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Into the Unknown 09, UFO Conference, Watford UK

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:00 PM
Dont forget to buy your tickets. Here's the link

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 03:53 PM
I'll be coming should be really good. Also agree would be great opportunity to meet with other ATSers...

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 05:48 PM
Just an update

Tickets are selling well and there is a very interesting bunch of people coming along with all sorts of theories and experiences. Some are ex military and were forced to sign the official secrets act over what they saw. Others have claimed to have worked with someone with an alien implant in their arm which would react to certain frequencies. He feels it is nt a tracking device but more an enhancer of some kind.

I'm really looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of likeminded people

There are still tickets for sale. Dont forget its on the 31st May.

I'm hoping it can establish the beginning of some ATS get togethers

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:15 AM
Im from near Manchester and was hoping to go to this, but no way of being able to afford getting down there and back even without overnight accomodation

Anyone else coming from Manchester fancy to and fro'ing a loner? I'll pay for travel obviously.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:29 AM
Just purchased 3 tickets, so i guess I'm coming

I'll be in jeans and a public nuisance t-shirt. Will also be at the bar come the interval
Anyone want to hook up and have a beer or 5, let me know

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by ROBL240

I've checked out people who are coming from your area and they were unable to help.

If anyone else comes up I 'll ask for you unless someone on here jumps in with an offer.

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by Acidtastic

Great! looking forward to meeting you.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 11:06 AM
Hey I'll be coming along! some great speakers you have coming! like the idea of foil carnations too! see you there everyone!

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 05:35 PM
Thats great Liadain

I'm sure it will be a good day as there are some very interesting folk coming along. tickets are sellling well now

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 11:59 AM
Think it will a good day....there is a thread on here...ATS Thought Experiment - UFO Watch on 31st May at 9pm GMT, 4pm EST [Feel Free To Take Part] which I think will be really good to join in with that evening...could be good with about 60 people who are coming to this and all people who believe and would love to see something!!

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Right, err, ok, so I'm up and showered. Just got to walk the dogs and i'll be on my way.

Looking forward to it

Will be in a fetching 3/4 length bottoms and grey public nuisance t shirt (riot cop on the back) Say hi if you see me
Will be with a mate, we've both got shaven bonces

[edit on 31/5/2009 by Acidtastic]

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Just got back in, thank you starseedz, for inviting us into your beautiful home, for a great day of talkers, which was both entertaining, and enlightening. Both my (slightly sceptical) friend and I had a real good day. And my mate even had his views changed and his beliefs questioned. Which is a good thing

I hope that you'll hold another one of these, as I'm sure we'll be back

Bit of a shame the remote viewing guy pulled out, but the crop circle talk at the end more than made up for it. That's the talk that blew my mates mind wide open, and gave him some things to think about. (that's why we didn't stay for the QnA bit at the end, by that point my mates head was in his hands and he looked troubled

Once again, thank you very very much.

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