the chance to join them myself at seven years old.

My attitudes are quickly changing as I age ,I'll tell you this ,if it bleeds you can kill it and although I do not believe in war unless it is sanctioned by a global majority and only in the defense of humanities survival,I would gladly seize the opportunity to fight for humanity if given it again.

Everything I love is here and humanitys greatest quality or asset is its virtuous ability to redeem itself after a misstep.

I say lets take the gloves off and let everyone know what we are up against so we can start building and contributing geneticly or otherwise,if my genetic material can help create a thousand cloned soldiers on another planet whose sole purpose is to defend humanity then that would be my wish and desire, to do that with my flesh or biological material ,and having a genetic extension of myself doing my bidding is absolutely acceptable morally or religously.

They werent kidding when they said Galactic war .And they were definately highly trained military personell.

And for some reason they are amazed by our natural abilities,they insisted that I could operate a huge ship completely on my own AT SEVEN YEARS OF AGE.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:39 AM
I've heard of flight training being done with abductees. And its one of the things that really clued me into the whole mess we could be in, but extending to the galaxy itself. I believe theres at least a cold war going on in this galaxy, but it could be a lot more active. This touches on some of the questions I've asked people as well and was adamant that it would not involve my kids. I wonder just what is ahead of us.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:37 PM
That was one of the things that I have always found stand out about my event ,I was asked if I wanted to leave and participate in this Galactic war,and I wouldnt have been able to return,that was the only catch.

I was asked,given a choice,and my choice to decline was accepted with the codicile that I would remember nothing after the event,I was told a lot of things and I am remembering more all the time at an accelerating pace over the last couple of years.


But apparently a lot of us do,and on that note what interests me as an abductee is THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CONTACT THAT IS REPRESENTED AS CONTACT BY THE ABDUCTORS.

This is very interesting to me because I didnt have that type of experience although it is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS AT THIS POINT THAT I WAS ABDUCTED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ABDUCTED OTHERS ON THIS SITE.

When it was known I was aware of what was going on and it was an accepted fact I was treated like a welcome visitor,with great attention payed to me by the crew of the ship,I remember interpersonal dynamics I had with some.

Therefore our purposes or our value as participants must be VASTLY DIFFERENT.

This is why the communications between the abductors and others like myself irregardless of our ultimate value IS CRITICAL TO SOLVING OUR QUESTIONS OF WHO IS TAKING US.

And why.

I think Ronald Reagan was alluding to this Galactic war when he mentioned a threat not fron our solar system,a threat that would bring humanity together as one great force.

There are a lot of real time changes happening daily now and it is amazing how many pieces are falling into place if you know where to look.

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