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Google Earth - no more closeups? I am only getting Big red X's - today - What is happening?

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:02 AM
Today I went to Google Earth, as I tried to get closer to view things, besides their way up in space intial view I get when first going on..... it will not allow me to view anything up close, only from way up.

I am getting Huge red X's with a white block everywhere I went, when I tried to get closer, besides the space views.

Then went I went down to the Caribbean view, and tried to get closer it stayed blurry.

There was nothing I could do, Google Earth has blocked my view of up close.

Has anyone else had that problem recently?

What is going on..... am I doing something wrong?

I have not gotten on Google Earth for a few weeks.... but today, I did not do anything differently. It was an instantaneous response of red X's as soon as I tried to zoom in besides the out in space views.

Is it just me.... or are other people finding they can't view things up close anymore?

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