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survey afganistan for resources using hyperspectral imaging from hyvista australia

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 07:47 AM
the guy who started hyvista is from my home town in castlehill the local paper had a breif article on them with witch led me to wont to learn more about them. they started research in the 80's in hyperspectral imaging this imaging can sort of detemin minerals and resources. nasa used hyperspectral imaging satelite to take these photos hyvista use planes to take images like google earth does. im not going to go into the details the mechanics of this imaging but post it up there are some top brains at ats any way ill leave links to how it works any way there using this imaging to survey afganistan for minerals source quote from hyvista site

" Afghanistan (an area more than twice the size of Victoria) in a project aimed to produce a country-wide, new geological map that will aid exploration for mineral and oil deposits and thus contribute to the economic development of Afghanistan.

Able to image in excess of 1000 sq kilometers (100,000 hectares) per day, HyVista Corporation had planned to survey most of the Killmore-Murrindindi burnt areas in its two day demonstration deployment but smoke and cloud frustrated that goal. However, some imagery was acquired over and around Kinglake and image analysts at HyVista Corporation have generated a few mapping products shown below"

well this is good news for nwo if they find any thing there the can set there banks. i feel agans energy is critical to the length of time the us will be there.
under is a ling to the article of the surveying of afganistan and victorian bush fires australia

the local paper article said that hyvista were reaseaching this tec to be mounted in cities because they will be able to see chemical structures of explosives.

heres a look what hyperspectral imaging is used for, minerals detection under water as well and homeland security

overview of the Overview of theHyperion Imaging Spectrometer
for the NASA EO-1 Mission 1999" target="_blank" class="postlink"> Report/Technology/TRW_EO1%20Papers_Presentations/19.pdf

the defence minister could have be selling these images to that chinese investor scandal last week


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