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Bilderberg...the facts

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:33 AM

Just to get all the facts straight....

Bilderberg, the beginning (if i get something wrong please correct me!!)

Early 1950's there was a good relation growing between Europe and America. The second world war had just ended and the reconstruction of Europe had begon. Europe and America were working together like never before through the Marshall-help and the creation of NATO.

But non the less there were cracks in the relationship and certainly after the Korean war started in June 1950. The western-world were fighting under the UN-flag but it were especially American soldiers who were fighting against the thread of communism.
From European point of view it was more important that Korea could start to rebuild it's country.

Old Europe started to grumble about the American role in this war. They were the liberators of nazi-thread but most nations found them arrogant, meddlesom and militant. Especially the English and the French had enough of their ally's influence and big mouth. A common fear grew that America's disposition towards communism would lead to a new war which nobody was waiting for after 5 years of oppression by nazi Germany.

therefore a lot of countries in Europe pleaded for a moderate attitude towards communism and Russia in the hope of avoiding a armed confrontation on it's soil.

On top of that Europe was getting fed up with the limitations America was putting on their trading. They wanted to get rid of an "America" controlling the prizes of gold, rubber, tin and that dictates when they could or could not trade with communist countries.

On the other side there were frustrations also. Especially the waiting attitude that Europe showed concerning communism and the fact that communist political parties could advance uninterrupted within France and Italy. Moreover it annoyed the US that Europe had such a nationalistic view of things and they hammered time on time again upon the fact that Europe should act more jointly concerning military and political.

It was around this time, early 1951, that the in London living polish Joseph Retinger decided to convert his worries about the Atlantic treaty into an initiative. He saw that the initiatives for a united Europe were stagnating and for him this was the only way Poland would have a change of a peacefull future.. The growing gorge with America was endangering the objective of a untited Europe and so Retinger deceided to appeal to his high-placed friends all over Europe, whom he had met in London during WWII.

He certainly knew who he had to speak to because all of the men he adressed were men who shared his hatred towards communism and the idea that a good realtion between Europe and America was crucial for the existence and growth of a free Europe.

Last but not least Retinger's little group of men each possessed a considerable list of influential people whom they could use for their objective.

It was because of this this that Paul van Zeeland (ex prime minister of Belgium), Paul Rijkens and Prins Bernhard got together with Retinger to elaborate on their plans: A private summit meeting between influential Europeans and Americans to restore relations.

On the 25th of September 1952 Retinger's secretary and 11 men met in a Paris appartment on the Rue de L'Assumption. Along with Prins Bernhard, Retinger and Van Zeeland joined british labor leader Gaitskell, General Gubbins, danish ex-minister of foreign affairs Kraft, France socialst leader Guy Mollet, german lawer Muller, french ex-prime minister Pinay and greek Pipinelis.

This is why they held the meeting in secret..if people would know for instance that Mollet (socialist) and Pinay (conservative) were holding a meeting which lasted a couple of hours, questions would rise.

Prins Bernhard was asked to be chairman. They also deceided that future meetings should be in the form of an unofficial discussion group were everybody could speak out freely, on personal title without having to fear political consequences without the presence of the press. Even the list of people attending the meeting would the kept secret.

furthermore the participants of this secret summit would have to be incorruptible, of international weight, influential, broad-minded and not have nationalist sympathies.

"People with an open mind" that's how Retinger describes his ideal guests according to his secretary John Pomian. The meeting was purly intended for the exchange of ideas and not to make decisions.

The most important conclusion in Paris was that Europe was going to continue with these meetings. Now it was only a matter of convincing America. Retinger send a letter to american general Drexel Briddle about his plans. Briddle had a very prudence attitude towards these plans and general consent in America was that it was very un-democratic to from a secret society with secret meetings. But Prins Bernhard didn't give up and flew to the US in 1952 to convince republicans and democrats about the importnace of these conferences. Even a meeting with president Eisenhower didn't have much result.

Only after Prins Bernhard wrote to head of CIA Walter Bedell, whom he knew for his years in the rusian embassy in Moskow (1946 -1949) and as staff officer under Eisenhower during the second world war, did he get some response.
Bedell passed Bernhard request on to C.D.Jackson ,coordinator psychological warfare under Eisenhower. Who had the task of making the russians look bad in every possible way.

Jackson and Bernhard must have known each other because Jackson was stationed, during the war, in London at the allied headquaters with the task of stirring up the population against the germans.

Because of America not liking the idea of a secret meeting under a democracy they agreed to holding these meeting but politicians were prohibited from attending. Large industrials did take the opportunity to join the club. Banker David Rockefeller also joined.


Pfff...i'm gonna take a break but there is more. The reason for this writting is the fact that i like to give everybody a common ground to start from when attacking "the Bilderberg group".
If i have made any historical errors ,please feel free to correct me. If i have made any spelling errors.....i will not be suprised but correct me on those also if you feel the need. I apologize in advance for my crappy english but in my defence....i just finished a bottle of Chivas Regal and watched the sun rise. Shoot me!!!!

(again a night without sleep...d*mn you ATS

For my own personal opinion on the Bilderberg-scum : In the light of why this group was formed i think it's their good right to brainstorm amongst eachother about current affairs but i tend to stick to the american attitude about it being not very democratic.....


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