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Who did I happen to meet? (encounter)

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 08:52 PM
I am an atheist...for lack of a better word. i believe that this world, this civilization is doomed until we abolish religion, destroy it and let it be forgotten.

This is in the paranormal section because I do not believe in god, it is an outdated theory.


You know those lights they have at schools? Well at least here in Canada they are those orange block looking things that randomly turn off then eventually turn back on a few minutes later. these:

I am a writer (graffiti), i was going to bomb (spray paint, art imho) a christian elementary school with some facts about what ive come to learn about religion.

Well. i had just placed my backpack on the ground and was getting ready when above me, the light had just turned off, knowing this happens all the time I didnt think much of it -- and thought, "mUAHuHAUhauhaUHa i am in darkness now, no one can see me"

I had a change of heart on the location on the wall I wanted to write so I moved down a bit, it just happened to be under a new light. when I walked up to the wall, it went out.

I nervously laughed to myself, thinking..."hmmm maybe someone WANTS me to do this"

After a minute or debating, i said "screw this" and started walking around the building to leave, as I rounded the corner there was 3 more lights, about 25 feet apart, each went out as I walked under it. (as a writer you cant ask for more)

I started heading home, about a block down the street (100-150 metres) I noticed an elderly lady coming towards me with a stroller, I didnt take much notice but as I passed her, she gave me the "mona lisa" smile. the confident / knowing smile. I looked back after another 30 feet or so and she was gone. (she must have went into a house)

It tripped me out and I couldnt stop thinking about it for a week straight.


I forgot to mention... this was at around 3:00am in the morning. WHY WAS SHE OUT THERE!? she didnt seem senile in the least. she seemed mentally stable.

It made me feel sketchy, uncomfortable sort of.


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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by

Well that is weird. You might be right about someone wanting you to do this. Follow your instincts. I wouldnt do it at a school though. I too am a artist, I love graffiti but thats not my thing, I paint fine art and mostly in oil unless clients want a different medium. I express my views through my art also, so I'm not knocking you. I think you should pursue you graffiti but probly should do it w/o breaking any laws. But to each his own. Best wishes!

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:16 PM
Things happen.

Honestly, I think your approach was wrong.
Vandilizing doesn't send your message. Facts, Reasoning and Persuasion does.

Fear mongering works to (vandilism) but its effects only work so long. (9/11).

Watch Richard Dawkins Educate yourself to the highest degree, and explain your point of views, have a heated debate. But not were you physically fight, thats what they want.

I had a bad feeling all day today, turned out to be nothing (especially with the space shuttle) superstitions and coincendences plays tremendous tricks on your mind, which is unendingly looking for order.

Respect the world as it is, a chaotic yet planned world.

Maybe the lights go out at a certain time. I had my car break down at the most inconvienent time in a torentual thunderstorm, at the exact moment my phone died. All in all things happen.

Close to 7 Billion people in the world, coincedences are bound to happen.

If it makes you feel better though, throw that salt over your left shoulder.

Since your a writer. I liked this and enjoyed it star and flag.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:17 PM

Also see your new to the site, and or a lurker just created.

Well welcome and enjoy your hopefully long stay.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:28 PM
I too am a perpetual victim of light outages. I think it is because my aura, my illumination if you will, is so intense that it trips the the darkness sensors that are a part of every modern street light into thinkling that it's morning again and so they obligingly switch off. I too am an atheist, although not militant enough to spray-paint messages on a school wall. I think the outages are due to the light of our superior convictions and intellectual perspective. I also think that people like us burn a very bright red on thermal scannners because of our connection to the truth. We not only have an intellectual impact upon our world but also a physical one.
it's all just more encouragement to continue speaking out agasinst ignorance and superstition as being contrary to the greater good.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:01 PM
I dont use the term vandalism because in my eyes graffiti is not vandalism. Vandalism denotes an intent of destruction, but in my eyes Im making something beautiful. (depending on the message) Most of the time they are works of art, murals or just a tag (signature).

I write on walls because if you look at it, your bound to read it, much like a sign. I mean, I could create pamphlets and hand them out on a street corner, but I'd ultimately find them in a trashcan around the corner.

The reason I wanted to do it was because, its almost a depression I feel when I think about humanity and religion. Its not even a depression I guess, its more of hopelessness.


Normally I do not have a problem with electronics. The only time it happens is in dreams - if an entity is near, lights will switch on and off at a strobe light speed.
I wouldnt call myself militant, just frustrated to the point where I will make you read what I have to say.


I understand that coincidences happen all the time if we care to notice them or not. But when you've have the string of coincidences I have, you have to think its more then just math.
haha "throw salt--", Im not THAT superstitious
or maybe I am consciously looking for coincidences. The ones Ive had would make you call me a liar.

Ive tried to have debates with the religious, but you can only get so far because they have their loop holes. "god works in mysterious ways", "you have to have faith", "its easier if you just drink the kool-aid"

Oh yeah...long time lurker.


I have a weird view on laws, that can get me into trouble if Im not careful. My morals take a stronger priority then laws. What someone sees as destructive, i see it as creative.
I dont remember signing anything that says I am to follow the law, or being consulted when they were written. (thats just me, flawed as it may seem)

I wish I could paint with oil, I never feel like I am getting anywhere when I use oil. haha to me it feels like im just smearing coloured peanut butter on a canvas. (i prefere knives to brushes and as little thinning of the paint as possible...but Im terrible at it)


All in all, it was a weird night.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:18 PM
While I'm not going to debunk that some people do have some energy in them that can turn off lights, I will offer a little insight into the type of lighting you mentioned so you can make up your own mind on this part of your story.

The 'orange' light you mentioned is high pressure sodium high intensity discharge lighting. The main envelope (bulb) has a smaller quartz arc tube inside that contains metal amalgams and gases. The gases and amalgams react with the electrons passing through the arc tube and keep the arc light firing. These lamps are relatively white at the start of their life, but as the lamp ages and gases slowly escape from the quartz arc tube inside the main envelope the color begins to move into the red spectrum giving you the orange color. Another thing that can happen is that the arc can be extinguished as the gases are unable to maintain the arc (also happens with 'brownouts'). The gases and metal amalgams in the arc tube need to 'warm up' (for want of a better term) before the arc can be reignited. This can take a few minutes. This is why you see these types of lights, and street lights, going off and then coming back on after a few minutes. It's called "restrike". It means that somebody should have replaced the lamp.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:34 PM
Yeah...I just figured they overheat and then have to cool then eventually come back on.

Ive heard the phrase "they just need to warm up", so I figured they must get to hot and then need to cool.

Yup...Im an idiot.


haha thanks tho, I always wondered why some where white and some where orange.

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