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100% Proof of Global Warming?: 28-3-2009

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 10:42 AM
Yesterday I went to a choir performance celebrating songs of Gilbert and Sullivan.
During the endevour, I documented and recorded absolute - (* absolute is defined in this section as any meaning of which the author - [myself] - deems shall be defined) - proof of global warming on my camera's video option.

The background music is an original work I wrote about an alien from an unknown galaxy that vacations by travelling to earth in supernatural form, and possessing a human's body.

This alien has come to earth many times throughout history, as linear time is not relative to it.
When the alien leaves it's earthly host, the human proxy is rewarded with a condition of permanent insanity.

The video was shot at an elevation of 370 feet above sea level.
No doubt providing global warming theorists, I coin as (AlGorians), with another weapon while striving for a fear mongered global carbon footprint tax.

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