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Richard F Frind- On the Employment of Symbols

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:13 AM
Richard F. Frind "On the development of psychological cohesion in the
individual and society."

Catchy title.

First published in 1905, revised in 1909, 1917, 1923 every five years
or so all the way up to 1969. You can't get hold of it anymore. I
googled this Richard F. Frind guy. Bit of a weird fellow. Got a degree
in linguistics from Oxford in 1900. After a years research on an
unspecified subject in Boston came straight back to Engerland for a proffesorship at Nuffield college. Brilliant professor by all accounts.
Well, one account in Wikipedia. But then he seemed to decide to muck
it all up. The city of Dreaming Spires gradually had an effect on him
and he got investigated by the police for practising witchcraft.
Sounded like a load of rubbish at first, I mean, the police don't care
what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, but these were unsettled
times in England. Students apparently complained to the Dean about
strange noises and the smell of burning hair coming from his room. Got
one formal warning even though he denied everything, but then a
student complained again, directly to the police this time. They came
and raided his room, finding in his cupboard: "asafoetida, dead insect
bodies, a jar of toenail clippings and other things of an unsavoury
nature not befitting a man in contact with young adults", according to
the police report. The Oxford top dogs got involved, they booted him
out and threatened to revoke his degree. It was all kept very quiet;
the official story printed in the college paper was that he was
chronically ill. He couldn't get a job anywhere after that. He went to
live in his family house and scribbled three books, all of which are
out of print now. The last ten years of his life were plagued with
"cold, anger and rheumatism" according to the article. It said he just
sat at his desk, only able to leave the house with great difficulty.
While his body was seizing up his mind was getting fiercer and
fiercer. He always had a small and dedicated following, mainly
consisting of young students and dilettantes to the occult.
Politicians of the age publicly ridiculed him but there's one picture
of him at a big banquet with all these Insurance men and bankers, 20
years after he was booted out from Oxford.
Do you think this stuff is a one off or made up? Plenty of
high-ranking respectable types dabble in the dark arts. One Mr Isaac
Newton, when he wasn't sitting about under trees, spent most of his
time thinking up long-winded alchemistic titles for himself. And the
Asmolean Library at Oxford, set up by a Mr Elias Ashmole, who was into
all sorts. Alchemy, Enochian Magic.

* * *

Chapter Eight- Richard F. Frind- On the Employment of Symbols

On the employment of symbols

For millenia the male of the species, has scoured his outer and inner
landscapes for potions, elixirs, status symbols, which might increase
his desireablity to the opposite sex. It is conceivable that many of
the greatest works in science and art were conceived with the
attraction of women in mind, not as a pleasant secondary by-product of
the art of creation, but as a primary motive.

After he passing the physical peak of his mid-twenties, keenly aware
that his skin is cruelly both dehydrating and sagging, the male of the
species must find and employ increasingly artificial methods to
increase his magnetic attraction to the opposite sex. No longer will
his looks alone suffice.

Imagine a small device, dimensions roughly 4 by 5 by 4 inches, made,
by a discreet Aether engineer based perhaps in a small Central
American country, who asks no questions, does not outsource, and
accepts payment in cash or gold. He leaves no blueprints around the
factory, can be trusted implicitly, and has reached an understanding
with local government. He is to be left alone with no questions asked
in return for an extra "rent" payment on the land. Six months after
the schematics are sent over from London, he produces the first run of
100 units of this machine. To the casual observer it is simply a black
box, maybe an old radio or a strange looking speaker. Precisely! The
machine is intended to appear unremarkable. It has three dials on it,
five for the deluxe version, though there are still some purists who
insist one dial yields superior results.


The operator goes to a crowded place where there is a large population
of the target demograph, in this example females 20-25 years old. The
operator buys himself a Scotch, strikes up a pleasant casual
conversation with another fellow also hoping to meet a partner that
night, and surveys the scene, looking for a woman that takes his
fancy. Upon sighting a desirable subject, the operator simply
movesclose to her, discreetly sidling up to the subject or, for the
more bold and experienced gentleman, simply engaging her in

Once within range, the operator gradually and discreetly turns the
dial on the device, which emits an inaudible high frequency damped
scalar wave, which acts upon the woman on a primal level. She feels a
sense of trust, ease and uncanny familiarity with the man, which she
puts down to his "charm" and "manner". She may even convince himself
that he is amusing. Seduction becomes easier now she is open, aroused,
and minimally mistrustful.

-A thousand oxbridge undergraduates sneer into their Pimms: "A little
magic device that can magically increase ones attractiveness to
women." How preposterous Rupert.

Certainly, for the moment such a device may appear to be relagated to
the cheap science fiction dreams of gawky adolesents and desparate,
slavering businessmen.

Maybe one day man will posses the technology to produce such a
device. Maybe the capability already exists, and is being sat on for
reasons of national secuirity. Imagine if politicaians could be
influenced to make state decisions by such a machine. The results
could be disastrous for the world. Perhaps one day though, this
"Seducto-tron" will be on the common market. Perhaps the technology
will evolve and become, pocket size, ultra-thin, talismanic.

Modern science, in sweaty garden sheds and the half dreams of feverish
visionaries, is pushing towards the creation of such a device, powered
by the magnificent, all pervading aether* itself, where a complicated
combination of symbols produces trust, arousal, kinship, or any
desired response in the subject, even if only flashed for a second.

A talismanic, wafer thin, portable seduction device.

"Misanthrope! How dare you seek to subvert a persons god given will,"
cry the righteous young Oxbridge students.

Please, if the reader will do me the courtesy of imagining the scene with me:

The London Neuro-Science academy breathlessly awaits evening's main
lecture: Professor N.Kolhbach, presenting an ultra-thin, symbolic,
talismanic device:

A brief intoduction, outlining the theory behind the operation of the
device, and then- The grand unveiling:

A curtain draws back to show a small rectangular device on a wooden
plinth, the audience squints.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present: the hundred dollar bill:

Take a look at it, pass it round, we have a few samples for your perusal.

* * *

Science fiction is now, the device has already been created and been
in circulation for decades.

Please join us in a small thought experiment.

Consider the world as it is, fraught with corrupt policy, fractured,
unsafe. It is safe to assume that lack and scarcity are issues which
weigh heavy upon the thoughts of many individuals.

We ask the reader to consider with us, what percentage of human beings
would spend a romantic evening with a member of the opposing sex, in
reasonable shape, possesed of adequate conversation, hygenic and
within ten years of the targets age.

One hundred dollars for a night.Two. Five hundred. One thousand. Name
your price Madamoiselle.

A thousand not enough, well simply add more, the hypnotic power of the
symbols multiplies when combined.

But sir, this is prostitution! Well my dear fellow yes it is, but we
are concerned here not with morality, but only the understanding of
human energy- to wit, the manipulation of human energy, be it an
individual or society.

The sensitive soul suffering from the twin afflictions of morality and
the uncontrollable sexual urge, possessed of sufficient integrity to
find the direct application of wealth to female/male mental pressure
points distasteful or gauche, can simply adopt a two-ply application
of such methods, which is to use the wealth slips to buy the target

But Sir, this is still masked prostitution!

There are some individuals who find such methods distasteful, to these
we suggest three-ply seduction, which is to invest in the
accoutrements of wealth. Here the talisman is not openly revealed but
implied by proxy. Expensive watches, clothes, automobiles, tasteful
d├ęcor. Such is the hold of money on mankinds collective psyche, that
secondary societically agreed symbols

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:19 AM
may be "flashed" in order to give both the target and victim the impression that they are somehow above the lurid dance of modern courtship.

Where is Money?

Reams of text, some good, most of it bad, have been written on the
subject of money. It is not news that people are attracted to it. The
purpose of this lecture is to draw attention to the quasi-magical
nature of money.

That over 3 billion people agree to impart meaning to an inherently
meaningless item, is upon detailed objective study, horrifying,
fantastic, comic in its implications, depending on what side of the
bank doors you are sitting.

People talk of the gods of old, and of magic, yet the current
financial system is one of the most supreme and encompassing acts of
magic ever visited uopn the human race. It is a masterful act of
witchcraft on a par with Moses' parting of the Red Sea, or the tales
of King Solomon and his consort with Daemons of God..

Money is not paper, it is the aetheric, air-bourne substance which
cannot be grasped or held, yet has the power to impinge and suffocate,
even kill by starvation if necessary.

Faced with this realization, that most mundane of human institutions,
the bank, becomes a repository of human dreams, power and energy. We
bank customers -docile, weak- simper and fawn at the red faced money
magicians, the managers who sit slovenly and fattened behind their oak

Oh for a spell which can take the soul out of a man and make him my
slave!!!!!!!!!!! The secret wish of every aspiring dictator throughout
history. Oh indeed! Oh for a spell that takes the soul out of three
billion men and makes them my slave.
The magic of Abra-melin the Mage, John Dee and Edward Kelly, King
Solomon and the Goetic priests of old, all the magicians of legend,
pale in comparison to the stupendous continuing act of magic
accomplished by those hidden inventors and controllers of the modern
day financial system.


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