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rant in poetry

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:47 PM
OK so if this is totally stupid, then it's totally stupid. but I wrote this poem years ago, called "rant" - and this forum is called "rant"... so.....

did that get your attention?
do i have to scream to make myself heard?
in this wild warped herd of humanity
you sit there content
in your white-walled world
complacent, like a cow
oh i'm sorry... did i say cow...
sorry... wrong connotation - you will hate me for that
but you SIT there... lethargically happy
unable to see that the real world crumbles
around you
thinking i'm an ass for pushing it in your face
but if not one person does
if no one frees their voice regardless of what you think
then in silence we will die
you will die... wait... no you won't
for you will already be dead
numbed to stillness by the blaring of the screen
deafened by the voices of a multitude of thwarted screams
defiled by the presence of the slick media mind
you will no longer exist in your world
but you'll leave your filth in mine

(C) June 14, 1997 vtv

wow... oddly appropriate for ATS

I'm so glad I found this site, by the way... it's sort of like "finally...."

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