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Contactees/abductees: Have you seen similar

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:43 PM
type of alien...

Hello! I would like to know if any who has been abducted/contacted by aliens, have seen the same looking wrinkled being that I saw. I'm interested to find someone who has seen the same looking being. I would like to know more about it because I have been thinking if the alien I experienced was benevolent?

Here is the picture of being that I saw on my vision.

Keep finding the truth

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:18 PM
Starlightbright,I have seen the same thing as you have or a very close variation of what you saw,did it wear a dark colored robe like an ewok from star wars,did it come into your home before an abduction?Did it do any medical procedures on you?Did it take orders from humans that looked like us?Did you get the feeling that it was human like us BUT JUST A RACE WE ARENT USED TO SEEING?You can u2u me and I will be happy to share all I know.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by starlightbright

An abductee is usually someone who has been taken against their will. They do not go looking to get abducted by aliens.

A contactee is someone who claims to have contact with entities from another world or plane. They may not actually meet any beings, as some forms are telepathic.

I hope this clears some things up for you.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:47 PM
one4all, No it didn't come to my house, but that face popped into my mind when laying on the bed waiting for asleep. It was just a flash.
The remarkable point for me is, that my mind then was totally blank but I wasn't sleepy. I didn't think about anything, not ordinary things, not aliens. I had been thinking about aliens and ufos on other nights.

During the previous days I had been taking the photos of the sky trying to catch ufos that are not seen by naked eye, and I kinda had a feeling that they know when someone is looking for them, because I have catched silvery objects on the clouds, or nearer the ground, maybe they are hiding there or collecting samples of the atmosphere (just a thought)...and I had been hoping to see something unbelievable with my own eyes a long time...a real alien craft or seeing real aliens. That was something I believed and wanted to see. I think before last summer I was lets say 95% sure that aliens are visiting us, so I've been kinda a believer a long time...I've searched proof...I've watched videos and pictures, have read eyewitness accounts. I think about that time when this happened I was just knowing that now I know they are here...I had seen enough proof.
So many reports, video material and eyewitness accounts. And my own catches of the sky. They can't all be fake. You only need one thing that is real = aliens are here. There is a proof inside all of the information and reports if you look and think.

One thing that I find kinda absurd is that most of the scientists and astronomers don't believe that extraterresrials would have a technolody to travel here. Why the people with the smartest brains on earth don't see the truth inside all of this?... why do they underestimate other life forms and their capability. Why it is so impossible them to have a technology to travel through vast space? Scientists and many other people just think "If they are here, why there is no proof? why they don't show themselves?". stupid...the fact they don't show themselves openly is not a proof that they aren't here. I don't believe we humans either at a same situation (observing other less advanced beings) would land on the streets and say Hey!. You need to explore. But maybe humans on that situation would show themselves...I don't know... One thing is for sure that these scientists etc. don't take into consideration the fact that the intelligent beings from other planets may be different..that they would have different brains, different motives and different technology. Hehe...oops...I kinda went off topic. Bust just wanted to say what I think about the subject.

So about the vision...
When I saw this vision, I also wasn't tired at all, so it truly was a different vision than anything I had had before, not like these common images when you're laying on the bed, hazy, sometimes fast changing, mental images that may be kinda detailed sometimes, but not that real, usually they just come and go and are far away. You know that these images come from your own mind. This vision was so different, a real. A picture of detailed three dimensional wrinkled alien face that popped into my blank mind.

I have been thinking about it alot lately and now I just somehow know it wasn't a vision from my own was a thing that some other send into my mind. The vision of it was a very detailed and it was a three dimensional like a real face. The picture gives a direction how it looked like. I don't properly had time to see other parts of the face than eye area, heavy wrinkles around them and the lines that went to the cheeks. I still got the feeling that the face was long, the chin was narrow/sharp and the forehead was tall/wide. I don't remember the exact pattern of the heavy wrinkles on the skin, their places or turns...but I saw how they were dimly lit, like lit by candle light on the dark so I could see how they were like waves on the sea, definately 3D appearance with shadows on them.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 10:28 AM
I know what you mean by dimmly lit as if they are in the shadows but not shadows of darkness ,more like shadows of light or something?Blurry kind of.

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