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G20 Possible Forth Coming Attack?

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Now this is my first post here on ATS after browsing for a very long time now what i say here i do not have any proof of but its a thought that has definatly came to light with what is occuring at the present and maybe in the wings. The G20 summit is only a few days away and i dont want this idea to be lost if it occurs but yeah.

i have seen here in england the influx over the last few months of ufo stories in the papers, talkings of atlantis, tv programming showing the governments being partially to blame for the occurences around the world and here and lots of imagery and talk about protesting. This is obviously to provoke thought about the nature of history and life to perhaps push people into to protesting this is almost definatly what is planned to happen. There are only 2 real possibilities for them to want us to protest and that is so we destroy what we have built and they can force laws to stop it and rebuild there new society or this is one im very much inclinded to seeing happen.

You know terrorism is loosing its grip on people its died down abit and what a perfect place for the "ira" or some other made-up organisation to attack - a staged attack on these protestors gathered in there thousands all set up, this seems like a real possiblity to me, not only for the governments to reinforce there fear of terrorism but to make the people who are against the government (protestors) come crawling back for answers and security.

I'm unsure of when this could occur but considering the articles about the police and government talking about mass protests which will occur for G20 it seems like a definate ploy to cull the birds if you know what i mean and with all this police preperation going on what a great way for them to set up all of our explosive friends. Thanks any thoughts are welcome i just wanted to make sure this was out there before it happens as a counter measure of proof that there steps can be followed and seen through.

If a mechanic smashes your car up would you get that guy to fix it again or look for another solution, thats what everyone is doing when they shout and cry at the government for a solution they clearly will not get, just more smashed peices.

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