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Israel, Jews, Middle East, Muslim

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:07 AM
In school I learned that a group of people who were Jewish and who had a common faith and were part of the old testament of a Bible, which I have not read, and who were extinguished in mass unfairly on this planet, through trickery and out right perversion. These events transpired before I was born.

And I read that many people who did not have that faith, rose up out of compassion and fear of such Fascism in the world, to get such a leader who would do such a thing out of power, and that makes me warm for humanity.

Now, I have mostly Irish, English, blood, but I have even a little German in there. Due to my family name we identify as Irish. We really do not have much customs, do not take ourselves to seriously as a family, and well, we stay out of each others way to the most part and lend a hand if needed, and call now and then, and the planet seems big enough for us to get along.

Now, all I hear now as an adult is that I should know more about the whole middle east thing, and that it concerns me. Everyday I hear how this is that, and the history of how it happened, and how it relates to this, and that this person is a racist because they did not say this, etc. And I get in a cab and have to listen to a diatribe about the other cab driver from the old country, and that this happened, etc., meanwhile I just want to live and be happy. My cab driver at that moment seems like he could be happy, he is not back there, he has potential to be happy.

But I feel as if maybe I must have agreed that in order to live on the planet I had to give respect to Jewish people, over any other peoples, or attention the middle east situation over other situations. That basically I must spend my life discussing it, and pouring my energy into figuring it all out, this preoccupation of the world. Oh what will we do with the middle east, oh what will we do with the middle east.

Yet honestly, I could care less. The only thing I care about is that nice people who I love as a fellow human is getting killed. And that is sad, sad cause it is pointless. And so sad, that it is possibly the biggest perversion against human life on this planet, over some old scrolls and rocks.

However I do not live there. I do not share their beliefs. I do not wish to learn the history of Jewish custom, or Islam, or why Islam is important, and I do not expect them to learn Irish or christian customs. This world is big enough for our beliefs to co-exist. I have no need to inflict anything on that culture be they down the street, or in the Middle East. I do not believe that a religious belief should be a state, and control people en masse to conform, be it there or anywhere.

Anyway, everyone is over there telling these people what to do, for gods sake leave them alone. Just go home. If they make a nuke and kill each other, well that is really sad, so sad, I think all humans are sacred.

However it is their fight, and they are a really really old civilization, and if anyone has a right to set off a nuclear bomb in the world, I think Israel and Iran have that right over say the USA, or Russia, or China, well, China is pretty close.

And when I see a news articles about over there, I just turn it off, it does nto overall even enter into my life. I refuse to educate myself in the intricacies of it, I do not cast opinion on it except maybe in a post like this, and basically I refuse to be drawn into the emotional sink hole of negative emotion over a bunch of rocks where someone walked 2000 years ago, and stuff like this. I am more concerned about the blood on the street today.

So I was thinking, you know, us Canadians are pretty nice people. I was thinking maybe say we could convince Saskatchewan or the Maritimes to bring over all Palestinians, and they can have a big block of land. Give them a place to have a new future. All they need to do, is live, and not tell other people what to believe. Just live and let live.

Yet that is the problem isn't it. No one just wants to live and let live. And that is why everyone should get out of the middle east right away, and let those people hash it out, and for us people who are not there to keep our mouth shut, and not let immigrants living in other countries with ties to those countries, bring the old habit of overpowering another person's free will to their new country, we should just simply have no part of it.

Recently I saw our Prime Minister wearing some kind of clothing at a function, pretending he is part of their faith, am I am thinking, is that what we are saying? We have such little tolerance that we all need to dress alike in order to support another persons belief, be a Muslim for the day, and in such a way as to water down your own belief. I just do not get that, a Prime Minister can support a belief structure without forsaking his own, yet this article went on to assert that by wearing this garb he now was stating the case against Israel or something, he was just being nice, I have no idea to be honest what it was all about, but apparently he should not have worn the garb, he insulted someone. This is just not healthy communication, and it communicates the wrong message to the masses.

And let the thing be hashed out there in the middle east, and if it turns out well, great, if not, well we all need to make new bodies on another nice planet. At some point people have to get tired of killing other people. It is just so terrible, I can't even look at it, it is like a bad car accident that you are standing next to.

So basically, my question is. Why the heck do I need to know the details of these stuff, to live on this planet. Why is it an insult for me to take no interest, I am not asking any understanding from anyone in regards to my history, I do not see why I own them any understanding as to their history, I recognize them and human and deserving my respect. What is all the fuss?

Yet increasingly as I pay less attention, it is inferred that somehow I am not a good world citizen, cause I choose not to look at the traffic accident. Is it any wonder? I think that everyone should seriously stop discussing it, I almost did not want to write this thread, that is almost giving it too much attention. Yet there might be more people like me, and if so, it is ok, you do not need to know about this stuff over there, you are worth while too, just like me. Have a beer like the Irish, chill a little.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 06:20 AM
I think the leaders of Israel (not Jews in general though!) are whiners basically. You don't see Poland pulling the Hitler card, even though millions of them died also.

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